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Naruto – Chapter 482

February 10, 2010

This week – Sakura’s stupidity gets kicked up a notch……and you thought she couldn’t get any stupider! 😛

First off Kishimoto remembers that the manga is called Naruto and checks back in on the supposed main character…….who is still emo-ing, boring poor Tenzo to tears in the process.  Naruto does get his act together though and instead of heading back to Konoha as Kakashi ordered, he gives Tenzo the slip and heads off into the woods.

It should not have been this easy to escape from Tenzo - he's fecking ANBU!

Elsewhere the potentially interesting showdown of Sai Vs Kiba and Lee gets stopped before it can start by Sakura chucking sleeping gas bombs into the fray.  She then takes off after Sasuke – Kakashi is informed of her movements by Sai’s ink-clone before it dissipates – he’s impressed by Sakura’s actions; Cara is not 😐

Such a cheap move, I feel sorry for the fellas.

Back at the bridge with Saucey and Madara, it seems Karin missed being sucked into blackhole-Danzo……..have no clue how – I swear she wasnt that close to the other side of the bridge when she fell!  In her condition I doubt she crawled that far in the short space of time between being thrown by Danzo and him activating his final trap…….ah well Plot-no-Jutsu and all that jazz.  Madara advises Sasuke to kill Karin before he makes off with Danzo’s body.

Miraculous survival - knew her death was too good to be true

In his Super Secret Hideout Madara tries to extract Shisui’s Sharingan from Danzo only to find Danzo crushed the eye before he croaked – Madara is not a happy bunny.  Seems he wanted the eye to add to his vast collection of sharingan eyes… each their own I suppose, personally I collect decorative boxes 😛

Not my choice of interior design

Back on the bridge Sasuke looks all set to Chidori Karin, but of course she can’t die without her flashback!  So we’re off back to the Chuunin Exams all those years ago.  Seems Chibi-Karin took part in the same exam that our main characters participated in and was saved by Saucey in the Forest of Death…….can anyone else think of when this may have happened?  I don’t recall Sasuke going off on his own in that arc…….but then again it was a long time ago and I don’t remember those chapters too clearly.  Well of course for Karin it was love at first sight and she still loves Saucey now, even when he’s about to crush her heart with a lightning enhanced chakra punch.

I almost feel sorry for the girl......almost 😛

However, before the final blow Sakura arrives on the scene to interrupt yet another interesting moment.  I had always wanted to see Sakura meeting Karin – really hoped it would turn into a massive catfight, alas with Karin on her last legs its unlikely to happen.  Instead Sakura being dense, completely ignores what she’s seeing (you know, ex-teammate about to slaughter his injured current teammate) and proclaims that she wants to join him against Konoha………facepalm moment.

God Sakura does your stupidness know no bounds!?

Yeah like Saucey is going to fall for this one – obviously Sakura is trying to get close to him so she can kill him; a three-year old could see through this plan!  Of course he could still take her on temporarily as she is a much more efficient healer than Karin and has that Tsunade level strength into the bargain – it would be simple for Sasuke to kill Sakura at his current level if she gets too annoying afterall.

I’m interested to see how this conversation will unfold – will Sakura heal Karin as well as Sasuke or will she let Karin bleed to death?  Kakashi isn’t far from them wonder when he’ll arrive, and with Naruto travelling at Sage-mode speed he won’t be long getting there either.  I’m looking forward to more stupidity and plot-no-jutsu in future chapters! 😀

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  1. Sabrina permalink
    February 11, 2010 8:20 am

    I am at a loss for words.. this crap is whack!! 😛

    Seriously, it’s worse than a soap opera. Although if Sauske off Sakura, that would even if she comes back to life, that would be one heck of a plot twist.

    I no longer have the faintest clue where this manga is headed. I used to think Sauske & Naruto would eventually become friends and protect Konoha and live happily ever after.

    Now, it’s Dragon Ball with less coherence. And that’s saying an awful lot.

    But I’m glad to be reading it again. 45 back chapters to go and I’ll be current.

    God help me.

    • February 11, 2010 11:11 am

      Oh god, your poor brain will be melted by the time you catch up! Ah well at least you’ll be entertained by the trainwreck 😀

      • February 11, 2010 4:37 pm

        oh what a surprise karin survived :p

        i think they did split up once during the chunin exam but that never happened :hmmm:

        sakura is an idiot 🙂 karin will probably live now since people rarely die ¬_¬

        lol at the sharingan collection XD …why do you never see madara’s skin aside from his face? because he’s got sharingans everywhere too :p


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