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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 07

February 19, 2010

Me and Shouko and Kisaragi Grand Park – This week we get to see those theme park tickets Akihisa and Yuuji found in episode 5’s scavenger hunt put to use; it’s a Yuuji X Shouko centric episode!

The episode kicks off with Yuuji getting the shite scared out of him when he awakens to find Shouko in his bedroom – how did she get in and how did Yuuji not hear her searching through his drawers for hidden porn (which she then burns)!? 😆

Anyway Shouko has arrived to drag Yuuji off for her promised date and it turns out that Akihisa has given her the tickets he and Yuuji found during the scavenger hunt.  Class F really never miss an opportunity to try to get Yuuji and Shouko together……either they really care about their friends, or they harbour some sort of secret grudge against Yuuji – its hard to tell really 😀

Upon arriving at the Park our couple is greeted by a pair of masked strangers!

Yuuji may be in Class F, but even he can see through these disguises to identify Akihisa and Hideyoshi.  Undeterred the idiot duo plow on with their plan to get Yuuji and Shouko to do as many coupley things together as humanly possible – starting with a lovely picture to commemorate this wonderful date.  Cue ninja photographer – the one and only Voyeur-kun!  Yuuji quickly determines his identity by flipping Shouko’s skirt triggering Tsuchiya’s reflex reaction of hitting the floor for the best angle 😛

Aww~ isnt that an adorable photo?

Class F’s special plans are somewhat interrupted by the arrival of a wannabe yakuza and his bimbo, who demand the same treatment Yuuji and Shouko are getting – Hideyoshi seems to take great pleasure in giving them a photo in exactly the same pose 🙂

Yuuji and Shouko are quickly herded along where they run into one of  the Park’s mascots…..who seems to have pink hair sticking out of its head.  Hmmm, wonder who this could be!? 😀  Yuuji once again demonstrates how well he knows his friends by telling Himeji that Akihisa is flirting with some girl.  He and Shouko then move on, leaving Akihisa to deal with Himeji and Shimada’s combined wrath.

Outside the haunted house attraction, the Class F gang assemble and attempt to sell Yuuji into enslavement get Yuuji and Shouko officially hitched – fortunately Yuuji twigs that something is up before he signs on the dotted line – tis a pity Hideyoshi and co. are such terrible actors 😀

Once in the haunted house Yuuji discovers that Class F have tailored it to specifically scare the crap out of him – by playing a recording of him claiming to prefer Himeji over Shouko since she has bigger boobs……Shouko is less than pleased 😆

Once Yuuji escapes Shouko’s clutches he corner’s Hideyoshi to find out why his classmates seem to be attempting to get him killed!  Hideyoshi replies that the best romances come out of harrowing situations (with scenes from Speed and Titanic appearing in the background to illustrate his point :P).  Yuuji points out that being anywhere near Shouko is frightening enough without adding extra drama!

A free lunch is announced and although Shouko looks slightly upset, she and Yuuji head to the Park’s restaurant to eat……only to be locked in as soon as they finish eating.  Class F have decided its time for the main attraction of this special event day – the Mock Wedding ceremony, although only after a (fixed) quiz!

Shouko looks really pretty in a wedding dress, even Yuuji’s barbed tongue is stayed when she confesses that it’s always been her dream to be his bride.  Unfortunately the d’awww~  moment is ruined by Mr Wannabe Yakuza and bimbo heckling from the audience, causing Shouko to flee the stage.

Akihisa shows a surprising amount of backbone by confronting Mr Wannabe Yakuza, attempting to evict him and his bimbo from the Park; however is reminded that they need to find Shouko instead.  Yuuji feigns disinterest and wanders off from the group.  However he’s gone to confront Yakuza guy all by himself – violence solves everything folks!

In the end, Yuuji (looking a bit battered) finds Shouko and they have a lovely moment were he tells her that he won’t laugh at her dream, but thinks that her feelings for him are misplaced.  Yuuji also tells her that her cooking is great (having brought her bag) and puts the bride’s veil back on her.  This was a lovely little scene, Yuuji and Shouko do make a nice couple and they know each other really well (as demonstrated by the fact Yuuji knew just were to find her, and Shouko knew just where to find his hidden porn :lol:).

This was a nice episode, but wasnt big on laughs or Trap-service since it was entirely focused on Yuuji and Shouko’s relationship and Class F’s futile attempts to get them together.  Hoping next week has more comedy.

On another note, they’ve changed the ED this week to one sang by the girls with corresponding animation.

I vastly prefer the boys ED – the song is just miles better and I liked the subtle BL theme going on in the animation! 😆  Do have to laugh at the inclusion of Hideyoshi and the principal in the girls ED though!  Ah well I can now skip the ED in future I suppose.

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  1. Neshi permalink
    February 20, 2010 3:45 pm

    Dam! I wanted to know who was Hideyoshi hugging in the end… It will be forever a mystery now.

    P.s.: rumor says that in teh second to last episode Kubo’s bro will make an appereance.

  2. ukato permalink
    February 21, 2010 10:40 am

    Oh awesome for the direct comparison bet. the 2 EDs, thanks

    @ Neshi:
    Huh? Wait what? I missed the Hideyoshi hugging bit!? When was it??!?!?! I NEED to know as a Hideyoshi/trap fan !!! DX (and thanks in advance for whoever can tell me! ^.^)

    • Neshi permalink
      February 21, 2010 2:39 pm

      in the BL ending sequence, Hideyoshi was hugging someone (or should it be the other way around?) however they never show his face. I hoped they would reveal it some day but no, that won’t happen anymore.

      • ukato permalink
        February 21, 2010 10:31 pm

        @ Neshi

        Hey, thanks for replying but i still dont see what part you’re talking about with Hideyoshi hugging…? Do u mean the bit in “Baka Go Home” (1st ED) where it shows two people holding hands? Or did u mean the bit right at the end of the song, where someone places their hand on Akihisa’s shoulder..?

      • Neshi permalink
        February 21, 2010 10:58 pm


        I meant in the ED, when all the guys are appearing teh first ones are Yuuji/Akihisa, then Kubo/Kouta, and then there appears Hideyoshi hugging and being hugged by someone. They never show who he (the person hugging hideyoshi) is and since they have changed the EDs sequence, it will forever be a mystery.

      • ukato permalink
        February 21, 2010 11:02 pm

        HOLY SHIT!! You’re right, man, i always thought that was just Hideyoshi curled up and hugging his legs, but man, yeah, its some guy whose completely blacked out, lol.

        So yeah, thanks for showing me, now i rest easy knowing the truth (about not knowing who it is) lol XD

  3. February 22, 2010 8:50 pm

    😆 I had never noticed that before either!

    • ukato permalink
      February 23, 2010 7:03 am

      hey you changed your avvy, nice~

  4. February 23, 2010 11:55 pm

    Horo, is that you?

  5. Neshi permalink
    February 25, 2010 4:29 pm

    Just head up for next chapter: Evangelion+Code Geass. Oh and def a bl fanservice courtesy of Yuuji’s shoukanjuu molesting Voyeur’s.

    • February 25, 2010 8:08 pm

      Looking forward to it!

    • ukato permalink
      February 28, 2010 7:33 am

      @Neshi (if you read this)
      where was the eva reference? i think i missed it >.< Thanks

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