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Naruto – Chapter 481

February 6, 2010

Guess what folks? - its time for a flashback!

So picking up from the cliffhanger of last week, lets see what exciting revelations Kishi has in store this time…..

First surprise of the chapter – Karin is actually dead……Sasuke has actually taken the final step over to the Dark Side and killed off one of his most dedicated followers.  I’m actually very surprised by this, I know Kishimoto has been trying to make Sasuke all evil lately, but I still didnt buy it…….guess I have to this time.

I actually feel sorry for Karin for the 1st time ever - Saucey is such a git.

Well now Danzo is on the verge of death, tis time for the ever important flashback!  Yeah slightly late to try and squeeze any sympathy out for Danzo Kishi, he was a bastard and I do not care about his old friendly rivalry with the Third.  This whole friendly rival thing is so over used in this manga…..I know its a theme, but good god no need to flog a dead horse!

Yeah yeah we get it.....friendly rivals and ever repeating circles....blah blah

Danzo has to go out with a bang though – his last trick is to turn into some sort of black hole…..sucking in a sizable chunk of the landscape, but thats not good enough to get Saucey and Madara.  However looks like Karin’s body got sucked in, so no chance of Sakura arriving and healing her now.  Sasuke then declares he’s taking his vengence roadshow to Konoha……about bloody time!

At long last we're heading back to Konoha!

However we’re not done yet…….remember Sakura and her stupid idea of killing off Sasuke herself?  Yeah we’ve finally got back to that…….and Sakura is as idiotic as ever.  Kiba finally pins down Sasuke’s location, so what does she do – tries to drug everyone and head off on her own.  Good job Sai is so much smarter than her.  I can’t believe how badly Kishimoto has destroyed Sakura’s character – she was actually decent for most of Part II, but has reverted right back to her irritating Part I persona recently…….really disappointing,  Kishi really hates women 😛

Yes because that was going to work..

So we’re still on course for the SasuNaru ending – Sasuke is obviously about to hit rock bottom in his fall into darkness, so its going to be up to Naruto Mr Redemption himself to pull his lover out of it…..hopefully it won’t take long, surely this series is nearly over?

4 Comments leave one →
  1. February 6, 2010 10:30 pm

    Somehow I still think that she survived.

    Sakura is making me annoyed, seriously, go and see him alone?…

  2. keoje permalink
    February 7, 2010 1:10 am

    To me, Sarutobi looks really wierd compared to when he’s an old geezer. 😛

  3. February 7, 2010 2:02 am

    hmmm is karin really dead 😐 we know this series track record with death, 90% survive. ..she didnt get a flash back either :p

    I liked the stuff with danzo’s past, theres been so much random crap being pulled out of kishi’s arse that something that seems possible is a welcome change :p It was good to see the leaf elders as young people 🙂

    I always hated sakura, sure she learned to fight but she was still the same bitch :p

    The SasuNaru ending was always gonna be the only real end, its been hinted at right from the third ep 😛

  4. February 7, 2010 12:47 pm

    I’m finding it difficult to accept Karin’s dead too – but almost the entire bridge was sucked into Blackhole-Danzo, so I can’t see how she would have avoided it in the state she was in (unless she chucked herself off the bridge, but then the fall would have killed her??).

    I wouldnt be surprised if she makes a comeback – but some serious Plot-no-Jutsu will be going on to save her……..then again this is Naruto 😐

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