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Naruto – Chapter 489

April 1, 2010

So more set up stuff this week – nothing overly exciting really….

So we’re back in Konoha and Kakashi has offloaded Karin into the safe hands of Ibiki in Torture and Interrogation.  True to character Karin 1st attempts to employ her excellent acting skills and pours out a sob story…….

Of course Ibiki doesn’t buy it and Karin immediately reverts to her usual abrasive, bossy self 😆

Elsewhere in Konoha, another woman is starving and attempting to eat her bodyweight.  Tsunade is attempting to replenish her chakra through massive calorie intake, which is strange for a woman so concerned with her looks!

Over on Mount Myouboku, the Toad Sage decides he needs to see Naruto for some gypsy fortune-telling.  Narutp is summoned, has a chat with the giant toad and learns that he is to ‘meet an octopus’ (Killerbee) and fight with a fella with powerful eyes……yeah that would be Saucey-kins 😐  Tell us something we don’t know!  Naruto has a similar reaction – interrupting and saying he knows this already 😛

Discussion moves on to the Yondaime’s seal for the Kyuubi.  The Toads have a scroll that will give Naruto control over the seal, previously Jiraiya had this scroll but now they are giving it to Naruto…….surely this is like leaving your spare keys in the car!?  Is it wise to give Naruto complete control over the Kyuubi’s seal, he hasn’t shown any skill at controlling the fox in the past afterall.

Elsewhere Anko is on the trail of Orochi-Kabuto and feels that Kabuto’s fanboyism of Orochimaru is going a bit too far.

Orochi-Kabuto himself has managed to locate Madara’s Super-Special-Awesome Secret Base thanks to his years as a spy for many different parties.  Kabuto demonstrates his mastery of Orochimaru’s techniques by pulling out an Edo Tensei of deceased Akatsuki members, much to Madara’s shock.

So now we have zombie versions of Nagato-Pein, Kakazu, Deidara, Sasori and Itachi……people just can’t stay dead in Naruto!!  (Also did Itachi get taller in death?  I thought he was about the same height as Deidara??).

Now just to up the lolwut factor, Orochi-Kabuto then declares that he’s not there to fight Madara, but rather wishes to join forces………hmmmm.

Just what is Kabuto planning……I didnt expect him to attempt to join in with Madara’s mad plans for a sharingan moon, he must have an ulterior motive (as usual).  He betrays people left right and centre, there’s no way this isn’t another scheme.  The fact he’s leaving a rather obvious trail for Anko to follow is suspect as well……but I can’t see him helping Konoha in any way.

Also Zombie!Akatsuki……..WTF Kishi!? 😆

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  1. FrozenPain permalink
    April 6, 2010 7:05 am

    hey, maybe naruto won’t fight sauske, but rather he’ll fight Madara?
    Also, i agree on the whole zombie thing…But to me, just for a title, Ninja’s vs. Zombies sounds pretty cool!!! XD

  2. April 6, 2010 1:41 pm

    kabuto needs to lose those glasses already or go to specsavers -_-, but then its the clearest way of making it clear he is not orochimaru

    but ressurecting half the akatsuki makes the next part a bit more interesting because a big battle against only 3 people would somewhat suck

    didnt know kakuzu was that massive O-o

  3. Neshi permalink
    April 6, 2010 3:44 pm

    I just say giving Zombie!Itachi is bad. Very bad. I mean Sasuke IS in Akatsuki, do you think he will let down the ‘defile’ of his brother?

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