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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 06

February 11, 2010

Yes its the pool episode - but there's more Hideyoshi-service than anything else

Me and Pool and Swimsuit Paradise – Ah the mandatory pool episode it had to be in there somewhere; this was a particularly fun example too.

So we start the episode proper with some man-service of Yuuji taking a shower in Akihisa’s apartment (which is quite nice)…..although since Akihisa can’t afford to pay his gas bill the water is freezing so the shower doesn’t last long 😛  Bemoaning Akihisa’s lack of gas and food, Yuuji has brought supplies with him – although the food he’s brought Akihisa turns out to be calorie-free.  Akihisa is unimpressed as he’s been living on salad oil and sugar (eww), but Yuuji argues that he’s only watching his friends weight – afterall only eating fat and sugar will make you fat…….yeah its times like this that you remember Yuuji is also in Class F for a reason 😛

Being the sensible boys they are, they have a food fight with their precious dinner – although having no hot water to get cleaned up afterwards prompts them to break into the school to use the shower-rooms.  Of course they’re caught by Ironman-sensei, who sets them the punishment of having to clean the school pool that weekend.

Ironman-sensei must have learnt that move from Shimada

Back in school (with new summer uniforms!) Akihisa and Yuuji assemble the usual crew to help out with pool cleaning duties.  They lure in Voyeur-kun with the promise of Himeji and Shimada in swimsuits and Yuuji gets Himeji and Shimada on board by claiming Hideyoshi is going to show off his swimsuit to Akihisa inciting their jealous natures.  Yuuji goes to invite Shouko along – solely out of fear of what she would do to him if she found out if he didn’t tell her.

Jealousy and bribery - tried and tested methods of getting friends to do what you want

Weekend rolls in and everyone meets up, the loli also reappears, tagging along with her big sister. Idle chitchat about their new swimsuits sends Akihisa and Tsuchiya into a depression when they learn that Hideyoshi has bought ‘normal trunks’ because you know, he’s a guy.


Separating off to change Hideyoshi goes to follow the boys only to be called back by the girls – poor Trappy Hideyoshi is distraught by the idea of being the only guy in the girls changing room.  However never fear! it seems that the school has set aside a separate changing room for him – yes ‘Hideyoshi’ is now a gender all of its own 😛

Out by the pool the boys wait for the girls (and Hideyoshi) to finish changing – Hazuki is the 1st to appear….with her sisters breast enhancers shoved down her top.  Poor flat Shimada rushes out to reclaim these expensive fake boobs, but the damage is already done as Akihisa (and Voyeur-kun) have already seen them – luckily she has brought another swimsuit that doesn’t require padding.

So glad I don't need those chicken fillet things - they disturb me!

Shouko makes her appearance followed shortly by Himeji – whose gigantic bouncing breasts traumatised Shimada and half kill the perverts via nose-bleed.

She's going to fall out of that top

Hideyoshi then makes his entrance – in a fetching green tankini and shorts…….seems the clerk in the shop thought he wanted trunks for a girl 😛  Hideyoshi is so slow about these things, this is probably why he’s also in Class F!

Poolside fun and games ensue – although I did feel a touch sorry for Yuuji being repeatedly blinded by Shouko so he wouldn’t be able to look at any of the girls (or the Trap), and then half drowned when Akihisa suggested Shouko play ‘waterdemon tag’ with Yuuji to demonstrate what a dangerous game it was to Hazuki 😀

You can understand why Yuuji is terrified of her

Shimada gets her usual ‘batter Akihisa’ time in and her Yuri admirer also gatecrashes – all the usual jokes are present and accounted for (no Kubo this week though 😦 )  Aiko from Class A also arrives on the scene as she’s on the swim team apparently – her not so subtle teasing when going to get changed causes Tsuchiya to have yet another epic bout of nosebleeding.

Time wears on and Akihisa mentions that he’s getting hungry – big mistake as Himeji reveals three beautifully presented waffles.  Cue another competition among the guys to determine who gets to avoid Himeji’s poisoned creations – this week it’s obviously a swimming contest.

The fight to avoid Himeji's cooking

The competition is forgotten about when Akihisa pulls off Hideyoshi’s top causing Akihisa and Tsuchiya to turn the pool red with their combined nosebleeds.

Being exhausted (and in some cases anaemic) and wanting to relax the group decide to visit the bathhouse……where weirdly enough Hideyoshi has once again been given his own section.

Private baths for Traps - the idea is catching on in this town.

Of course an episode of BakaTest wouldn’t be complete without a random Summons Battle and thanks to the iron bracelet Akihisa won last episode the chibi avatars are called forth!  Akihisa originally summoned his to take pictures of the girl’s side of the baths, but is twarted by the combined strength of all their summons and hauled off by a naked Ironman-sensei.

So a pretty fun episode for the standard pool/fanservice episode – most of the amusement was provided by Hideyoshi’s Trappiness though.  This show really knows how to milk the Trap card – its amazing how he constantly outshines the genuine women in the show and he doesn’t even act like a girl (aside from the complete lack of embarrassment when wearing girls clothing).  The only complaint I have about the episode is the lack of Kubo – I like Kubo 😛

Now to finish off with the best bits of Hideyoshi’s Trap-service!

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  1. ukato permalink
    February 12, 2010 1:42 am

    Ahhh!!! Still havent seen the ep yet!! >.<

  2. ukato permalink
    February 12, 2010 1:43 am

    Great pics btw, looks like theres lots for me to look forward to~!

  3. ukato permalink
    February 12, 2010 9:08 am

    Great episode; great blog!! ^.^
    I loved the Sayonara Zetsubou sensei joke u made there XD
    Oh btw i noticed a typo: “Private baths for Traps – IT [the?] idea is catching on in this town.”

    And i like Kubo too~ (but of course i prefer Hideyoshi XD)

    Well thanks for that, and cya again here next week !! ^.^

    • February 12, 2010 11:03 am

      Ah thanks for pointing out the typo, shall fix posthaste!

  4. February 12, 2010 12:26 pm

    The best episode I’ve seen so far.
    Oh, yeah those Hideyoshi fanservice are awesome that you have to pause your player and take a snapshot of it!!!

    Nice review 😀

    OT: Hizuki —> Hazuki :3

  5. July 2, 2011 7:46 pm

    Poor Hideyoshi :s

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