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Durarara!! – 08

February 27, 2010

These two make such an adorable couple ^_^

This week narration duties are back to Celty (think I’ll settle on this spelling now :P) and the major theme of the episode is searching for lost things.

The episode starts with Celty having a nightmare that reflects her concerns that she will never be reunited with her head.  Feeling slightly depressed she asks Shinra about the nature of dreaming and memories and of course he goes off on a science tangent.  Celty reflects that what she feels for Shinra is probably love – she doesn’t clarify if its romantic love or familial love though.  Shinra is in hyperactive mode as Celty has a very rare day off and he wants to go do something special; however Celty says she wants to stay in and cook for Shinra to show her appreciation for him – he’s delighted 😀

Over at the high school, Masaomi is sorting Mikado out with stuff Mikado managed to leave at home when he overslept that morning – Masaomi is such a good friend 🙂

While at the same time Dota-chin is staking out Yagiri Pharmaceutical, even though he promised the rest of his group to let the matter lie.  He gives up when nothing seems to be happening and heads off.

Just as Dota-chin leaves the area a young man arrives on the scene and attacks the facility suicide bomber style with a heap of fireworks strapped to his body 😐

Back home with Shinra and Celty, Celty is cooking (although Shinra has to remind her to use normal kitchen knives rather than her own summoned ones :P).  Unfortunately Celty’s cooking is……..unique – well she does lack a head and therefore has no sense of taste!  Shinra insists that its wonderful, but the tears streaming down his face give him away 😆  Celty is so fecking cute as she panics and insists that he not eat a single bite more – Shinra attempts to plough on regardless, but Celty uses her abilities to seal the meal in a floating black ball!

The conversation turns to Celty’s memories as she’s still bothered by her nightmare.  Shinra is sweet, but manages to say the wrong thing when he tells her that she may not need her memories (or head).  Celty gets upset and storms off leaving Shinra alone and a touch depressed that he upset her so much.

Meanwhile in town Erika is looking for Walker so they can head off to some event, she meets a blonde girl wandering the streets with a notebook and sign offering to look for things people have lost – or Erika scribbles down a message for Walker.

Walker is searching for his mobile phone, which he seems to have left in a Maid Cafe – he asks Simon if he’s seen Erika…….Simon says no despite the fact he was chatting with Erika not long before hand 😆

The two do manage to meet up later on though – they also make a cute couple 😀

In another area of town Celty has met Shizuo outside a vacant lot and the two have a chat.  Seems that these two both have similar coping methods – Shizuo turns to Celty and Celty turns to Shizuo when either of them are upset.

Feeling better Celty goes home, only to find the apartment empty – Shinra has been called out on a job.  This isn’t unusual but Celty has a weird feeling that this job is different and head out to find Shinra.

Shinra’s job is in Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and its to tend to the young man who attacked the facility with fireworks.  Seems he claimed that his girlfriend was abducted by the facility and returned a changed person – the man from Yagiri Pharmaceuticals says that it’s all nonsense, but wants Shinra to wipe the man’s memory anyway.  Shinra says that it’s not that easy to tamper with memories.

Meanwhile after school, Mikado, Masaomi and Anri meet outside the shoelockers – seems Anri is still being bullied and someone has hidden her shoes.  Masaomi takes off saying he has an idea who’s behind this and Mikado helps Anri search the school.  Anri gives up shortly after and goes home, but Mikado continues to search, eventually finding the shoes outside in the spots field.

Back out in town, Celty meets Shinra when he’s on his way back from work.  He asks her to accompany him to dinner because its lonely to eat alone 😦

They head to the Russian Sushi place, only to find that because the owner missed his fish delivery the sushi on offer is…….a bit unique.  Shinra eats it anyway and finds that desert is fortune cookies.  Celty is delighted with her, which is about finding lost things; Shinra’s on the other hand is ‘unrequited love’ which he eats to avoid Celty seeing it…awwwww~ poor Shinra!

In another area Mikado is delivering Anri’s shoes, but all he gets for his effort is a muttered ‘thank-you’ and the door closed in his face…….I do feel sorry for him, Anri is a bit socially inept.

