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Darker than BLACK: The Black Contractor Gaiden – 02

March 28, 2010

Ah now this is more like it – this episode starts to tie the 1st and 2nd season together.  Think that once these OVAs are all out I’ll need to revisit ‘Ryuusei no Gemini’ to see if things make a bit more sense.

Yin is dreaming.  A golden silhouette is trying to pull her away and it scares her.  Upon waking she finds Hei watching over her and he once again promises to protect her.

The couple reach Hong Kong and Hei attempts to get them both passports to leave the country.  However Yin is uncharacteristically talkative, telling Hei that its useless to run any further as they’re being watched and their pursuers are very close.  Instead Yin proposes that they draw their enemies in and ambush them.  They decide to spread the rumour that Hei is going to sell Yin – the rumour of a special Doll with a human observation spectre should draw in interested parties.  Yin’s outspoken callous attitude seems to disturb Hei slightly, but he goes ahead with the plan.

Hei’s contract, Chen, spreads the rumour as requested, and he’s overheard by the mysterious man and that dog from the previous episode.

Meanwhile Chen reports back to Hei that the rumours have attracted the attention of a dangerous group, and while they are on their way to the meeting place they meet this group – a lady and her two brothers; all of them Contractors.

The woman offers a lot of money to buy Yin, but wants proof that she has a humanoid observation spectre.  Once again Yin comes over all callous and evil and flat point refuses to do anything the woman asks, claiming that she knows the womans true intention was to kill the lot of them.  The woman then draws two swords and uses her Contractor powers over gravity to attack, but Hei knocks out the lights and provides a distraction allowing Chen and Yin to run and hide.

Hei goes up against one of the brothers, who also uses gravity Contractors powers, but manages to escape.  Meanwhile the other brother is drawing close to Yin and Chen’s hiding place, but is killed by mysterious man (Claude) who had disguised himself as the other brother.

Hei then goes up against the woman but gets trapped in her gravity field and pinned to the floor by a sword through the hand.  The womans renumeration seems to be stripping, so while she maintains her power to keep Hei pinned and strips, she tells him that she knows about him and Yin.  But before she can go into anymore detail she’s hit with her own ability and killed – just like Amber-lookalike was last episode.

Yin comes into the room and acts very un-Yin-like clinging to Hei saying that Yin isn’t human anymore and Hei should come to her side.  “Yin” then turns into an observation spectre and disappears.  Shortly after Chen arrives in the room with Yin in tow.

Poor Hei looks completely bemused

Hei then faints and when the remaining brother comes into the room and tries to exact revenge on Yin, she’s saved by there Contractors – including one from the 1st season (whose name I can not remember for the life of me).

At some point later, Claude calls Madame Orielle to confirm that Yin is the real Izanami, but reports that he will no longer be working with her as he doesn’t wish to kill it.

After the credits we’re back in Japan with some familiar faces from season 2.  Youko Sawasaki is meeting with that loony scientist who developed the anti-contractor weapons – who claims that if the weapon was changed slightly it would strengthen Contractor powers rather than destroy them.  Youko then gets a phone call from Kobayashi informing her that she’s being sent to Hong Kong and told that Hazuki Mina will be accompanying her.

Thoughts: Much more action this episode, which was most welcome.  Also fair bit of fanservice – was amusing to have that womans renumeration be stripping.  Thank god her brothers didn’t seem to have a similar renumeration! 😆

I really wish that they had of had these OVAs before launching into Ryuusei no Gemini!  Things seem to be making more sense as now we have two Yin’s – her physical self and her observation spectre persona – Izanami.  It was all kinds of creepy to hear Yin being all evil sounding, and some of her facial expressions were chilling.  Poor Hei looks completely confused!

The mention of Madame Orielle and the post credit segment with Youko and Hazuki means that they’re all going to be playing a part in these OVAs which may help clear up some confusion about their roles in Ryuusei no Gemini……definately going to need to rewatch that.

The preview seems to suggest that there are some EPR members still floating about, which should help tie in the 1st series – looking forward to it!

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  1. Kalley Lee permalink
    April 15, 2010 6:59 am

    do you know when the next release of the ovas are?

    • April 15, 2010 12:43 pm

      Havent a clue – I just watch them whenever they appear on my RSS feed 😛

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