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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 09

March 6, 2010

Kiss and Bust and Ponytail: This week we are finally introduced to a member of Akihisa’s family; his older sister who is currently studying abroad.

Akihisa is enjoying the luxurious meal of salt-water followed by sugared-water when out of the blue, a busty woman in a teeny-weeny bathrobe shows up at his front door.  Meet Akira Yoshii – 23 years old, E-cup, currently studying at Harvard and Akihisa’s devoted older sister.  Why is she wearing a bath robe?  Well it was hot and she wanted to wear something to absorb the sweat so she would look nice and fresh when she arrived on Aki’s doorstep – makes sense on some level I suppose….. 😕

Akira has arrived to check up on her little brother, to make sure he’s living a wholesome, pure life.  She plans to inspect everything subtracting points for anything she seems unsuitable for him – like dating, porn and having girls make him bento……hmmmm (although same-sex partnerships are A-OK! :lol:)

And what pray-tell would Akihisa’s punishment be if his sister finds his lifestyle lacking?  Why a steamy session with Akira and the shame of ‘deflowering’ her 😮  Seems Akira has a bit of a brother-complex, although Akihisa seems petrified of her… incest in this week!?

Next morning at school, Shouko decides that she needs to check Yuuji’s phone to make sure he isn’t having an affair.  However since Yuuji has more messages from Akihisa than he does from her Shouko automatically jumps to the conclusion that the two boys are having an affair, made worse by the fact the latest message from Aki is him asking to spend the night with Yuuji!  😆  The girls (and Kubo) seem more than willing to accept that Aki and Yuuji are having an illicit affair and are most upset.

Throughout the day Akihisa freaks his teachers out by paying attention in class.  At lunch when he produces a beautifully made bento, no one believes that he made it himself and jump to the automatic conclusion that either Yuuji (as his gay lover :P) made it for him, or Akihisa has a secret girlfriend hidden away at home.  Of course the group then insists on accompanying Akihisa home to check things out – Aki lacks the ability to make up anything that can deny them.

Akihisa’s luck being as bad as it is means that he can not hide the fact a girl is living in his apartment – as soon as he opens the door Akira’s underwear is hanging up and evidence of girly things like make-up remover and diet foods are all over the place 😀  Himeji goes into a state of yandere denial saying such things as “this is no good, this bra is not your size Yoshii-kun”, which was amusing 😆  I like the pink moe-blob a bit more when she’s a bit scary!

Just when Akihisa thinks he’s doomed, Akira arrives home laden with groceries and he’s forced to introduce her as his sister.  Akira enters her own sense of denial when she proclaims that her little brother can’t possibly be friends with girls – crushing Hideyoshi’s fragile hope that someone had actually acknowledged him as male from the outset!

Akihisa and Yuuji then offer to make dinner, as Akira isn’t a great cook.  Himeji offers too, but the boys manage to avoid her poisonous cuisine by saying they want to give the girls a break from the kitchen, and Akira’s offer to break out the family albums 😛  Turns out that Akihisa is a surprisingly good cook when he has something to actually cook with – Akira has bought the perfect ingredients for making paella.

After dinner they head to Akihisa’s room to study and the group learns that Akira is a student of Harvard University 😆  Akira then pulls out Aki’s porn stash, expressing disappointment that it’s all to do with busty girls with ponytails rather than brother-sister incest 😯  Shimada and Himeji store this info away immediately – Himeji immediately putting her hair up, Shimada lamenting that she can do nothing about her cup size.

Akihisa studies his heart  out to try to get good results in his midterms to avoid ‘punishment’ from his sister.  Unfortunately Akihisa’s stupidity isn’t easy got rid of, and even though he got plenty of answers correct, he wrote them in the wrong place on this answer-sheet, resulting in another 0 😆  Poor Akihisa.  Akira tells him that just putting the effort in doesn’t always yield results which just depresses Akihisa.

Later that evening Akihisa heads to the fridge for a drink only to find it filled with failed attempts at paella (his favourite food).  Seems Akira knows what she’s talking about when she said effort doesn’t yield results, as Aki remembers her cut covered hands – the siblings understand each other well.

Fun episode, Akira added some much-needed freshness to the plot (even if they went through every onee-chan cliché going).  Himeji’s yandere side was amusing, and the way Kubo seems to have become a permanent fixture in Akihisa’s harem amused me (as did everyone’s pairing off of Aki with Yuuji).  Wonder if Akira will be sticking about for a while, or if she’ll be put on a bus back to the States next week.

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  1. ukato permalink
    March 7, 2010 8:44 am

    Lol, i loved this episode too, one of my personal favourite parts that you didnt mention here was the scene in Aki’s room when Aki obliviously ignored the girls’ (Shimada and Himeji)’s attempts to appeal to him, and Akira was like: “Minus 100 points… you’ll understand when you grow up” 😉

    I do hope Akira stays around, coz she did get into the new OP too!! ^.^

  2. March 11, 2010 5:47 pm

    This episode made me so so lonely, never mind the fact there was almost no Hideyoshi in this episode.

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