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The Top Ten Series: Mecha (part IV)

October 23, 2009

At last!! I do apologise for the major delay on getting this done, I’ve been somewhat crippled lately….blame the Soul Destroying NHS 😦  Anyway, I have new drugs that are reducing the pain and swelling in my arm, so I can actually type this post up now – I’ve had it drafted in my head for weeks!  So I’ll just get right to it – my number 4 & 3 Mecha series! 😀

4. Eureka Seven:

(For my review of this go to Short Reviews Part 3)

Thankfully this is another series that I’ve reviewed before (and that post is full of fangirling) so I can keep this quite short!  Eureka Seven was one of the mecha series I’ve only watched in the last year and I can’t believe I went so long without seeing this wonderful series.  I have a lot of love for Eureka Seven – it just seemed to have everything I love about mecha series and anime in general.  The world setting is brilliantly developed; I was really taken by the idea of turning the skies into oceans and having the mecha surf through the sky – it was an unusual spin on the usual flying mecha design, and gave the series a lot of originality in its terminology and whole mecha-verse.

The characters are what made this show for me however – Eureka Seven has some of the best character development of any series I’ve seen.  The way Renton and Eureka mature and grow up before our eyes is really special, but the supporting characters all receive their proper time to shine too.  There are clear messages being put across by this series, but it never comes across as preachy nor is its plot overly complicated – it’s a very enjoyable watch and one thats very accessable to everyone, even those that don’t like mecha.

The production quality was nothing short of stunning – even the recent Eureka Seven movie (less said the better there) didnt really have any better animation than what was on offer for this TV series – BONES really excelled themselves on this.  The mecha in Eureka Seven are organically based like those in Evangelion and they also transform into car like shapes for land use – but it’s when they are in the air that you can really appreciate the design of these machines.  They surf through the sky making the fight sequences nothing short of jaw dropping in their variety and complexity – the action is superb in Eureka Seven!  Even the sound design and soundtrack are pretty much faultless, and the voice acting is a wonderful ensemble cast.

Yes I really did love this series and had to include it in my Top Ten – it places at #4 due to it’s all around quality, and I’d definitely urge anyone to give the show a go!

3. RahXephon:

(For my review head to Short Reviews Part 6!)

Another series that I’ve already reviewed (I do seem to have reviewed a lot of these! :P) so again I can keep this short (that review is pretty long).

On the surface RahXephon is quite similar to Evangelion, but I prefer RahXephon on the whole (which is why it places higher on my list), as it just seems to be much better rounded and a more satisfying watch.  EVA is iconic, but RahXephon has a better plot and vastly preferrable characters.  In contrast to Eureka Seven which had a complex but easily understandable plot, RahXephon is highly convoluted and requires some thought to really get the best out of it – not really suited for light viewing.  Its well worth the effort though, RahXephon has one of the best plots I’ve come across; very original and carefully crafted.   The central theme is a love story, even with everything else going on in the background, it’s the romance that keep’s everything together and strikes the biggest chord with me.  The characters are wonderful; complex and well developed – there is angst, but its kept to realistic levels and adds to the depth.

RahXephon is another BONES series (they’re one of my favourites for a reason) and the animation quality is once again wonderful and incredibly consistent.  Plenty of symbolic motifs and really beautiful backgrounds make RahXephon really stand out from the crowd, I also really liked the character design.  Its mecha designs are also really eye-catching and unusual.  Once again they’re more organic than mechanical, making for interesting movement and unique action scenes.  Nothing to complain about in the production quality!

The music has to be mentioned as its an intergal part of what makes RahXephon so different to its peers – clearly a lot of thought went into the score and sound design, its a wonderful piece of atmospheric work.  The voice work is also remarkable………basically everything about RahXephon has been carefully polished making the entire series a joy to watch!

I really rate this show and would urge anyone to give it a go – especially if you prefer shows that require a bit of thought, RahXephon is a stunning show and well worth a look.

There we go – many weeks later than planned, but done none the less!  I suppose most of you can guess what my top two are at this point by process of elimination! 😛

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  1. Jehu permalink
    October 24, 2009 1:58 am

    Yesssss. Thumbs up with RahXephon and I’ve been meaning to watch Eureka Seven for a while. I await your top 2 :teeth:

  2. October 30, 2009 11:19 pm

    oh I didnt know Eureka 7 was a mecha series O_o

  3. Raza Mobizo permalink
    January 11, 2011 7:44 pm

    Hmmm . . .

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