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Durarara!! – 09

March 6, 2010

This episode is probably the turning point for this series.  Up till now its all been background and built up showing how the characters interact and how they connect to the central figure of this series, Celty herself – now we’re getting to the actual plot and I’m very excited!

This weeks narrator is Namie Yagiri who is in love with her younger brother Seiji, who is in love with Celty’s head…….this is one of the weirdest love triangles I’ve ever come across!

Namie’s constant phone calls to Seiji unsettle Scar-ty (which what I will now be calling the Scared-girl with Celty’s head :D) and she chucks Seiji’s mobile phone into a nearby fountain.

The next day in Yajiri Pharmaceuticals, Namie berates her underlings for failing to keep track of Seiji.  She storms out of the office and seeks the aid of an information broker – none other than Izaya Orihara (who has a very nice office going on there).  Namie demands that Izaya find Seiji and he eventually obliges – watching Izaya activate his intelligence network was interesting, it seems to be so effortless for him.  The board game he has set up was also interesting – it looks like a Go board with chess, shogi, Othello and Go pieces on it.  Izaya always seems to play by his own rules.

While she’s waiting for Izaya’s information network to locate Seiji, Namie has a flashback to her childhood.  Seems that Celty’s head has been in  the possession of the Yagiri family for a number of years as Namie remembers her uncle talking to ‘that thing’ in his study.  Namie reflects that she has never cared for pretty dolls as they serve no purpose, preferring to dote on her little brother – this mindset extends to Celty’s head.  One day she brings Seiji into her uncle’s study to show him the pretty head-in-a-jar, however Seiji seems to fall in love at 1st sight with it much to Namie’s horror.

Namie asks for Celty’s head to be moved to the research facility,  in an attempt to separate Seiji from the head and therefore bring his focus back to Namie.

However Seiji steals Namie’s access cards and makes off with Celty’s head.  Unfortunately Mika Harima, Seiji’s stalker, sees the head and in a bid to protect the secret of the dullahan’s head, Seiji appears to have killed Mika.  I say appears because all we’re shown is her feet, a pool of blood and Seiji covered in blood spatters (eating ramen and staring fixedly at Celty’s head).  Seiji has major issues.

Namie is also definitely not all there, her obsession with her brother means that instead of fearing for his sanity like most normal people when faced with a murderer, Namie is instead delighted that Seiji asked for her help to cover his crimes up!  Namie decides to provide Seiji with a doll to keep him happy – and behold that’s the origin of the current Scar-ty.  Namie definitely does not see Scar-ty as a person, perhaps that’s why Sacr-ty seems to keen to separate Seiji from Namie.

Is the Dr on the right Shinra? Looks similar to his hair, or I could be over thinking things 😕

Meanwhile back in the present time, Scar-ty receives a text and desperately tries to get Seiji to go somewhere far away.  Near by Celty is chatting with Shizuo and they see the couple arguing.  Just then Scar-ty runs past Celty and Celty recognises her head and runs after Scar-ty!  😮 Major, major turning point – so wasn’t expecting Celty and Scar-ty to come face to helmet so soon, although since the unveil of her identity last week it isn’t all that surprising.

Scar-ty seems utterly terrified of Celty and desperately attempts to get away from her.  Shizuo comes over to help restrain the girl, but he is attacked by a deranged Seiji………with ball point pens of all things.

during the momentary distraction, Celty looses her grip on Scar-ty and she runs off.  Shizuo urges Celty to persue her, saying he’ll take care of Seiji (well Seiji did just stab him in the thigh with a pen, I’d want to deal with him too).  Shizuo’s surprisingly cool, calm and collected in this episode – he doesn’t fly off the handle when talking to Seiji (although he does send him flying into a truck :lol:) even when he stabs him though the hand!  Perhaps it’s because of the soothing effect Celty has on Shizuo?

