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Durarara!! – 12

March 27, 2010

Ah I love it when I’m right!!  This week sees the whole Scar-ty business finally wrapped up.

Picking up from last weeks cliffhanger of Seiji rushing towards Mikado with a knife, we see Selty quickly jump in front of Mikado to save him.  Seiji is still rambling like a loony bin about his pure love, so Selty attempts to batter some sense into him with her helmet.  When that doesn’t seem to work, she pulls out her scythe ready to deal with the nutjob once and for all.  However Scar-ty jumps in front of Seiji pleading with Selty not to kill him.  It’s then that Selty and Mikado suddenly realise that Scar-ty isn’t actually Selty’s head – rather she’s Mika Harima!

Mika decides there’s no use hiding the facts anymore and relates her story.  She first set eyes on Seiji during high school entrance exams (she was sitting between Mikado and Seiji) and for her it was love at first sight.  It’s then that her relentless stalking of Seiji started……dear god is she a creepy girl.  Mika’s motormouthed stalkery ways see her breaking into Seiji’s apartment.  There she sees Selty’s head in a jar, and despite promising Seiji that she’ll keep it a secret, he slams her head into a wall and believes he’s killed her.   In fact Mika was still alive and Namie offers to turn her into the object of Seiji’s desire – Selty’s head.

Mika says that the doctor that performed her surgery gave her the name Selty and told her about the dullahan – so the doctor who did Mika’s plastic surgery really was Shinra as I suspected back in episode 9!!

Selty quickly puts the facts together and realises that the only doctor in Ikebukuro who knows about dullahan and her name is Shinra, and she races home to confront him.

Shinra is waiting at home and seems to know exactly what Selty is thinking.  Shinra says that he’s fully aware that he’s been selfish and manipulative, but that all his actions stem from his 20 year love for Selty.  Shinra confesses that he’s truly frightened that if she regains her head and memories that she’ll disappear from his life, either physically or emotionally. Shinra theorises that perhaps the only reason Selty has materialised in the human world is the fact she’s missing a vital part of herself as a Dullahan – her head; and that if she regains that she will once again return to being a myth.

Selty says she owes him a punch, which he accepts with open arms.  Shinra asks if he can return the favor and punches off her helmet, declaring that he likes her best like that and that their punches will take the place of their marriage vow kiss 😆  Shinra and Selty embrace and seem to accept each other, flaws and all. Selty says that she’s terrified of death and the fact that it’s currently out of her control.  Her head is the source of her powers and Selty wants it back so that she has control over her own death – Selty just wants to be able to live without fear of someone destroying her head and therefore ending her existence before she’s ready.

I’m probably on my own here, but I think Shinra and Selty make a great couple.  Shinra can be a creepy and manipulative bastard, and the fact he hid such a major secret from Selty and then proclaimed it was an expression of love doesn’t really sit well.  But Selty seems to forgive him and appears genuinely happy in his company.  They’ve been together for 20 years – not a small amount of time, and Shinra probably only learned about Selty’s heads location in the last year or so…….although there is always the possibility that somehow Shinra’s family and the Yagiri family are connected somehow.  Regardless I still like the Shinra X Selty ship despite its weirdness!

Back out at the Dollars meeting we find Izaya stirring things up.  He can’t resist getting a dig in at Seiji – saying that his love is pretty damn shallow if he can’t tell the difference between the real thing and a girl made to look like her!  Izaya is confirmed as the individual who Mika was in contact with throughout her run from Yagiri Pharmaceutical, and he’s the one that was responsible for the dramatic increase in Dollars membership.

Izaya tells Mikado that he knows that Mikado is trying to escape an ordinary life, and advises him that the boredom and discontent will come back unless Mikado learns to constantly evolve to avoid that.  Izaya reassures Mikado that he won’t sell the information regarding Mikado’s identity as the Dollars founder, telling him that Mikado should do what he wants with his own organisation.  As a parting shot Izaya calls Mikado by his Dollars screen-name ‘Tanaka Taro’ and then runs off pursued by Shizuo.  Mikado realises that Izaya is one of the people he’s always chatting to online – the orange icon with the pigtails.

I love how Izaya is at the centre of the storm yet no one fully realises just how many pieces he’s manipulating – I really do wonder what his plans are for Mikado, Izaya has a very keen interest in Dollars, but doesn’t seem to want to run it personally.  Izaya gets more of a kick from being the individual behind the power – pulling the strings and enjoying the carnage that results…..he’s a truly fascinating character.

Mikado then goes up to Seiji and Mika and tells them in a very awkward moment that they deserve one another since they’re quite similar……..he’s so right, they’re both nut jobs!

So life returns to what passes for normal in Durarara!!  Selty seems much happier and at ease with herself now.

Seiji tells Mika that he doesn’t love her but is happy enough for her to be his personal limpet since he gets to see Selty’s face when she’s about (Mika’s a strange, strange girl – she thinks this is great).  They both return to school and apologise to Mikado for nearly stabbing him……Ok then.

Mikado reflects on what Izaya told him and tries to be a bit more proactive in trying to win Anri over.  In an amusing set of stills sardonically narrated by Selty, we see him screw up the courage to go speak to Anri, interrupt Kida confessing to her by kicking him in the back and get his confession shot down 😆  Ah Mikado, just because you’re the secret leader of a huge internet organisation does not mean you automatically get the girl.

Finally we cut back to Izaya’s office were Namie is hiding out.  Namie has taken Selty’s head with her, and now Izaya has control of it since Namie is about to lose control of her company and has already lost Seiji’s trust.   Izaya is telling Namie about the legends surrounding Dullahans based on his own research.  In an interesting merging of two completely different mythologies, he puts forward the idea that they are Valkyries on earth searching for warriors to take to Valhalla.  Izaya says that Selty’s head is waiting for a war so it can choose its warrior and that he wants to be that chosen one, proposing that he create his own war to ensure that’s the case.

