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Naruto – Chapter 488

March 25, 2010

Pretty boring transition chapter this week……

The Fuedal Lords of the 5 countries all agree to allow the big ninja alliance to counter Madara’s plans… we get a montage of the Kage’s of each Hidden Village receiving word from their respective Lords…….except Konoha which lacks a Hokage right now.

Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Karin head to pick up Sakura’s victims the other members of their team, only to have Naruto collapse of exhaustion and the lingering affects of Sakura’s poisoned kunai – way to go Sakura, even Karin thinks you’re a tool.

Once everyone is finally operational again, the group heads back to Konoha – although not before Kiba lays a guilt trip on Sakura and tells Naruto to stop being such a whiney git 😆

Karin soaks in all the information and friendly teasing atmosphere like a sponge – not a lot of this went on in Hebi/Taka after all, and more hints that perhaps she’s falling for Naruto.

Back at the ranch in Konoha the usual gang gathers to have a good chat about the whole Sasuke encounter and attempts to get some answers out of Naruto and/or get him to explain why he let the bastard get away…….again.  Naruto spouts the same ol crap about him being the only one able to fight Sasuke.  Now its been a while since any of these ‘main characters’ had any page time let alone lines……..and they don’t get much again unfortunately – I feel sorry for them.

Elsewhere the Elders are pissed off that Danzo’s dead leaving them without a Hokage yet again.  Since Suna back Kakashi and he’s willing to take the job, the Council and the Fire Lord both back Kakashi as the next Hokage.

However, just as Kakashi is about to be formally sworn in news comes that Tsunade has awakened from her coma!

So god knows where this leaves things.  Tsunade may be awake, but she’s no where near fit to be a frontline leader in an upcoming war……..not that Kakashi strikes me as particularly good leadership material either – just look at the hack of his only genin team! 😆

Oh and then tagged onto the end of the chapter to even up the page count we get a shot of Saucey recovering from his eye surgery.

Unexciting overall……..all I kept wondering during the chapter was “where the hell did Tenzo go!?”  We havent seen him since Naruto escaped from his clutches through the floor – I wouldn’t put it past Kakashi to have forgotten about the fella! 😆

Hope these transition chapters don’t last too long.

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  1. brokenbunny permalink
    March 29, 2010 3:49 pm

    this chapter wasso borin gawd. but idk y naruto has something strange i mean he’s really actin’ in a strange way…you don’t think?

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