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My Top 5 of the Summer 2009 season

August 15, 2009

blog ramble

So its mid-way through the Summer season and at this stage I usually have a clear idea of what I liked and what I didnt like – so its Top 5 time!

1. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0: No contest really, this is the only new show this season that has the ‘wow factor’ for me.   I like disaster movies and documentaries anyway, so you could say I am a bit biased, but in all honesty no other show packs the same punch this season. The animation is wonderful (which we expected anyway as this is from BONES), the soundtrack is also good as is the pacing; but where Tokyo Magnitude really shines is its portrayal of its characters. The attention given to character development is commendable – Mirai, Yuuki and Mari are all extremely realisitically protrayed. There is nothing unique or special about these people, they are very normal and their reactions to things are very human. Sure Mirai is a brat and sometimes unlikeable – but she’s a teenager and thats generally how they act! The attention to detail is brilliant and the pacing is also well thought out. I’m very much looking forward to the 2nd half of this series.

2. Bakemonogatari: I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to put this series, but decided that since I have enjoyed every episode thus far, Bakemonogatari had to go in the #2 spot. Lots and lots and lots of meandering dialogue and quirky eyecatching animation are the key features of this series, and this may be off-putting to quite alot of people – but I find it entertaining. The relationship and interactions between the two main characters Araragi and Senjougohara is fun to watch and the scripting is witty if long-winded. Much of the episodes have consisted of lots of talking, but thanks to SHAFTs characteristic quirky animation there is always something going on onscreen to make sure the viewer never gets bored. Its a strange show and probably an aquired taste, but I like it!

3. Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Umineko is entertaining, there is no doubt about that – but so far it just isn’t as good as its older sibling Higurashi. The main reason for this is that they are making everything far to exaggerated and its extremely difficult to take anything seriously! Sure there was OTT scenes in Higurashi too, but because they were rationed out a bit they had alot more impact…….in Umineko its just constant and therefore really lulzy! Of course this means that I find the series very entertaining and usually end up giggling my way through the episodes each week, but that doesnt really help shake the sense of disappointment that Umineko just isnt going to deliver on its promise….that is unless it has a very strong 2nd half (which I hope it does). Still its fun to watch and so its my #3.

4. Canaan: Well Canaan had probably the best 1st episode of the season, but unfortunately that was the height of its glory (so far). It had lots of potential, I was thinking that maybe it would end up being structured like Bacanno! and have lots of intersecting plotlines, but this wasnt the case and its mostly been quite linear and, if I’m honest, a bit dull. I do not like Maria – she’s annoying and whenever an episode concentrates on her (which is most of the time!) I get irritated. Alphard is intriguing and Liang Qi is insane (and therefore fantastic fun to watch), but Canaan herself is dull as dishwater! I’m hoping the series improves with a bit more development as the promise is still there and the action scenes are absolutely stunning – the animation is wonderful as is the soundtrack. So excellent production values but plot needs work means that Canaan is an above average action series that with a bit of work could become a must see.

5. Spice & Wolf II: I havent liked this 2nd season of Spice and Wolf just as much as the 1st season. The production quality has improved with the change in studio, and the soundtrack and voice acting are still excellent, but we’ve been stuck in the one town for 6 episodes and Lawrence and Horo have been apart for much of the time so their witty banter (which is the main reason I liked the 1st season) is vastly reduced. Instead we’re back to the rather dull world of medieval economics >.<   I’m hoping now that this arc is done they’ll get back on the road and start talking to each other again and entertain me again! Still Spice & Wolf does still have something about it that makes me watch as soon as it comes out each week so it gets the #5 spot.

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  1. August 19, 2009 6:36 pm

    boo! rabble rabble rabble rabble

  2. August 21, 2009 2:34 pm

    yes 🙂

    …no 😦

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