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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 02

January 14, 2010

Yay Trap-service!

So 2nd episode of BakaTest – did it stay entertaining and witty?  Well yes and no……

I like these chibi moments - I usually hate this style......which is weird.

I enjoyed the episode, but fear that its already getting bogged down in a formula and is trying to cover too many bases with its comedy.  In this episode we had yuri, yaoi, harem and Trap jokes/fanservice – which I enjoyed quite alot, but can see getting old rather fast.

All bases covered here

However my major worry is about the Summons Battles themselves.  We had 4 in this episode alone and they were fairly boring really – character reactions and imaginative animation made them interesting enough; but they’re going to need to try alot harder to make these things distinctive in future episodes to avoid repeating themselves.  At the moment I’m still happy enough as I find the little avatars cute, but once I’ve seen them all I’ll start nitpicking 😛

I want one!

I am enjoying the senseless violence inflicted upon Akihisa – he’s such an idiot I can’t help but feel he deserves the pain 😀  I was amused by Shimada expressing her affection (and trying to extort a confession) through elaborate wrestling locks.  Happily for being the violent tom-boy character she’s quite likeable (not so sure about her twin-tail drill hair, fang-tan admirer though).

I suppose this is one way to express your affection?

Slightly thrown by the end of the episode were Akihisa suddenly has his own harem…..that happened a lot quicker than I thought.  I was fully prepared for the long haul where Shimada attempted to batter him into submission while Himeji blushed in the background……..instead we have:

Akihisa Tug of Love

Hmmm – well suppose I can live with this so long as the writing continues to be amusing.

Now finally to finish off the most amusing part of the episode………Hideyoshi’s Trap-service!

Seriously how is that a guy!?  Although weirdly he is a lot cuter than his identical twin sister…….must be the attitude – he’s quite unresistant to being made wear girls clothes 😀  As Traps go he’s pretty awesome so I don’t mind the blatant milking of the Trap card so much 😛

Overall an enjoyable episode, but I’m wary of them getting stuck in a rut or running out of jokes – hope they don’t though as I quite like this show (my poor comedy starved brain needed something like this badly).

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  1. January 15, 2010 8:01 pm

    The real test for this show will be the next few episodes. So far we’ve seen the extremes: an E-class battle and an A-class battle. Now we’ll get to see how the show settles down, and that should be the best indicator of how the series will turn out overall.

    • January 15, 2010 9:16 pm

      Indeed, really do hope they pull it off though – I’m enjoying the series so far; feels like an age since I watched a decent comedy.

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