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The Top Five Series – Best of 2009 (Movie/ONA/OVA)

December 31, 2009

So part two of my favourites of the year, this time dealing with movies, ONAs and OVAs.  Again there is cheating going on – if it finished this year I’ll count it regardless of when it started.  Bit more straight forward this time – I didnt watch an awful lot of movies/ONAs/OVAs this year for some reason…….spent all my time watching subpar shows by the looks of things! 😛

5. xxxHOLiC: Shunmuki

I’m a big fan of xxxHOLiC (you would never have guessed from my gravatar :P).  The manga series is one of my favourite CLAMP titles and the TV adaptation did a good job.  This OVA was also very well put together in my opinion – lovely visuals and atmospheric soundtrack; it did justice to the source material even if the pacing was a bit random.

Still getting to see Yuuko and Watanuki animated is always a good thing.

4. Cencoroll

This.  I don’t know what this was, but I liked it a lot!  Very original feeling, I didnt know what to expect going into it, but came out feeling refreshed – there’s just something very charming about a giant shape-shifting monsters destroying large buildings 😛  The premise was very simple, yet original and the execution made this short very memorable.

Hopefully there will be more shorts like this coming out in the near future.

3. First Squad: The Moment of Truth

An amazing movie, needs to be seen to be believed!  The mock documentary format and the fact its in Russian really made this movie stand out in my mind.  Its a very intriguing story and I could easily see this being done in live-action.  The action scenes were just jawdropping and that soundtrack! Wow.  Aspects seemed a bit weird, and since I hadnt read any summary before playing the file I was a bit bemused to begin with.  However all strangeness aside, this is a brilliant film.

Highly recommended watch.

2. Time of Eve (Eve no Jikan)

An amazingly well produced ONA – Time of Eve’s visuals are a feast for the eyes!  The premise raises a number of interesting questions and each episode makes you think about how advances in computer AI may change the way we think of the ‘self’ and human rights.   Each little slice of Time of Eve brought something new to the table – the characters were wonderfully well developed considering the short running time.

Brilliant little mini-series, definately a must see!

1. Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners

A bit of a no-brainer for me.  The Kara no Kyoukai series of movies have some of the best animation I’ve seen!  Complez plotlines and timelines intersect one another as each film presents a different slice of Shiki.  I loved every one of these 7 films – do not mind in the slightest that I’m still not entirely sure of the sequence of events, or that not all the questions were answered in the end.  I just loved the sensory experience that Kara no Kyoukai delivered – fantastic visuals and a haunting soundtrack really made this series of movies stand out from the rest.  An experience everyone must try for themselves.

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  1. December 31, 2009 5:41 pm

    :beard: not heard of some of these but they sound interesting

  2. OnyxSyaoran permalink
    January 5, 2010 2:53 am

    wait for the kara no kyoukai epilogue and this year Jolic’s ova 😛

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