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Naruto – Chapter 491

April 15, 2010

Another pretty dull, innuendo packed chapter!

Picking up from last week, Naruto completes the deal with the Toads and has the Key scroll toad stored in his body.  Apparently the only way to get the storage toad in and out of the body is through the mouth……cue scene that taken out of context looks extremely suspect.

Once the Toads are finished with him, they send Naruto back to Konoha so he can start looking for that ‘paradise island’ and the octopus.  Landing in Icharaku surprises two generic Konoha ninja  and they immediately ask the hero of the village for his autograph.

Elsewhere the Kage’s are having another meeting, this time with Tsunade present; to discuss the upcoming war and what to do with the Hachibi and Kyuubi jinchuuriki.

Tsunade wastes no time asserting her authority, loudly protesting the idea that the alliance works together to hide Naruto and Killerbee – Tsunade feels that their tremendous strength would be better used on the frontlines.  Gaara quietly explains that this would be a stupid idea given Naruto’s reckless personality, forcing Tsunade to reluctantly agree to Kumo’s plan to hide both Jinchuuriki at the Raikage and Killerbee’s old training grounds.

Konoha wastes no time duping Naruto into thinking he’s going on a mission – of course poor Tenzou once again gets stuck babysitting Naruto.  Sometimes I think Tsunade has something against Tenzou!  The boat that the group are taking to the island that was once the Raikage and Killerbee’s training grounds, gets attacked by a giant squid.  Naruto gets a bit excited by the tentacles thinking its the prophesied octopus he’s meant to meet.

Fortunately for all Killerbee chooses that moment to make his grand entrance in full Hachibi mode – let the meeting of the jinchuuriki commence…….next time.

So Naruto and Killerbee finally meet and are going to be stuck on a terrifying island together for quite a while……should be interesting.  This chapter marked a return to a much lighter feeling with more comedy and stupid faces.  Sticking Naruto and Killerbee together is bound to increase the stupidity infinitely – I’m sure these two will get on like a house on fire.  The only question is, does Killerbee still have Samehada/Kisame with him?  Naruto, Killerbee and Kisame all on a secluded island would be very interesting indeed……..oh and Tenzou will probably be stuck there too 😛

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  1. Neshi permalink
    April 16, 2010 6:38 am

    “You gonna let my store myself in you”

    *looks away*

    There are no words to describe now BAD that sounded. Period. Now Naruto has opened the doors for not only tentacle rape, but also frog molestation.

    on a related note Saucey won’t like that fact that Naruto’s mouth isn’t ‘his only’ anymore

    I’ve got to keep up my shield agianst stupidity for next chapter.

  2. FrozenPain permalink
    April 16, 2010 8:11 am

    okay, first off, what the heck is up with the whole frog in the mouth thing…i guess this series is finally reaching its 100% crazy mode.

    second, gara is a idiot. after all this time of naruto escapeing from kindnaps and stuff, you don’t think he can escape from an island? wow, i thinkk we need a new kaseakage people! this one’s brain dead.

    i still can’t wait till kishi picks up the pace in the ninja war thing. i mean its a war, make things more rushed for crying out loud! other than that and the whole stupid faces thing, good job so far kishi! just don’t mess it up or you might start a riot! GOOD LUCK!!!~


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