Mikado also meets the blonde lady with her sign and flicks through the notebook to see what people in town have been looking for.  He makes his own addition too – ‘connections’.  That was quite poignant, Mikado really is lost in Ikekuburo and all he wants is to make some lasting friendships to anchor him; a simple wish but one that’s proving difficult to fulfill it seems.  I’m looking forward to when Mikado gets his own episode, we’ve already seen how straightforward and pure he is in Masaomi’s episode, I’m interested in hearing Mikado’s own thought processes now.

Finally we cut to Seiji and Scar-girl, who it turns out has no memories.  In a similar parallel to Shinra, Seiji tells scar-girl that she’s fine as she is and that he isn’t interested in her past.  Then there’s the bombshell moment when he calls her ‘Celty’ 😯  Another Celty!?

Back at home Celty (the headless one) places her fortune under her pillow and for the first time in ages dreams of when she was whole.  Cue vaguely irish music and a scene of Celty in a beautiful green forest.  Then we see her head’s face for the first time – the same face as the Scared girl with Seiji! 😮  So we were right – Scar-girl does have Celty’s head, but this then raises the question of who’s head is in the tank and whose body the head is on?  My guess is that is that missing stalker friend of Anri’s.

Thoughts: Mainly a slice of life episode, with the overarching theme of searching for lost items.  The major plot revelation of Celty’s heads location was left to the very end.  In spite of this I enjoyed the episode, Celty got a lot of development here – even more than she got in the Shinra episode.  Her personality is adorable, I’ve said it before but Miyuki Sawashiro really does a fantastic job voicing her.  Shinra was cute in this episode too – he can be a bit creepy sometimes, but in this episode he was just cute – he really does love Celty and I’m pleased that Celty does care for him too on some level……they’re a strangely adorable couple 😆

The other bit of the episode concerning Anri’s stolen shoes wasnt as entertaining, but did have some interesting tidbits.  I’m wondering just what Masaomi went to do when he left Anri and Mikado to the search – Anri says that his reaction ‘wasnt the usual Kido-kun’ so I’m thinking maybe this has something to do with how Masaomi was involved with Izaya in the past.  Anri herself is a strange girl – quiet and reserved to a fault, nevertheless she can be quite hurtful with her attitude to Mikado who’s only trying to help her and get to know her better.  Looking forward to more development of these three.

However next week looks like it’s the turn of Seiji’s sister in the narrators chair, so maybe we’ll be getting more info on what Yagiri Pharmacuticals are up to and how Scar-girl ended up with Celty’s head!

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  1. February 27, 2010 10:01 pm

    You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

  2. February 27, 2010 10:06 pm

    I can’t quite decided myself if I prefer Shinra X Celty or Shizuo x Celty, although personally I’m leaning towards Shizuo. Yes, Shinra is cute and stuff and they seem to be more inclined to be involved romantically but she acts a lot more natural around Shizuo. Plus I don’t think Shizuo would hide information from her, he’s a bit more honest than Shinra, although that’s not saying much.

    • February 27, 2010 10:11 pm

      Shinra is scared of loosing her which leads him to make some bad choices when it comes to giving her information about her head. Since he has connections with Yagiri I’m wondering if he knows that they had her head 😕 Shinra is a bit hard to figure out sometimes.

      Shizuo is much more straightforward and he really gets on well with Celty – but think they’re better for each other as friends at the end of the day.

      When it really comes down to it though, I think I prefer Shinra just because Jun Fukuyama voices him………I’m such a shallow fangirl 😆

    • February 28, 2010 9:53 am

      Shizuo and Celty are FRIENDS or are you telling me friendship of opposite gender doesnt happen in anime ?
      another stupid otp of a good blogger again *facepalms*

      I’m surprised Shinra could eat that sushi 😀 and it looks like both Shinra and Mikado arent so lucky with their relationship with girls.

  3. March 4, 2010 6:48 pm

    hey caraniel-san! 😀 if u need it, i can post u a link for naruto chapter 485, the latest: 😆 idk if youre going to write something about it but yeah in chase you didnt see it, here it is! 🙂

    • March 4, 2010 6:50 pm

      Thanks but I read it last night – just havent written the post yet as I’ve been at work all day.,

  4. March 5, 2010 4:15 pm

    oh sorry LOL XD

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