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Autumn 2009 – First Impressions (Nyan Koi!, Inuyasha: Final Act and Seitokai no Ichizon)

October 4, 2009

More 1st impressions! – Nyan Koi!, Inuyasha: Final Act and Seitokai no Ichizon.

Nyan Koi!

I actually think this may be my replacement for Princess Lover rather than Kampfer The first episode was quite amusing, although lacked LOL moments (which Kampfer had – for the wrong reasons ) and it’s quite watchable………and it has Jun Fukuyama…….as a cat…..called Tama……

It’s a very straightforward premise – fella is allergic to cats (although the rest of his family adore them), is sweet on a girl who adores cats (but her family are dog people), manages to get himself cursed by a cat god and winds up having to perform 100 good deeds to rid himself of said curse (which allows him to hear cats speaking) before he gets transformed into a cat (and probably killed due his allergy) – hilarity ensues……..well maybe not hilarity, but amusement at least.

The script is decent, the characters are quite likeable, although they arent really all that distinctive. The cats are fun though, looking forward to seeing them continue to torture Junpei

The animation is pretty solid and the character designs are quite nice too – cats are pretty dull looking though, but their simple design allows for lots of comedic SD moments. Wasn’t overly fussed on the OP or ED, but they’re not awful. The voice acting is pretty good too.

Shall keep on for a few episodes – there seems to be quite a few characters yet to be introduced going by the OP & ED, and then I’ll decide whether to keep it on or not.

Inuyasha: Final Act

Oh god its been so long since I’ve watched the original anime and finished reading the manga, that this 1st episode confused the heck out of me! Not the best start in the world. There was absolutely no recap and I was really struggling to remember the details of where they were picking the story up from – god love anyone who hasnt read the manga thats all I can say. It was straight into the action, this episode just flew along at breakneck speed – so much information to attempt to absorb in such a short time – although they did manage to reintroduce nearly all the characters – main group, Sesshoumaru’s group, Kikiyo, Kouga, Naraku and his current detachments (which were the things that really had me confused – there are that many of them its hard to keep track of when they show up!). Think I’m going to have to head to Wiki to see where we are in the narrative – I am that lost ATM

In terms of animation, all is good. The quality has definitely improved and the action is really fluid. Liked the OP & ED animation quite alot, and the accompanying music was great too – particularly liked the ED. The voice cast is just as good as I remember………the only thing I’m having issues with is the fact that Inuyasha now sounds like Usopp to me, due to the massive amount of One Piece I’ve been watching lately! It’s quite a different performance, so I’m sure I’ll get over that.

So not the best start in the world due to the fact it just plunges right into the plot with no recap – once I get the plot sorted in my head again I’ll be happier though, definitely will be keeping this on.

Seitokai no Ichizon:

Oh dear I’m going to be forced to eat my words here I laughed throughout the majority of this episode, it was very entertaining. The synopses led me to believe this would just be another standard high school romcom moe harem thingy – however the show is completely aware that is what it is and just pokes fun at the whole genre! So many references are fired off in quick succession, the whole sequence before the titles where the cast is discussing the fact the show has no plot and would better off as drama CD, was great fun and chock full of references to other shows.

It’s definitely a case of knowing your audience – the male lead is basically a substitute for many otaku! He’s obsessed with eroges and sees the girls on the Student Council as his potential harem – looking to get the ‘Harem End’ after going down each of their routes He’s an extremely refreshing lead, an arrogant ass but fun to watch. The girls are standard stereotypes, but know it and play up their parts – this is a very tongue in cheek series.

The animation is low budget and the character designs are horrible moe blobs (this was one of the reasons I was so put off at Preview stage) – the uniforms in particular are hideous However the script kind of makes up for the lacklustre animation. The OP is pretty standard cheesy J-pop faire, but the ED is absolutely hilarious – particularly the accompanying chibi animation! The voice acting is pretty good too, there is hardly any moment when someone isnt talking though – really is like the gag machine-gun got stuck on automatic!

So I enjoyed this episode, but have a real fear that they will burn themselves out if they keep going at this breakneck speed……also the attempt at drama at the end was unwelcome and unnecessary IMO. Will probably check out a few more episodes, but can not see myself keeping this on for the entire run.

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