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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 12

March 26, 2010

Love and Courage and Our Fight Has Just Begun (temp): This week sees the long-awaited fight against Class A.  What underhanded tactics do our loveable idiots employ against the brains of the school?

We find Class F up on the roof the evening before the battle with Class A, training their Summons using Akihisa’s portable Summon Field.  Unfortunately Aki’s bracelet has been acting up lately forcing him to dig out the instruction leaflet.  The group feels the problem may be that the bracelet is only for the use of children 13+……..and they feel Aki’s mental age is far below this.  Aki is outraged claiming he reads plenty of 18+ material……the boys exit stage right at this stage leaving Akihisa to face the combined rage of Minami and Himeji 😛

The next morning Aki is awakened by his sister who tries to provide a good start to the day by giving him a hearty breakfast of steak……..well pictures of steak and a video of her eating one in a bikini.  Apparently Mutsurini assured her this was a good idea 😆

In school Class F starts its campaign to try to unsettle Class A – starting with Yuuko, Hideyoshi’s sister.  Hideyoshi has taken some of her favourite books and her uniform.  Upon examining Yuuko’s reading material with a mystified expression, Minami and Himeji quickly move to extract them from Akihisa’s grasp…….seems Yuuko enjoys reading BL 😆  Akihisa is tricked into returning the yaoi to Yuuko, earning him another beating and making Yuuko more fired up than ever.

The next part of Class F’s cunning plan is to have Hideyoshi impersonate his sister and go provoke Class C into declaring war on Class A – which worked extremely well!

Yuuji has also bargained with Nemoto of Class B to wheedle a mock battle between Class A & B before the showdown of Class A & F.  disturbingly Nemoto is still dressing in drag…….I didnt need to see that 😯  Unfortunately for Nemoto once his girlfriend arrives leading Class C into battle, she dumps his creepy crossdressing ass 😀

Yuuji calls in favours with Class E & D – this was the true reason behind his never insisting the classes they beat exchange facilities.  Both E & D are more than happy to assist Class F by wearing down the endurance of Class A with more mock battles.

Once Class A finishes all its mock battles with the other classes, its time for the main event of Class A Vs Class F.  Class A’s plan to go on the offensive is immediately rendered null by Class F retreating outside and barricades the door, allowing only one Class A student to exit at time.  This allows Class F to use numbers and pick off A Class students one by one – pretty smart for a bunch of idiots.

Class F again take advantage of the fact Akihisa’s Summon is corporeal by using him to sexually assault the Class A drones – using their embarrassed distraction as a chance to swoop in and batter the lot of them.

So far its just been the drones fighting, but now one of the named character appears – Kubo!  Unfortunately Kubo’s affection for Akihisa goes to his head and he readily disrobes before Aki’s Summon even goes anywhere near his belt.  Ah Kubo, you shouldnt be so hasty – now random Class A meganeko has to save your butt from Class F’s drones!

The main characters retreat to the roof to enact another part of their plan – separating Shouko and Yuuko from the rest of Class A.  They do this by having Aki’s Summon in his portable battle field, drop a huge bell on the roof to block any Class A drones that may attempt to help.

Class F then go on the offensive, using the fact their Summons have greater maneuverability and speed due to their extensive training in Aki’s portable field.

Things seem to be going Class F’s way, until Akihisa’s bracelet suddenly malfunctions – seems that because he studied so hard to improve his Summons strength he’s no longer classed as a complete idiot – and the quirk of the portable Summon Field bracelet is that it can only be operated by an idiot! 😆

With Akihisa’s Summon no longer keeping the bell in place, Class A’s drones push the huge thing out of the way……only to have the crappy Class F building give way underneath it, putting all the characters on the roof in danger of falling to their deaths 😮

Yuuji manages to save Shouko, and Aki makes a dive for Himeji only to fall himself causing Minami to attempt to save the both of them…….luckily Ironman-sensei arrives to put his superhuman strength to use and save all three of them 😆

Himeji takes advantage of her new status of ‘damsel in distress’ to throw herself at Aki, much to the distress of Minami and Kubo who feel she’s cheating 😀

Yuuji and Shouko have a d’aww~ moment where he admits that almost loosing her scared the shit out of him – his resistance to his inevitable fate of being Shouko’s husbando is cracking!

Meanwhile Yuuko crawls back up from the crack in the roof and takes advantage of Yuuji’s distraction to take out his Summon……Class A wins!

Very straightforward episode, entirely taken up with the fight against Class A.  Not much random comedy, but some laughs were had.  Now that Class F have lost again, one does wonder just how they’re going to downgrade their classroom again 😆  Next week is the final episode – hope there’s more comedy and Trap-service to be had, would be disappointing to end the series on a dull note.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. ukato permalink
    March 27, 2010 1:24 am

    love this show, too bad this gonna end soon…. and on April Fool’s Day too, o’ the epicness~!! XD

  2. March 27, 2010 12:53 pm

    I thought Yuuko had redeemed herself a little by being a BL fangirl, but she ruined everything in the end anyway.

  3. ukato permalink
    March 28, 2010 1:53 pm

    Yeah it was kinda cheap how class A won in the end.. still, so was F’s methods lol, but they’re idiots so its alright 😉

    Oh yeah, and how did Yuuji convince Nemoto (dick) to do a mock battle against class A? Surely, its not just the fact they didnt swap facilities with them right? Coz Nemoto hates them to the core, forcing him to cross dress like that (or maybe he LIKES it, hence he helped them…? Yeap, im convinced its that now XD)

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