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Filling Space ……….2

October 28, 2009

blog rambleSo I’m stuck at home as my body has decided its had enough and is now refusing to do anything it deems to be strenuous – you know like standing up too quickly or walking down the hall *sigh*.  GP has informed me that I’m very anaemic and proceeded to prescribe a tonne of new medication…….joy.  So now I have 8 tablets to take a day rather than the two I was on for the RSI in my arm – this happens all the time, I seem to catch everything all at once, just waiting for my stupid immune system to go on holiday and let Swine Flu have a field day 😛

I’m a bit on the light headed side and my vision gets a bit blurry so even though I have had a lot of time on my hands today, I havent watched as much anime as I’d like as I can’t concentrate on the subs – so instead I’ve been watching AMVs; which is fun……beginning to wonder if I should take the rest of the week off 🙂


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