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Naruto – Chapter 487

March 18, 2010

This week Naruto finally shuts up and Kishi remembers some other characters.

So while Naruto and Sasuke continue staring at each other with thinly veined sexual tension in the air, Sakura has an epiphany – basically realising what fans of the series have known for years….that she’s completely useless :mrgreen:

Kakashi decides he can’t compete with the SasuNaru vibes and decides to attempt to take Madara on instead (seems he’s determined to do something productive), but Madara simply brushes him off claiming feeble Sharingan attacks would never work on him.  Madara, Zetsu and Saucey then warp out – Sasuke gazing lovingly into Naruto’s eyes the entire time 🙄

Back at the Batcave Super-Special-Awesome Hideout, Sasuke informs Madara that he wants Itachi’s eyes.  Appears that Sasuke really is loosing his eyesight thanks to the Susanoo spamming he’d been doing, and now wants the Eternal Mangekyou that Madara has.  Why has he decided this?  Simply to be at his best when fighting Naruto – like some sort of teenage girl trying to look her cutest before a date 😆

Back with the other members of Team 7, Naruto swoons as soon as Saucey is out of his eye line – seems he’d been valiantly resisting the effects of Sakura’s poisoned kunai which Saucey used to scratch his cheek…….Sakura is there really no bounds to your uselessness!?  Kakashi even appears to be a bit put out by how much of a liability she is!

With Naruto somewhat functional, the team packs up Karin and heads back to Konoha.

Kishi then decides thats its high time that he enlightened us on whats going on in Kumo, since they’re the only other village with a Jinchuriki now.  The Raikage and Killerbee arrive home to a hero’s welcome, Bee carting the stolen Samehada with him.

We then get a little aside of Zetsu talking to himself (well his white side chatting to the black side – tis handy to have a character with a split-personality sometimes) about the latest Akatsuki grand plan.  Apparently Kisame isn’t dead and is instead deep undercover infiltrating Kumo.  How is the giant blue shark-man doing that?  Well he’s hiding inside Samehada!  So didn’t see that one coming.  Knew that Kisame wouldn’t have died in such a pathetic manner (Zetsu instead used his ability to produce a perfect, if weak, clone), but having him do something subtle and stealthy like infiltrating a village was unexpected.

Then Kishi decides to tag on something completely out of left field to round-up the page count – Orochi-Kabuto attacking some Waterfall ninja…….weirdly Orochi-Kabuto seems to gone to the same stylist as Medusa of Soul Eater judging from that hood with snake-eyes thing he’s got going on.  God only knows what purpose dragging Orochi-Kabuto back into the limelight will serve.  Wonder what the hell he’s doing over in Waterfall?

I’m glad Kisame’s not dead – I’m interested to see how he’ll take down Bee (because that’s kind of inevitable really).  Orochi-Kabuto coming back was kind of random too…..seems that this week was another case of Kishi checking his notes and remembering that he needed to show what happened to Kisame, Samehada, Killerbee, the Raikage and Orochi-Kabuto and just sticking the lot of them into the one chapter! 😆  Its always fun and games in the Naruto-verse!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 19, 2010 1:51 am

    he decided to perspone the naru sasu soap lovers quarrel till later, hahaha sakura still sucks 🙂

    I dont like this version of orochimaru, kabuto had an unhealthy obsession with him, lacks some of oro’s best features and should go to specsavers :s

    • March 19, 2010 11:32 pm

      At least Sakura now realises shes utterly useless……took her long enough 🙄

      Kabuto doesnt have Orochimaru’s fabulous hair and really can’t pull off the eyemakeup with those round frames. If he insists on sporting the slanty eyeliner he needs rimless oval or cats-eye frames……..or better yet contacts!

      Actually as a medical ninjutsu specialist, shouldnt he be able to cure his vision problems??

  2. brokenbunny permalink
    March 20, 2010 9:39 pm

    haha i cant wait to see kabuto in action lol

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