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Durarara!! – 14

April 17, 2010

With Celty in control of the narrators mic again this week, the focus is naturally on the very dysfunctional Kishitani household – Shingen is like a breath of fresh air, sweeping through Ikebukuro and stirring up the plot.

First off we have the fallout of last weeks Slasher attack, with Izaya, Mikado and Celty passing information on the Dollar’s chatroom and expressing concern that the Dollars are being linked with the Slasher.  Mikado takes off once he hears Anri witnessed the attack and is at the police station, and Celty also goes to check things out for herself.

Over at the Kishitani’s, Shinra gets home and attempts to perve on Celty in the shower…..unfortunately he discovers its his Da (who weirdly showers with his gas mask still on!).  Some things can not be unseen – poor Shinra.

Once Celty gets home they all settle down for a nice family chat.  This was really fun to watch – Shingen is a complete kook!  He makes Shinra’s weird personality seem normal in comparison.  Celty finally openly admits her feeling for Shinra – much to Shinra’s delight and Shingen exasperation.  Shingen baits Celty calling her a monster, and then demands that she call him ‘father’ if Celty wants Shingen’s approval of her relationship with his son 😆  In almost the same breath be threatens to disinherit Shinra (who doesn’t care) and declares he has a twisted personality….which Celty rightly blames entirely on Shingen.

Then in the midst of all the comedy banter, Shingen drops a bombshell – he was the one who stole Celty’s head and gave it to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals!  I really love how Durarara!! manages to do things like this – Shingen delivering such a major plot revelation in such a flippant way was unexpected.  Even more amusing was how he escaped from Celty by calling her a ‘dojikko’, distracting her from the main issue long enough to make his escape.

During Celty’s search for Shingen, she stumbles upon Mikado looking pensive in the park.  Mikado expresses concern about the Slasher being tied to the Dollars and the negative attention the group is getting from the Yellow Scarves as a result.  Celty attempts to cheer Mikado out, and  decides to use her own connections to see if she can find out more about the Slasher.

First stop is with Shizuo, who doesn’t really care about the whole thing until Celty mentions the fact she herself was attacked by the Slasher at one stage.  This triggers Shizuo’s protective, vengeful streak as he vows to track down the Slasher and kill them – fully prepared to ditch work and take off with Celty right then and there to do so.  Celty manages to calm him down enough to get Shizuo to go back to work while she tries some other sources to find out the Slashers identity.

The reason Celty didn’t want Shizuo tagging along is that her next stop is Izaya’s office.  Izaya enjoys teasing Celty for bit, insulting Shinra and remarking how human she’s gotten, before offering some information about the nature of the Slasher.

Izaya says that the true origin of the Slasher is occult in nature – stemming from a demon sword named Saika.  Celty heads home and asks Shinra if he knows anything about this Saika, as the troll spamming the chat rooms is using that same name as their handle.  Shinra noticeably dodges the question, and looks quite troubled when alone in his room.

The next day Izaya is supremely unconcerned to find Shingen holding Namie at (fake) gunpoint in his office.  Seems that when Shingen made his bid for freedom he decided to track down Namie to see what she was doing with Celty’s head – which lead him to Izaya’s door.  Shingen and Izaya seem to know of each other prior to this though – Shingen expresses his interest in Izaya’s idea about the Dullahan/Valkyrie and his plan to awaken Celty’s head through conflict.  Shingen also say’s he’s happy enough for Izaya to hang onto Celty’s head for a bit, as his bosses have decided to examine Celty’s body first – again the flippant way Shingen delivers his lines is all at once amusing and disturbing!  Before waltzing out of the office Shingen looks over Izaya’s board game before dropping a handful of pieces onto the board.  He suggests that Izaya may be better off creating chaos in the people around Celty rather than bringing her into a chaotic situation……Izaya remarks that that’s his plan exactly.

Meanwhile over at the school, Anri is once again suffering the advances of pervy-teacher and is yet again saved by Masaomi.  Masaomi appears to have done his homework on pervy-teacher as the mere mention  of Haruna Niekawa’s name sends the man into a cold sweat.  Apparently Haruka transferred because of pervy-teacher’s advances.  Now this whole pervy-teacher/Anri thing is weird – the fact its been going on so long and is brought up so often means there must be something more to it.  What that something more is I havent a clue, but I’m willing to bet that its got something to do with Anri’s connection to the Slasher.

