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The Top Ten Series: Mecha (part V)

November 26, 2009

Hmmm, so much for getting this done quickly – not being able to type alot is really pissing me off!  Anyway better (extremely) late than never eh!? Ahem…….yeah.

Ok so this is the beginning of the end for my personal Top Ten mecha series – the top 2!  It should be ridiculously easy to guess what these shows are if you’ve ever looked at my Anime Planet account 😛  But lets pretend everyone’s clueless shall we!?  I couldnt stop myself and as a result this is a touch on the overlong side……to soften the blow a bit #2 and#1 will get their own posts.  As always I’ll try to avoid spoilers (yay vagueness!) so onto my #2!

*Beware – excessive and irrational fangirling below…….seriously*

2. Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann:

Ah Gurren-Lagann, otherwise known as awesome in its purest form!  I nearly missed this epic ride as I completely dismissed the show when I was looking at preview material – so I didnt jump on the bandwagon until about the time episode 5 was airing…….and have been a committed fan of the show ever since! 😀  Its one of those rare series that had me LOLing/ on the edge of my seat/ cheering/ on the verge of tears (all within the space of a single episode occasionally) and when it was all over I was completely satisfied.  Gurren-Lagann is an experience that everyone should have 🙂

What I loved about TTGL is that its crazy and OTT, but its got alot of heart.  The world setting is ridiculous and impossible to take seriously most of the time, and the characters that inhabit this world are larger than life – much as I adore Kamina, if I ever encountered anyone like him in real life, I’d probably run a mile (although even then his burning manly spirit would give me sunburn! :P).  Given the central theme of the show is that nothing is impossible if you put in enough spirit (although having a nifty transforming robot the size of a galaxy helps too apparently), Gurren-Lagann is just a very positive and fun show – its impossible to be depressed after watching an episode (well with the exception of ep 8 that is) as the manic energy generated just does not allow any negativity!  I find myself watching random episodes if I’ve had a particularly crappy day – its like my happy drug 😀

One of the major things that endeared me to TTGL is the animation.  Originally when I was looking at preview material I was put off my the bright primary colours and dismissed the series as a kiddie show and moved on.  It wasnt until I took note of the positive reaction to the show on other blogs that I decided to actually give it a go.  Gainax’s animation on this show is extremely striking  and immediately identifiable.  The action scenes are nothing short of breathtaking in their explosive glory and the scale continues to grow until the climax where fights are on a galactic scale!  The character designs are quite original and visually appealing (if fairly fanservicey…..looking at you Yoko!), costume design was also excellent – capes and huge sunglasses are always good choices 😛 Also liked the many and varied Beastmen character designs.

The mecha was pretty original looking too.  Called Gunmen, these robots can only be described as faces with arms and legs – oh and they’re are powered by the characters pure awesomeness!  It’s comical to watch them moving about in the early part of the series, they’re very ungainly outside of battle, but brilliant to watch fight.  Simon’s Lagann is of course special – even though its tiny it packs a punch and its power is unlimited (as ony the main characters machine can be!)  It was really fantastic fun to see how the mecha evolved and grew over the course of the show – seriously taking the idea of ridiculous power-ups to their illogical extreme!  Say it with me now – ‘GIGAAA DRIIILLLL BREEAAKEER!!!!!!!!’ 😀

Oh the music!  Have to mention that – the OP and EDs were fantastic, but its the inspirational ‘Libra me from Hell’  with its chant of ‘Row Row, Fight Da Powa!!’ that really sums up the feel of TTGL for me.  Everytime I hear it I smile – it’s just genius.  The soundtrack in general is exceptional.  The voice acting is the icing for me – highlights are Katsuyuki Konishi’s hotblooded speeches as Kamina, Marina Inoue’s wonderful portrayal of Yoko and Tetsuya Kakihara’s wonderful range as Simon’s character evolves and grows up – it’s a fabulous ensemble cast.

Wow, I’ve gone on a bit 😐  You’ll have to forgive me – its hard to stop once I start on about something I really liked!  Needless to say I feel that TTGL is an amazing series and urge any of you that havent had the absolute joy of watching it, to do so as soon as you can!

My #1 will be up tomorrow – can’t type any more tonight 😦

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  1. November 26, 2009 11:28 pm

    TTGL only 2!? 1 must be bloody awesime then 😀

  2. Jehu permalink
    November 30, 2009 1:19 pm

    Believe in me, who believes in you! 😀

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