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Autumn 2009 – First Impressions (Kobato., Sasameki Koto and Kimi ni Todoke)

October 8, 2009

Another three series watched……..Kobato., Sasameki Koto and Kimi ni Todoke!


There is no other word for this other than ‘cute’……….its very cute, but oddly I don’t feel a cavity developing and I haven’t broken out into a rash In fact – I like this! Kobato is a complete ditz – a card carrying member of the retarded moe brigade, but she is somehow quite likeable. I think its mainly due to the presense of Ioryogi-san; the fire breathing, short tempered blue plushie dog – he’s all kinds of awesome and somehow dampens Kobato’s moe-moe ditziness to levels I can deal with. Of course I was prepared for the cuteness – when CLAMP do cute they go all out! I’m not overwhelmed by the whole plot premise – I expect its just going to be Kobato trying to help out someone each week, messing up in someway due to her inate obliviousness, being shouted at by Ioryougi-san/saved by Mr Megane Syaoran look-a-like and then somehow putting everything right……simple, straightforward and probably extremely cute By this stage I’m usually complaining, but I’m quite happy to go with this because I am a CLAMP fangirl

The animation is beautiful – Madhouse really do work well with CLAMP’s character designs and the whole episode was just filled with eye candy The OP and ED are quite simply animated, but this works well with the pretty OP and ED. The music in general is very good – although I’m not overawed by Kobato’s singing voice. She’s suposed to be this wonderful singer, but I thought she was really struggling with the high notes Meh, minor quibble in the scheme of things. The voice acting is great – both Kobato and Ioryougi were prefectly cast IMO – Kana Hanazawa’s performance manages to be cute without being squeaky and annoying.

So yeah, shall be keeping this on if only for the prettiness. Also looking forward to seeing how Wish is worked in (Kohaku got a name check in this episode) and if there are any other CLAMP character cameos

Sasameki Koto:

And here we have yet more crying lesbians – I swear is it an unwritten rule that yuri series have to have lots and lots of crying!? There isnt half the amount in yaoi series – tons of angst, but not the river of tears you get in yuri

A fairly dull 1st episode but it does manage to introduce the central characters and establish the lesbians immediately. Unusually this is set in a co-ed school rather than the tradtional all girls school setting, as such there are actually boys in this …….although they are mostly mute and faceless, except for the one fella who actually has a girlier voice than the Tall Dark and Bishoujo Sumika! Other than the setting, Sasameki Koto is hardly groundbreaking – all the characters are fairly generic and you can almost guess their personalities from their character designs.

The animation is simple and the character designs are definitely from the generic stock of yuri archetypes. The music is a bit on the heavy side, really reinforcing scenes that are meant to be DORAMA! or CUTE!…..kind of off putting actually The OP is a really pretty ballad, but the ED is fairly generic. Voice acting is pretty decent, although the script is hardly taxing.

If you havent guessed already, I don’t particularly like this kind of series and struggled to finish the episode Needless to say I’ll be dropping this!

Kimi ni Todoke:

Ah this was lovely, it feels like its been a while since I watched some shoujo romance so Kimi ni Todoke is a nice change of pace for me. I really liked this first episode; the characters are likeable and the atmosphere of the show is really soothing and easy to watch. I like the fact that Sawako is so positive despite her treatment by strangers – it would be so easy to make her character quite angsty and depressed, but she actually has a really cute personality and just likes to make other people happy. Kazehaya is a bit one-dimensional and perfect at present so I hope he gets a bit of development. The only criticism I have about this first episode is that it seemed a bit too fast paced – events kind of zip past without much breathing space, a case of a bit too much material being covered too quickly I think.

The animation is superb – such a pretty series! Its so nice to see a different style of animation emerging from all the generic-ness – the character designs are especially nice and different (a welcome change in this season of genericness). But its the backgounds that really caught my eye; wonderful pieces of watercolour eyecandy, really nicely done. The OP and ED animation also have gorgeous pieces of artwork – really pretty series. The music is also exceptional; I loved the BGM throughout the episode, but especially during the last scene. The OP and ED are also very nice, and I’m really liking the voice acting – Mamiko Noto’s voice is quite breathy but suits Sawako’s character and Daisuke Namikawa is perfect for Kazehaya’s character.

Yeah this is one of the better shows of the season so far – definitely a shoujo series to look out for; I expected nothing less from Production IG – just hope this maintains the high standard and doesn’t wind up becoming generic.

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  1. trueredesu permalink
    October 9, 2009 9:15 pm

    Today while talking on IRC I decided I’d try out Kobato based purely upon the cute character designs ^_^

    • October 9, 2009 10:35 pm

      Kobato. is very cute – but just wait till they get to the Wish stuff – it has flying bunnies and angels!!

  2. trueredesu permalink
    October 10, 2009 3:35 pm

    I hope it has chibi fairies so that you face a conundrum :teehee:

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