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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 11

March 19, 2010

Arch-enemy and Love Letter and Blitzkrieg: Wow, way to squeeze an entire seasons worth of Summons fights into one episode!  Kind of works though.

That bloody Love Letter returns this week as Himeji still has it in her bag and Akihisa still thinks it’s for Yuuji……which leads him to fear for Yuuji’s life since he knows what Shouko is like 😀

Moving onto the plot – Yuuji declares war on Class D as he and Akihisa decided last week (well he tricks Akihisa into making the actual declaration).

Aki fears that he's now 'ruined for marriage' - just what did Class D do to him?

Lots of tactics follow as both Class F and D put together their battle plans.  Class D’s hinges on getting to Yuuji and taking him out (a feat they believe to be simple as Yuuji’s scores have been steadily falling according to their latest stats).  Class F’s plan of course, mainly centers on clearing a path to allow their secret weapon Himeji a clear run at Class D’s rep.

Main feature of this interclass battle seemed to be strategic use of teachers to help boost certain characters Summons.

Loved the use of the 'Christmas Cake' teacher, lured in by the rumour that Akihisa wanted a relationship with her 😆

Things seem to be going in Class D’s favour, but once some random lackeys reach Yuuji they discover he’s no pushover.  Apparently in the very latest test Yuuji scored extremely high, but Mutsurini only leaked the previous test scores to Class D.  So Class F win over Class D and set their sights on Class B next in order to get revenge on Nemoto.

Nemoto him self is itching to get back at Class F for ruining his plans last week and he has a shadowy talk with his girlfriend to plot their downfall.

Class F retire to their classroom only to find it ransacked and some of their precious possessions either shredded or stolen (Himeji’s love letter goes AWOL again).

Akihisa then overhears Nemoto and Himeji talking in a stairwell.  Nemoto is the one who ransacked their classroom and stole Himeji’s love letter, and he’s using it as a means to neutralise her in the upcoming fight between Classes F and B.  Enraged Akihisa asks Yuuji to let Himeji sit this fight out.

The battles progress as expected with Class B having an overwhelming advantage in test scores.  Akihisa then uses some information collected by Mutsurini to power-up Class F’s FFFF squad – the fact Nemoto has a girlfriend.  This enrages the FFFF and they become a sucide squad tearing through the ranks of Class B.

Aki then puts his plan to get to Nemoto in Class B into action.  Using his Summon to break through the wall between rooms he gets the jump on Nemoto.

Tsuchiya then bursts into the classroom through the window with Ironman-sensei in tow to initiate a Health Summon battle against Nemoto.  Mutsurini of course wins since he has the highest score in Health class in the entire school.

With Class B soundly defeated, Yuuji comes up with a proposition.  Class B can keep their classroom if Nemoto wears the girls uniform 😆  Nemoto of course refuses – his classmates however, are more than willing to force him to take the fall.

Akihisa takes the chance to retrieve Himeji’s love letter from Nemoto’s discarded clothing and returns it to Himeji.  She then tears the bloody thing up declaring that she’ll pass her feelings on herself…….why couldnt she have just told Aki to open it!??

So mainly an action episode – really did feel like they just remembered that there was meant to be a plot about the ESB fights and tried to shove as much of it as possible into this one episode 😆  It was entertaining, but because it was all strategy and battles there wasnt as much random comedy, Trap-service or parodies, which is what I like most about this series really.  Still could have been worse and I’m looking forward to seeing what Yuuji’s plan is against Class A.  He told Shouko to go all out as he wants to prove that grades aren’t everything……which is weird coming from him since he’s proven he has the potential to score in Class A’s grade boundaries.

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  1. Sabrina permalink
    March 20, 2010 7:53 am

    You need your own TV Show. Seriously. 🙂 Big Ratings!!

  2. ukato permalink
    March 20, 2010 10:23 am

    Awesome post, as good as watching the ep twice ^.^

    and i LOL’ed at your comment about Hatsune Miku XD didnt notice that while watching
    Oh and one thing – i thought the FFF had only three “F”s in the name, no? Coz im watching gg’s subs and thats what they translate it as, but i dunno, coz gg is quite liberal at times with their wordings

    Anyways look forward to the next ep as well as your next post ^^

  3. March 20, 2010 11:21 am

    @ Sabrina: Thats if people could work out what I was saying – I tend to speak really quickly when excited, and my accent gets stronger too 😆

    @ Ukato: I noticed Miku right away – had to rewind and pause to double check though.
    There probably is only x3 F’s, I like the ‘F’ key a bit too much :mrgreen:

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