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Autumn 2009 – First Impressions (Miracle Train, Natsu no Arashi 2 and Sora no Otoshimono)

October 6, 2009

Miracle Train, Natsu no Arashi 2 and Sora no Otoshimono today!

Miracle Train ~Ouedo-sen e Youkoso~

Miracle Train is just pure fangirl bait, everything is engineered to appeal to the various subsects of fangirlism Its not a comedy, rather its slice of life (or damsel in distress of the week to be exact) – the only way to get on the Miracle Train is to be a ‘lost lady’ No non-bishie men allowed! I was in stitches for the majority of the episode due to the massive amount of cheese that was leaking out of the screen at me, its up there with Hanasakeru Seishounen for the cheese-factor thats for sure! I had to laugh at the girls reaction upon getting on the Miracle Train though – I’d be seriously freaked out to find myself on an empty train and then have bishies popping out of nowhere everytime I turned round, this girl was just kind of ‘who are you?’ all calmlike

The various stations that have been bishie-fied are such stereotypes, but they have the best voices in the world (I swear if Fukuyama Jun was in this too I’d be a pile of fangirl goo from the voice acting )……so not interested in the random girls that get on the train or the ‘plot’, I’m only in this for the voice acting – they even have Ishida Akira voicing the mascot dog! ……I’m also ignoring the loli sidekick the conductor has

In terms of animation, its pretty standard and the bishie character designs aren’t really all that fabulous IMO……..but the OP has flying trains and rainbows sparkles! (I swear if I was just shown the OP I’d think this was yaoi ). The OP theme itself is a bog standard seiyuu group number – really reminded me of the OPs to Neo Angelique Abyss The ED is also ridiculously generic…….as is most of the music in the actual show itself.

So yeah, twas awful but I’m going to watch it anyway – you can never have too much cheesey goodness!

Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu

Yeap an OK start – more of the same really, the 1st season also started off slowly. This 1st episode was comedy orientated and a beach episode to boot, so fanservice galore. I generally prefer Natsu no Arashi when its dealing with the time travel aspect, so this wasnt really the best episode ever IMO. Shinbo seems to have upped the experimental aspect of the animation – lots more random camera angles and quick cuts, but its still good. Few parodies of other SHAFT series – most blatently to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei…….which felt a bit redundant and unnessesary to me at this stage. This episode (and the next one) mostly focused on Jun’s gender problems, but at least there was a little bit of plot progression.

As I said the animation seems to have been kicked up a notch, but its basically the same – if you’ve seen the 1st season you know what to expect. I don’t know if I like the OP animation though – its a bit boring to me (since I’m not a fan of floating naked women), the song is pretty decent though. No ED this week. Voice cast is back in full and they’re all excellent – apparently the ED will be a seiyuu number.

Shall be keeping this on as I did quite like the 1st season – just hope Shinbo doesnt go overboard with the references and experimental animation like he’s done with SZS

Sora no Otoshimono

And hello uber generic fanservice series, I was wondering when you were going to rear your ugly head Yeah this was painful for me to watch as I typically hate this kind of lame pointless magical girlfriend fanservice series, and Sora no Otoshimono has every harem cliche you can think of in this 1st episode. The only thing I liked about it was that weird white haired meganeko fella – at least he was sort of interesting and had awesome theme music!

So we have typical perverted teenager as our protagonist – he’s not likeable and he’s not interesting and I have no clue what Souichiro Hoshi is doing with his voice here, but it was really irritating! We then have the random android angel that convieniently falls at his feet and proclaims our useless protagonist her master and she will ‘do anything he wishes’ because she has an in-build god-mode of Haruhi proportions ……..of course being a generic perverted harem lead male, you can guess what our protagonist does with this new found power Seriously, this couldnt get more generic if it tried!

The sad thing is that this series seems to have a fairly decent budget – the animation is quite nice, but I’m not liking the character designs much. The music is also pretty good – no OP or proper ED this week though. Cast is decent, but not liking Souichiro Hoshi performance in the slightest

So yeah, not my thing but even at that it seems like a poor example. 

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  1. trueredesu permalink
    October 11, 2009 12:39 pm

    I was reading someone giving updates about Miracle train. I was disappointed to find they aren’t actually transforming from trains :p

    Also apparently it’s filled with walking stereotypes \o/

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