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CLOVER movie a possibility?

July 26, 2009

So as some of may know (or have guessed) I am quite a big fan of CLAMP – I adore their artwork (which is why most of the images in this blog are taken from their pieces!).  Its been quite a while since I’ve read CLOVER, but it stands out in my mind as being one of CLAMPs most visually striking pieces – the mechanical detailing of Suu’s wings in particular.

So I was quite excited when I read this morning that:

“Dark Horse has announced today at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the company is currently in negotiations with Universal studios to produce a live action movie adaptation of CLOVER.”

I think CLOVER is one of the few CLAMP manga that would actually work in live action.  Its futuristic, sci-fi setting is quite cinegraphic and even though the plot is fairly simple, the characters are very memorable.  So I do think that if this actually comes to pass it will be an excellent film!

Shall be keeping an eye on the newsfeeds for updates regarding this!

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