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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 04

January 28, 2010

Obligatory loli harmette enters the scene!

“Love and Spice and Boxed Lunches” thats the episode title this time, and surprise surprise it’s all about Akihisa’s quest to have lunch without being tortured by his personal harem 😀

However before the titles we’re given a bit more information about Akihisa’s corporeal summon and its purpose (to be the teachers gopher)…..suppose they have to stick these facts in somewhere, god forbid they interrupt quality ‘plot’ time 😀

In a normal school he'd be in Special Ed - in BakaTest he's made do manual labour

So Akihisa is still struggling with his money woes and his classmates are bit concerned to see him eating 1/64th of a cup noodle for lunch (glad to see some attention to continuity!), so being the concerned harmette she is Shimada has made him a bento.  However true to her tsundere archetype she can’t have him think she actually went out of her way to do something nice for him!

Apparently Shimada spends her mornings making scale models of tanks - not making lunch for Idiots ^_^

Unfortunately Shimada left both bento at home, so ever the opportunist Himeji announces that she has also made Akihisa lunch…..the tug of war continues!  Luckily for Shimada her little sister arrives to deliver the two bento she spent so long making that morning. ……unluckily it seems that this loli is another member of Akihisa’s harem proclaiming herself the wife of ‘Baka Onii-chan’, hmmm 😐 Of course having two pretty girls making him bentos is completely unacceptable to the other male members of Class F, who form their own KKK movement and proceed to burn Akihisa at the stake for his crimes.

Burn the witch!

Himeji being quite forward for a bimbo character manages to get Akihisa alone on the roof (while he’s recovering from his punishment at the hands of his classmates) and gives him her bento, which looks perfect.  However before Akihisa can take a bite Yuuji, Hideyoshi and Voyeur-kun get there first……..and promptly keel over.  Seems Miss Perfect Himeji is a classic Lethal Chef! Akihisa’s battle with himself over hurting her feelings Vs committing suicide by food poisoning was quite amusing, however even his sense of self-preservation lost in the face of Himeji’s “I wanted you to be the first to try my cooking” comment.

You are a brave soul Akihisa - food that can make you see the Gate to the Afterlife is some achievement

Having narrowly escaped death Akihisa rejoins Hazuki (the loli) and goes looking for Shimada in the hope that her bento is at least edible, while at the same time Shimada is looking for Akihisa while trying to screw up the courage to let her dere-dere side out and admit she made it for him facing down the wrath of the FFFF at the same time.

Eventually Akihisa and Shimada run into each other again, but just before Shimada can seal the deal and hand her bento over, Kubo arrives to tempt Akihisa away with the promise of a free lunch; after all being another man Kubo knows well that the way to mans heart is through his stomach and he’s quite proactive in winning Akihisa over.  Unfortunately before this wonderful lunch dayto can even get started Akihisa’s Summon KO’s itself opening a jar and he gets dragged off to detention with Ironman-sensei 😦  Poor Kubo.

Kubo x Akihisa is my OTP

Meanwhile Shimada has given up and handed her spare lunch to her imouto and eaten half of her own.  She’s about to dispose of the remains when Akihisa spies an opportunity and begs for her leftovers in the name of saving the world from environmental disaster and famine!  Being handed a perfect excuse to have Akihisa eat her cooking makes Shimada happy – which kind of freaks Akihisa out a bit judging by the look on his face 😛

Akihisa's just glad he has something to supplement his tiny cube of cup noodle tonight

So this was a pretty standard episode for this kind of series – no summon’s battles and not much input from the side characters made it kind of bland, but it did develop Shimada a bit more so wasnt a complete waste.  The series is settling down into its own kind of pace now, but I hope next week is a bit more interesting – this week wasn’t bad by any means, but I didn’t laugh as much as I did in previous episodes.

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