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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 13 (End)

April 2, 2010

Idiots and Tests and Summoned Beings: So this is the finale……and unfortunately its a pretty uninspired ending to the series.

I wish episode 12 was like that!

So since Class F lost against Class A in the ESB, they once again get their facilities downgraded from their luxurious cardboard boxes……they now have mats and drawing boards 😆

Akihisa isn’t happy with this latest turn in events, and Tsuchiya is distraught by the fact Akihisa can no longer summon his being when ever he wants thanks to the bracelet blowing up last episode.

Akihisa has a chat with his sister that evening and becomes determined to improve the situation.

The next morning Akihisa heads straight to the Principal’s office to beg for a rematch with Class A.  Surprisingly Yuuko and Shouko are there too asking for the very same thing – Yuuko apparently wasn’t happy with the way she won last week.

The Principal refuses permission for an ESB match, as the school rules dictate that there must be a three-month gap between challenges.  She does however give permission for a one on one academic competition between Akihisa and Class A’s rep – Shouko.  The winner of this match will be granted one request……much to Yuuji’s horror!

Disheartened by his classmates utter lack of faith in his abilities Akihisa goes to mope on the swings…..luckily the loli makes a token final appearance to cheer him up with cookies.

Newly reenergised thanks to the sugar kick, Akihisa heads home for some hardcore cramming.  The following day the challenge takes place………you do have to wonder what kind of school allows these events at the drop of a hat!

The match is sudden-death – whoever messes up 1st looses.  Akihisa does surprisingly well, matching Shouko question for question (only relying on Stigma Striker V once!) although his nervousness freaks the watching Class F out quite a few times – Yuuji in particular has a vested interest in the outcome of this competition!

Eventually it comes down to that history question that popped up repeatedly.  Unexpectedly Akihisa ends up with the right answer since Shouko puts down the answer Yuuji gave her all those years ago.

Shouko still ends up threatening Yuuji into heading to the marriage registry with her though 😆

Since Akihisa has won he gets his request granted…….he asked for Himeji to have permission to retake the placement examination, much to Himeji’s horror.  She takes the exam anyway – flying through the exam with ease and practically guaranteed a place in Class A.  However once Ironman takes her test from her, Himeji suddenly begs him to let her make a correction…..

Next morning sees Class F back to normal, dispite Himeji’s absense.  Shouko pops in to express her disappointment that she and Yuuji’s marriage application was rejected since Yuuji is under 18 😆

Much to Akihisa’s surprise Himeji then strolls into the classroom, declaring that since she failed to put her name on the exam, she was scored a 0 and is therefore back in Class F.

Of course Aki being as thick as they come, completely fails to realise that Himeji failed on purpose because she likes being in Class F and he storms off to confront the Principal – who’s quite put out by how stupid Akihisa is.  Everyone arrives into the office to call Akihisa an idiot (surely that classes as some kind of bullying?)………end of episode, end of series.

Oh yeah they changed the BL ED slightly for the finale – by putting girls into it!! 😡  Not impressed…..

Thoughts: So BakaTest comes to an end (temporarily since a sequel has been greenlit), but this was a rather disappointing end to the series.  There was none of the things I liked about the show – no Trap-service, no yaoi fodder, no random parodies or witty banter – the jokes in general were thin on the ground and it was actually quite a boring episode.

Overall BakaTest has been entertaining, but lacked that extra something that would have made it brilliant.  I definitely enjoyed watching it, and it was fun to blog (so glad it was, this was my 1st real attempt to cover something episodical).  However it quickly started to rely on recycled jokes way too much and the ESB battles got really old, really fast.  Still I liked the characters, loved the animation and was amused by most of the series so I still scored the show 4/5.……which is probably a bit high and I’ll inevitably end up downgrading it in a few months 😆

So that’s one show finished, I’ll be picking something up to replace it from the Spring season – havent decided what yet though.  Shall decide once I’ve seen all the 1st episodes – I’d quite like something light to blog as Durarara!! is continuing on and it requires some thought 😛

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  1. ukato permalink
    April 3, 2010 12:02 pm

    Well, guess thats the end of a good lols series…

    I actually thought this finale was alright, sure it wasnt that epic or anything and you kind of knew Baka-onii-chan would win, but its a nice way to end the series, but oh yeah, one BIG thing they forgot : KUBO!!! DX WHERES THE YAOI-NESS!??!?!?!? DX

    And they should’ve made MutsurinixKudou (that no-bura girl) a pair, they would soooooo work (maybe in the 2nd season?? ^.^)

    But yeah, nice show overall, enjoyed pretty much every ep of it although obviously it aint one of those epic-alltime-shows, but it does its job as a weekly load of “LOLS” very well.
    And all the characters!!! (cept Nemoto – good on the girl for dumping him, albeit only after seeing him in drag, lol)

    Well Cara, look forward to your blogs for the next/this season !! ^.^

    Keep up the great work~

  2. ukato permalink
    April 3, 2010 12:03 pm



    and the gay

    (and the trap XD)

  3. April 3, 2010 12:38 pm

    I didnt approve of making the final episode all srsbns – thats what BakaTest was always weakest at….this wasnt really a fitting end to an amusing series – it needed some lulzy moments with its gay/lesbian/Trap characters

  4. Neshi permalink
    April 6, 2010 3:46 pm

    This episode lacked in everything. I would have loved if Baka to Tes had ended last episode.

    Still, I’m going to watch next season because of two things:

    1. Who is hugging Hideyoshi?! (not even in the cross ed they showed him!)

    2. Kubo’s older bro.

    that’s it. I’m oly watching that for those two.

    • Neshi permalink
      April 6, 2010 3:46 pm

      Oh! And thank you Cara, you have been a wonderful reviewer! ^^

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