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Durarara!! – 13

April 10, 2010

Drrrr!! is back from its weeks hiatus and we’re picking up the story six months after the mass Dollars meeting in Ikebukuro.  This episode gives Anri her chance at narration – but ends up giving us more questions than ever about her role in the story.

First off though we’ve got a new OP – ‘Complication‘ by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D.  Much slower and not as immediately catchy as the 1st OP, but its growing on me.  They’ve kept the general eyecatch cards style of the 1st OP and a number of characters  who have been promoted to titles. Most noteworthy is the fact ‘Hospital Girl’ has been given a name (Saki Mikajima), Shinra’s loopy Da is now a main character and the cops finally make an appearance with the addition of Kinnosuke Kuzuhara.

Anyway, tis 6 months after the Dollars incident and life has returned to what passes for normal in Drrr!!  Seiji and Mika are still all over each other, although Seiji now says he’s in love with Mika’s scar……:lol:

The central trio of Mikado, Anri and Masaomi is still the same as ever; with Mikado and Masaomi’s friendly bickering over Anri and Anri herself content to just watch them.

The current source of gossip in Ikebukuro is the ‘Slasher’ phenomenon that started about the same time as the Dollars meeting, where people have been indiscriminately attacked by someone with a sword.  Rumours are rife about the identity of the Slasher, one of the more popular theories placing the blame at Celty’s feet mainly due to her outburst during the Dollars meeting.

Slasher lurking in the background or militant Shizuo fangirl?

Celty has apparently been much more visible on the streets since the Dollars incident, not taking the usual care to stay out of sight – apparently secure enough in her own identity that she feels no need to hide any longer.  Unfortunately this has caused her to become the police’s target – going so far as to draft in a specialist Traffic Cop from outside the area; Kinnosuke Kuzuhara, who’s voiced by the brilliant Keiji Fujiwara.  Kuzuhara is relentless in pursuing Celty, driving her into a corner and not backing down when she pulls her usual shadow scare tactics forcing her to engage them.

Celty is badly shaken by the run in with the cops and heads home to take solace in Shinra’s arms.  Celty has definitely become much more human and feminine, and it really seems that her relationship with Shinra has solidified during the past six months.  Although I am pleased that she’s still quick to put him in his place with a punch to the gut!  Once Celty has calmed down a bit, Shinra sobers and asks her to go pick up someone – turns out his father, Shingen, has returned to the city.

Celty is less than keen to see Shingen again – well you wouldn’t really would you since he’s the one that performed a live autopsy on her!  Shingen proves to be slightly different to what I imagined him to be. He’s every bit as eccentric as expected, appearing wearing a gas mask due to the pollution levels in Tokyo – however he’s much more loopy and more Shinra-like in personality than I though he’d be.

I thought Shingen would be this typical evil mad-doctor character; but he’s showing no signs of that yet. The fact that he only started to act tough against the gang members harassing him because he saw Celty arrive on the scene and expected her to save him was really amusing.  As was Celty’s utter exasperation with Shingen and reluctance to help him out – in fact the only reason she eventually did chase off the trio, was because they nearly damaged her phone (which was a gift from Shinra)! 😆  I’m looking forward to finding out more about Shingen.

Elsewhere in the city we find out that Namie is still hiding out with Izaya, who has forced her into the role of his secretary – complete with timecard! 😆  Bit of a step down for Namie, I wonder why she’s putting up with this….is it simply because Izaya has control of the Dullahan head, or does she have some other motive?  Also of note is that the board game in Izaya’s office has been cleared – only three pieces are in place……sign that Izaya is starting a new game perhaps?

Out on the streets, Simon notes that Izaya is floating about Ikebukuro much more in the last few months, but doesn’t stop by the restaurant much.  Izaya replies that he’s busy despite of how he looks.  Simon then warns Izaya in Russian that he can’t keep his secret forever, and Izaya replies (also in Russian) “Please don’t talk about it in a city where she could hear you”.  How the hell does Simon know about Izaya keeping Celty’s head!?? 😯

Meanwhile Anri, Mikado and Masaomi’s usual routine is continuing on their walk home from school.  Masaomi spouts some rubbish about heading off to pick up girls and runs off leaving Mikado and Anri alone to enjoy some quality awkward silence time.  Anri notes that she doesn’t know how to act as a friend, she knows that both Mikado and Masaomi like her, but doesn’t know what to do if either of them ever confessed to her.  Anri says that her feelings for Mikado and Masaomi are the same as those she feels towards Mika – she doesn’t know how to differentiate between friendship and love as she has had no experience in either before.

Kida meanwhile, has wandered off reflecting that he’s such a good guy to give Mikado a chance alone with Anri.  He then noticed the huge increase in the numbers of people wearing yellow items and is approached by three Yellow Scarves gang members who ask him to come back, claiming that they still need Masaomi.  Masaomi turns them down, saying he has no wish to go back to that side again.

