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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 10

March 12, 2010

Not quite up to Ginyuu Force standard yet folks!

Mock-test and Phantom Thief and Love Letter: This week sees BakaTest suddenly remember that there are meant to be inter-class Summons Battles from time to time……however just because they’ve remembered them doesn’t mean we get one 😛

We join Himeji, who is reading a self-help book in an attempt to learn how to get a love letter to Akihisa…….this is srsbns.

That morning Akihisa was awakened by his sister half molesting him – looks like Akira will be sticking around.  As its been established that Akira can’t cook, Akihisa’s breakfast consists of many cans of health drinks – Akira has stock-piled them……but never fear, there are lots of different flavours!  Don’t know what Akihisa is complaining about, he had been living on sugar, flour, oil and dry ramen up to this stage!

In school we find Tsuchiya absorbed in some essential research – cataloguing the bust size of all the girls in the school… do have to admire his dedication and observational skills really.

The morning progresses as normal, with the usual Minami wrestling locks and Yuuji eye-stabs.

All that’s missing from our usual repertoire is some Hideyoshi cosplay!  Cue said Trap in a nurse’s outfit which the Drama Club gave him.

Hideyoshi’s sister (who I can no longer remember the name of :?) is less than impressed by her brothers antics though.  He is a bit thick though – how do you not realise that people keep dressing you up like a girl right down to the bra!?

Back to Himeji’s love letter dilemma.  She follows the advice given in her handbook and tries to get a friend to pass her letter to Akihisa.  Minami turned out to be a no-go as she just ended up comparing Akihisa cosplay pics.  Her attempt to get Yuuji to pass it along may have put the final nail in Yuuji’s coffin as Shouko caught them and produced a marriage certificate (along with her trusty stun gun) – the look of pure confusion on Himeji’s face in stark contrast to the utter panic on Yuuji’s was amusing.

Since the friend plan was a failure, Himeji tries to give her love letter to Akihisa tucked in with a present – in this case some homemade cookies.  In a move of pure self-preservation Akihisa quickly flees the scene and hides lest he be forced to ingest the poisonous biscuits.

As a last resort Himeji tries to put the letter in Akihisa’s shoe locker – but is caught by Minami.  The girls open the locker only to find porn – which they burn……poor Akihisa.

Having been caught by Ironman-sensei hiding in a storage locker, Akihisa and his Summon are set to some manual labour – carrying boxes to the schools high security safe.  Being an utter klutz Akihisa’s summon trips on an envelope (dropped by Himeji), busting a few of the boxes and papers end up scattering everywhere.  Turns out these are the schools mock-exam papers, so Akihisa goes to Class F’s room to get some extra boxes and finishes his job.

Back in the classroom, Yuuji, Minami, Hideyoshi and Tsuchiya are desperately searching for items which they had left in their desks boxes.  Yuuji’s marriage certificate, Minami’s pictures of Akihisa. Hideyoshi’s nurses costume and Tsuchiya’s bust size research are all missing – as is Himeji’s love letter.

The usual suspects assemble to try to recover the missing items, which Akihisa realises must have been locked in the school safe when he used Class F’s desk-boxes as replacements for the busted ones.

Outside the safe, the group attempt to formulate a plan in order to get past the obstacle of a PIN code and key lock.  Hideyoshi proposes a plan based on a Phantom Thief role he once played in the drama club.

It fails.  The despairing group is then approached by Class 2B’s President – Kyouji Nemoto (who was last seen hacking the schools security in the EVA episode).  Nemoto proposes that if Class F can get the key from the staff room, he’ll be able to provide the PIN code.

Class F swing into action once again, trying to decide how to distract Ironman-sensei and swipe the key.  Weirdly Yuuji seems to think dressing Akihisa in drag is the way to go.  However Minami half killing Akihisa seems to do the job and our trusty ninja-pervert successfully swipes the keys.

Nemoto produces a video of Ironman-sensei inputting the security code and they successfully open the safe.  A quick search allows Class F to recover their lost items, but it seems Nemoto has another purpose in mind as he makes a big show of stealing one of the test papers.  Why he decided to tell Class F what he was doing is most confusing – surely if you’re stealing something you don’t tell the world!

Nemoto insults Class F invoking Himeji’s pink fury, but Nemoto snubs her much to Akihisa’s annoyance.  He and Yuuji have a manly heart-to-heart on the roof and discuss initiating another inter-class battle since the three-month ban is nearly up.  But first they come up with another plan to get revenge on Nemoto.

Yuuji and Akihisa break into the safe again (this time just battering the door down with Akihisa’s Summon) grab a few boxes of test papers and chuck them off the roof.  Leaked papers of course will not be used so Nemoto’s copy is now useless.  The two are of course caught by Ironman-sensei, but he senses they had another purpose in this latest breach of the rules and only drags them off for the normal supplementary classes.

In a final act of vengeance Akihisa puts Himeji’s cookies in Nemoto’s shoe locker – his screams of pain were most satisfying 😆

Not the best episode, but fun, although I didn’t laugh as much this week as I have done in previous episodes.  More Hideyoshi screen time is a good thing, and the promise of another interclass battle on the horizon was most welcome.  Nemoto is a slimy cheating git, wonder how he became his classes president?

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  1. Neshi permalink
    March 13, 2010 6:35 pm

    another great announcement! The BL ed is back! There might be now a possibility that we might find out who is Hugging Hideyoshi!

  2. ukato permalink
    March 19, 2010 2:51 am

    OMG ep11 was pure AWESOMEness, really looking forward to your post on it soon, Cara ^.^

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