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Why do I watch these things!?

November 2, 2009

blog rambleSo many shite shows this season……well maybe not shite, but not great either – yet somehow I can’t seem to drop anything!  If I was sane Kampfer, Seitokai no Ichizon, 11eyes and Miracle Train would all be in the rubbish pile, but they’re not and I still giggle my way through each episode……..especially Kampfer, its just awful but bloody addictive!

I’ve managed to get rid of Railgun and Sacred Blacksmith – both series I had high hopes for and desperately wanted to like; but ultimately I’ve given up on them…….why can’t I do the same with the other really crap shows!?

Miracle Train I know I’m only keeping on because of the voice acting and awesomely cheesey OP.  11eyes is kind of interesting plotwise, but I think its the sound design that keeps me coming back more than anything else.  Seitokai no Ichizon is kind of getting dull, the girls can’t act and the character design is hideous, but Sugisaki is highly entertaining and I can’t seem to tear myself away!  Kampfer……god where to start!?  Everything about it is terrible, but dear me do I ever laugh at it every week – there’s this morbid curiousity that keeps me glued to the screen, really want to see how low this show is going to go! 😀

So yeah, Autumn has been less than stellar, but weirdly I have the more series on my watching list than I’ve had for the past few seasons!  I proclaim Autumn 2009 to be a season of Guilty Pleasures 😛

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