So Kida was in the Yellow Scarves.  I had previously thought he was in the Blue Squares, but I suppose the Yellow Scarves makes more sense as they are much more of a presence in Ikebukuro.  Wonder what Masaomi’s role was – he must have been fairly high-ranking if members are asking him to return….but Masaomi would have been a member when he was a Middle School student, you do have to wonder just what a middle-schooler could bring to a colour gang!

Back home with Mikado, chat about the Slasher  and increase in the Yellow Scarves members is the focus of the conversation in the Dollars chat room.  Now that we know the identities of the three main chatters, they’ve all been voiced by their respective characters; which makes these chat interludes much easier to follow.  Celty seems completely aghast that anyone thinks that she could be the Slasher and Izaya warns Mikado in a PM that he should be wary of the Yellow Scarves as they view the Dollars as encroaching on their territory.  The room is then spammed by a troll called Saika with a red icon claiming to be the Slasher – Izaya notes that all his attempts to ban this user from the site has been for naught; that’s a determined troll!

Out on the streets, Anri is cornered by that trio of ganguro girls who start bullying her again, mainly picking on the fact Anri depends on others to protect her.  Anri doesn’t lift a finger to defend herself instead reflecting that what the girls are saying is true – she does depend on others to provide her with a sense of identity.

As the trio continues to slander Anri, she retreats into herself and a shadow forms behind the girls – a shadow with the telltale glowing red eyes that are the trademark of the Slasher, and as Anri looks on the Slasher attacks the three ganguro girls and Anri says that ‘nothing happens and nothing changes’ as if this has happened to her before.

Thoughts: Interesting episode which nicely sets things up for the 2nd half of this series.  Clearly this section of the story is going to deal with Masaomi and Anri with some continuation of Celty’s search for her head on the side.  It will interesting to see where the new characters fit into the narrative.  Since the cop has been given a name and place in the OP, I’m sure he has more of a role than to merely terrorize Celty.

The most pressing question is the identity of the Slasher, who has been lurking about in the background of the story from the start.  At first I thought that perhaps Anri is the Slasher, as that would definitely be an interesting twist to her character and would justify her place as one of the central trio.  However since the attack on the ganguro’s clearly happened in front of her I don’t know what to think now……projected personality perhaps?  Anri is a strange girl, just what kind of life has she had up till now where she hasn’t experienced friendship or love; and why does she feel that nothing ever changes?  Another Anri episode is needed!

The preview seems to be concerned with the Kishitani family reunion – Shinra isn’t looking too happy to have his Da back in town, and sounds like Celty is narrating again.  Also Hospital-girl features so guessing we’re getting a touch more of Kida’s past drip-fed to us.

Finally new ED this week – ‘Butterfly’ by ON/OFF, which is quite catchy.  Also quite like the new animation – similar to the 1st ED and bound to also spawn a tonne of fanart!

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  1. April 10, 2010 5:56 pm

    Not gonna lie — I gave a bit of a cheer when I heard Keiji Fujiwara voicing the cop. I’m such a Fujiwara fanboy. Also lol’d at Celty’s shock that anyone would think of her as the Slasher, even though it would be a fairly logical assumption for an outsider to make.

    The projected personality bit is definitely what I am thinking now, though of course the one thing that keeps me from committing 100 percent to that theory is that it seems so obvious. We can’t trust what we’re shown, obviously, but we can’t completely trust our own assumptions without evidence either, haha.

  2. April 10, 2010 6:13 pm

    Hi, very interesting post. I like your interpretation of Simon’s exchange with Izaya. I had assumed the eel that couldn’t be hidden in a sack was Izaya: a warning that he might be in danger (from Shizuo) if he shows his self openly in Ikeburu too often. BTW, now Izaya speaks Russian?

    Speaking of Simon, notice that he is now shown fighting with Shizuo in the ED? In the OP he appears to be fighting with Shizuo as well. Has Simon gone over to the bad side? Hmmm.

  3. April 10, 2010 7:30 pm

    @ Shinmaru: FujiKei automatically makes the cop interesting, I’m also a bit of a fan of his 😛

    I know what you mean about the projected personality thing seeming a bit obvious, and I do feel like the directors are kind of leading us down the garden path with the way they are portraying Anri…..time will only tell just what her whole deal is!

    @Joojoobees: Izaya and the russian bit, god knows where he picked that up – the fella just gets more mysterious every flipping episode!

    Simon is another mystery – he’s constantly there in the background but hasnt played any meaningful role yet. The way he’s always being portrayed as fighting Shizuo, and the fact he’s shown giving a warning to Izaya in this episode, makes me think he’s on Izaya’s side. Although again time will tell.


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