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Durarara!! – 03

January 23, 2010

Izaya - Connecting the plotlines

So the focus has switched back to Mikado and Masaomi in episode three – Mikado is the closest thing to a main character we have, but I like the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around him; all the surrounding characters are set to get plenty of air time.  This week we have a new Narrator – Simon, the huge black russian!  His narration isnt as good or as constant as Miyuki Sawashiro’s last week, but its an interesting change.

The episode starts off in school were Mikado is making an effort to come out of his shell and get a fresh start – so he volunteers to be class rep along with Sonohara Anri….who is still being perved on by that teacher.

Can't blame the girl for running from him really.

Masaomi sees that Mikado is trying to be a bit more outgoing, so being the good friend he his, drags Mikado off round town to pick up girls…..and fails miserably.

Masaomi is a lot of fun to watch - Mamoru Miyano does a wonderful job voicing his hyperactiveness

During their wandering about the city Mikado is wondering if he can make it in the city and Masaomi is patiently trying to cheer him up. Eventually they come across Anri being bullied by a trio of girls and one of their idiot boyfriends (who claims to be a member of the oft rumoured Dollars gang).  Mikado is just about to screw up the courage to go attempt to rescue her (his inner puppet theatre planning was amusing), when Izaya Orihara appears on the scene and pushes Mikado into the fray.

Orihara once again proves to be one of the most interesting characters in this show – he seems to have some sort of razor ability as one of the girls bag straps gets cut without him seeming to move anywhere near her.  Izaya then takes great delight in stomping on her mobile while laughing psychotically freaking everyone right the hell out (which was fun).  The girls then set the idiot boyfriend on Izaya – I did laugh as his completely stereotypical gang member behaviour; so not intimidating.  Izaya then demonstrates his weird razor skills by half scalping Mr Idiot in under a second!

It turns out that Izaya and Masaomi know each other – really intrigued to hear the history behind that as Masaomi seems scared of Izaya (he did tell Mikado in episode 1 to stay well clear of Izaya afterall).  Unfortunately their little chat is interupted by Izaya being flattened by a flying bin, thrown by Heiwajima Shizuo – and angry blond bartender who seems to have a major grudge against Izaya.  Things escalate with Izaya (armed with a knife) and Shizuo facing off with Mikado & Co stuck in the middle, and then all of them being surrounded by Mr Idiot’s ‘Dollars’ gang members….

Wrong place, wrong time

Shizuo demonstrates his super strength by taking on most of the gang members single handed – I was most impressed by his ability to literally punch a man out of his clothing!

Now thats what I call a punch

Izaya being the slippery bugger he is, takes advantage of Shizuo’s distraction and makes a run for it….however Shizuo really doesnt want him to leave – so he thows a vending machine at him!  However luckily for Izaya, Simon skydives onto to scene grabs the vending machine and shows that he can fight on even terms with Shizuo.

At this stage Mikado and Anri have had enough and make a run for it…….leaving a somewhat confused looking Masaomi behind.

The episode ends with a number of cuts – Izaya skipping down a street texting, Simon looking beat up handing out fliers again, Shizuo (looking not beat up at all) talking to Selty about Izaya and Seiji finding the girl he’s been looking for.

Next week seems to have more Selty and her scientist, Seiji and that girl and more Shizuo…..

Intrigued by this smoking effect Selty's neck has going on

Final Thoughts: So an action packed episode this week, lots of characters crossing paths and once again little things mentioned in the 1st episode keep popping up – definately need to keep your eyes and ears open when watching this series.  There’s lots of little details that are just slipped in like little bonuses for the viewer – the otaku trio chatting to Masaomi and Mikado is a good example.  Selty didnt feature much in this episode, having just the two cameo’s (tearing down the street on her horse-cycle and talking to Shizuo).  Izaya is proving to be the character to watch though – skirting about the edges of the story he seems to know everyone and has a role in all the plotlines – I find him really interesting; wonder why he’s taken an interest in Mikado?

The little chatroom conversations sprinkled through the episode were interesting as well – they add to the sense that there is lots going on all at the same time; really making the busy city come to life as people do interact in a variety of ways.  I’m also interested in the slightly supernatural element on display in this series – Selty, Izaya’s weird cutting powers and Shizuo’s superstrength – they’re all so different and it will be fascinating to see how everything pulls together.

Great episode – looking forward to next week!

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