Izaya says that he will keep Selty’s head in his role as a Dollars member, taking great amusement in the fact that Selty will now be a member of the very organisation that holds her head.  Izaya is a crafty bastard!

Thoughts: This episode nicely wrapped up the 1st half of the series and allows a more or less blank canvas for the 2nd half.  The characters are established and well fleshed out at this stage plus we have the truth regarding Selty’s head, Scar-ty’s identity and where the head is now as well as the origin and identity of the Dollars organisation – these where the most pressing mysteries of the series and to have them cleared up leaving the rest of the series free to explore other plot threads.

Shinra and Selty’s relationship seemed to strengthen in this episode too.  I’m quite pleased by this as I’ve really become fond of Shinra – sure he’s a bit creepy and off-kelter, but that just adds to his interest!  Shinra really does love Selty, however he doesn’t always express that in the healthiest manner – keeping the secret of her head’s location because of his own insecurities was not a good move, nor was performing surgery on another girl to make her look like Selty.  Still we don’t know the full story behind Shinra’s relationship with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals – they could be holding something over his head to keep him working for them……then again Shinra may just be that weird 😆

Mikado seems to have served his purpose – he will have to take Izaya’s advice and evolve to retain his position as the main character.  It will be interesting to see what further role he and Dollars will play in the series.  Kida has kind of been left out of the loop recently, I’m looking forward to seeing him come back into focus in the future.

Izaya once again emerges as the character to watch – he’s always been there in the background, getting involved in everyone’s business yet we still know next to nothing about him and his motivations.  I seriously can not wait till we get an Izaya episode as it’s a complete mystery how his head works! Izaya truly does play by his own rules; the game with all the different board-game pieces suits him perfectly, as he moves them in patterns only he fully understands.  His plans for Mikado and Dollars as well as Namie, Selty and Selty’s head will probably form the core of the 2nd half of the series – if that’s the case I’ll be well pleased as I love Izaya to bits!

Anri takes her turn for narration duties next episode – Anri has had the least development of the central trio so far, it’s still unclear what her deal is so I’m looking forward to getting some information about her.  Episode 13 won’t be airing until 8th April though 😦

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  1. March 27, 2010 10:28 pm

    mummy half these characters have issues :s

    Izaya was having far too much fun with Selty’s head at the end, and she did a titanic impression on her bike there XD

  2. Iron Maw permalink
    March 27, 2010 11:20 pm

    Great review! I want to point out that Shinra doesn’t actaully work for Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, he’s an Underground Doctor that does medical jobs for shady folkes. He’s not involved beyond that point, so the whole Mika was pretty much that. It seems that Namie showed him the head so he would know what Selty face would loo like for the surgery.

    • March 28, 2010 12:59 am

      As an underground doctor Shinra would need to have a few regular clients – Yagiri seems to be one of them since they called him in to treat Fireworks-Guy and he probably has done other work for them considering the human trafficing Yagiri is involved in……so I meant worked for Yagiri in the freelance kind of way.

  3. March 28, 2010 2:31 am

    “Shinra really does love Selty, however he doesn’t always express that in the healthiest manner ”

    Ugh! Shinra is just as selfish as Seiji. Claiming that he was hiding his knowledge of her head’s whereabouts to protect their love is just the sort of self-serving BS I would expect Seiji to spout. If Celty is okay with that, it’s her call. I don’t think people should intrude on other’s relationships, so if someone accepts an apology or doesn’t it’s their call (applies to cheating, I guess it applies to stolen heads). I was still glad she punched him, though — the least he deserved.

    • March 28, 2010 2:35 am

      At least Shinra is aware that he’s being a selfish git – Seiji has deluded himself into thinking everything he does is wonderful and right.

      I knew I was going to be on my own with my Shinra fangirling 😆

      • Iron Maw permalink
        March 28, 2010 2:47 am

        I don’t consider Shinra and Seiji the same at all. Shinra loves Celty for far than just her appearance unlike that twit. He doesn’t always make the best desicions, but he does mean well. Celty understood that I think.


      • March 28, 2010 3:07 am

        LOL. I suppose, although the point of knowing is changing your behavior. Well, like I said, her call; I’m just glad she knows the truth now.

  4. asatenshi permalink
    March 28, 2010 9:12 am

    You’re not on your own supporting the Shinra x Celty couple, I think they suit each other a lot too. Its true that he’s selfish and manipulative, but isn’t it normal for someone to always want to be with the person they love? (Just maybe the way that he expresses it is a bit excessive)

    And Izaya is so awesome! I’m so curious about what his motives are, because I don’t understand anything about him at all XD And I also hope there’ll be more about Kida in the coming episodes, there’s the story about his past that we don’t know about.

    • March 28, 2010 12:03 pm

      Yay! I’m not alone 😀

      Looking forward to more from Kida too – mainly because its bound to involve more Izaya!

      • asatenshi permalink
        March 29, 2010 3:51 am

        That’s true! I wonder how Kida got involved with Izaya. And then there’s also the girl that Izaya was talking to at the end of episode 5… She seems kinda close to Kida..?

  5. ukato permalink
    March 28, 2010 1:56 pm

    Shinra’s pure awesomeness, and Selty’s alluring, they need to get married XD

    and lol, i havent been able to watch the last like 5 eps yet (damn uni, *sigh), but the ShinraxSelty awesomeness already got me in like, ep 4? so yeah, REALLY looking forward to ep 12 (when i get there 😉

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