While they’re alone Masaomi notes that Anri knows that Mikado is madly in love with her and claims that Mikado is a coward when it comes to things like this.  Mikado then joins the two of them and they head home – but lurking in the shadows of the school gates watching them is a red-eyed figure!

After going their separate ways, Masaomi finds himself surrounded by Yellow Scarves members which seems to send him on a guilt trip as he ends up in Hospital-girl’s (who I have to start calling by her name – Saki Mikajima) room.

Back with Shinra and Celty, Shinra’s guilt seems to have gotten the better of him and he comes clean about what he knows about the Saika sword.  Turns out that Shingen actually had the sword and it’s what he used to separate Celty from her head, as one of the swords abilities is the power to cut souls.  Shinra claims that he only recently made the connections himself – but since he’s withheld information like this from Celty before who’s to say if he’s telling the truth.  I’m fairly certain that Shinra only volunteered this information as he’s much more confident of Celty’s feelings now – she’s forgiven him before and has now properly admitted she loves him, so Shinra feels a bit safer.  It’s still a blow to Celty who says she needs some alone time to deal with this latest betrayal.

Elsewhere Anri is back at the scene of the Slasher attack – and a red-eyed shadow with a knife starts approaching her from behind……..cliffhanger!

Thoughts: So plenty of food for thought in this episode.  Lots of talking, and plenty of mysteries laid to rest – Shingen seems to be in the midst of everything, nearly as much as Izaya!  So Shingen was the one who stole Celty’s head – I had my suspicions, but his motives for doing so are still unclear.  The mention of Shingen’s bosses was also interesting – wonder who he works for and what their interest in the Dullahan is?  Shingen letting Izaya work on the Dullahan mystery from a mythological angle and even offering advice came out of nowhere too – Shingen really is an interesting character, you can definitely see where Shinra’s warped personality came from.  I’m also curious about why Shingen insists on keeping that gas mask on – even in the shower.  Sure the air-quality in Tokyo sucks, but keeping the thing on indoors is a bit suspect……what is he hiding beneath that mask and how much of his quirky personality is an act?

Celty was too cute in this episode – from her creating hearts out of her shadows to treatening Shingen and Izaya when they insulted Shinra, it was all too cute!  Also Celty coming right out and saying that she cared for Shinra seemed to be the incentive Shinra needed to come clean with Celty.  I was not pleased that he had been keeping yet more secrets from her, although Shinra did seem a bit more conflicted this time at least.

Now the whole deal with the Slasher actually being caused by a demonic sword was completely unexpected!  I so didn’t think of that angle at all, as each of the Slasher’s we’ve caught a glimpse of so far seem to have used a number of different weapons…..although it does explain why the Slasher is always shown with glowing red-eyes.  Still clueless about Anri’s connection to all this, I’m still going to stand by my projected personality theory for the time being – although multiple Slashers seem to be confirmed now.

Next week narration duties are given to Mr Brown-guy – Shuuji Niekawa.  Perhaps we’ll find out what pervy-teachers link with Haruna is?  Also the red-eyed figure at the school gates looks suspiciously like Shuuji – how is he connected to this whole Slasher business?  Preview also seems to suggest more Protective!Shizuo-ness – which is most welcome 😛

4 Comments leave one →
  1. April 17, 2010 9:03 pm

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Iron Maw permalink
    April 17, 2010 9:33 pm

    Actually, Shingen in his conversation Izaya stated that he works for Nebula who tried getting their hands Celty’s by buying Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.

    • April 17, 2010 9:34 pm

      Really? I completely missed that! Have to rewatch that scene again.

  3. April 17, 2010 11:43 pm

    Unless Shingen is someone we would recognize, I’d guess his mask is just a bizarre quirk of his, with nothing really that special behind it. I’d actually prefer if the mask never comes off. It’s more fun that way.

    And, yeah, good call of Shinra opening up mainly because of his confidence in Celty’s feelings. That rascally man.

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