Meanwhile Scar-ty as run smack into Mikado of all people in her blind panic to escape from Celty.  Mikado being Mikado immediately grabs Scar-ty and runs towards a subway where Celty is unable to follow.

It seems at this stage Celty gives up the chase as the next we see of her is when she’s at home talking with Shinra.  Shinra still confuses me – I find his interactions with Celty to be adorable, he’s very comforting, but straightforward in his manner of speaking.  He asks Celty if she still wants to get her head back even though that head seems to be living a life of its own.  This makes me wonder if he did know the fate of her head, and this was his reasoning behind trying to get her to accept life without it.

There is no doubt that Shinra cares for Celty, but I still don’t quite know how much he actually knows about her head.  Looking at that image of the operation to create Scar-ty, one of the doctors vaguely reminds me of Shinra.  Then there’s the fact he definitely does have dealings with Yagari and they have asked him about wiping memories……I really need another Shinra episode to clear things up!!  As it is I feel really sorry for Celty, she’s obviously very shaken by her run in with Scar-ty.

Elsewhere Seiji has returned to Namie and is distraught that he’s been separated from Scar-ty.  Namie promises him she will find her, but once she meets with her people Namie gives the order to capture Scar-ty alive or dead.  She doesn’t care about the fate of a doll.

In yet another area of the city we find ourselves in Mikado’s apartment where he has taken Scar-ty to hide her.  Scar-ty is hurriedly texting Mikado’s name to the person she’s been in contact with all episode while Mikado is busy making tea.  It turns out that the recipient of this text is none other than Izaya!  Izaya really is fascinated by people, he’s completely delighted by the recent goings on – his giddy laughter is somewhat infectious too….I really enjoy watching Izaya.

Scar-ty says she has no memories, but she does know that she loves Seiji – god knows why.

Thoughts: Phew, what an episode!  So much to think about here –  we have finally caught up to the main plot; all the careful set up and character introductions were leading up to this point where Celty meets Scar-ty.  Also Mikado is finally brought into the spotlight by his meeting and sheltering Scar-ty – for a main character to take so long coming into the limelight is unusual.

A thought has occurred to me during this episode regarding Scar-ty.  I was wondering if she really is Celty’s head attached to Mika Harima’s body – that’s what everything seems to suggest, but what if that’s just what Namie wants Seiji to think?  Namie set about creating the perfect doll to please her brother, surely rather than lose the valuable dullahan head to serve as Seiji’s plaything it would make more sense for her to create something that looks like Celty without it actually being Celty?

Lets just suppose for a moment that Mika didn’t die in Seiji’s attack – lets say she was badly wounded.  We see Namie’s people take her away and we see a girls body on an operating table (the head obscured by a theatre lamp).  Now suppose that this operation was actually plastic surgery rather than the suggested head transplant.  I thought one of the doctors looked like Shinra, Shinra had mentioned in his episode that he does plastic surgery on ocassion…..could this have been one instance of that?  Could Namie have created a Celty look-a-like from the injured body of Mika Harima a girl who adored her brother.  Perhaps they erased all of Mika’s memories apart from her attraction to Seiji – this would explain why Scar-ty is so clingy!  We also see Namie pause outside a heavily shuttered room in the research lab – is Celty’s head still there in its jar?  Or is Cara just over thinking things as usual! 😆

Next week sees Mikado return to the Narrators chair – I can not wait, my interest in Mikado has grown quite a lot recently.  The preview suggests that Izaya leads Celty to meet Mikado – should be fascinating!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 12, 2010 5:57 pm

    the pen stabbing was amusing 😀 but the best part was where Izaya was spinning around and laughing XD

    thats an interesting theory mummy….

    • March 12, 2010 6:10 pm

      Spinny laughing Izaya was great – that character is a joy to watch.

  2. March 12, 2010 7:11 pm

    looking at it again I just have to wonder how fucked up that family is to keep a head in a jar on their desk just to stare at regularly O_o the sister being in love with the younger brother seems quite minor in comparison

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