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Naruto – Chapter 492

April 22, 2010

So the meeting of the two jinchuuriki – how did it go?

Ah ha!  Samehada/Kisame confirmed on the island!  Which makes the random presence of Gai make alot of sense.  Afterall Kisame and Gai always end up fighting each other – tis like Kisame is actually Gai’s real Eternal Rival.  Also I would have never pegged Gai as being susceptible to sea sickness – it seems so unyouthful 😆

So after witnessing Killerbee’s ability to tame King Kong and hearing that he has control over the hachibi, Naruto decides to go pester Killerbee for tips on how to get the bunny-eared fox to cooperate.  Bee isn’t too keen on the idea as apparently the Raikage managed to pack him off to the island under the guise of it being a holiday!  Naruto manages to impress Killerbee with some thrown together rhyming, earning Bee’s official Bro Fist of approval…..

However Naruto immediately blows it when he pulls out Harem-no-Jutsu to cover up his inability to make up another rhyme on the fly.

Clearly ‘Bee is not one for the ladies – perhaps Naruto would have been better pulling his BL variation of Harem-no-Jutsu!? 😆

A bit put out, Naruto turns to one of the random Cloud ninja floating about the place and is directed to one of the training locations that Killerbee used to tame the Hachibi……

Yeah.  The Waterfall of Truth – clearly Kishi can’t be arsed coming up with catchy names anymore 😆

So Naruto plonks himself down for some meditation and finds that he has to face his inner demons in the form of Evil!Naruto……well not so much evil as Slightly Bitchy!Naruto.

Thoughts: What a lulzy collection of people to stick on a deserted island!  Naruto, Killerbee, Tenzo, Gai and Kisame…….stupidity levels are through the roof!  I really want to see Gai Vs Kisame Round 3 – although that won’t be happening for quite a while as we’ve clearly entered another training arc.

It was also great to see the Orioke jutsu and Naruko again – it feels like forever since Naruto pulled that old favourite, its kind of nice to see him relaxing a bit – it doesn’t suit Naruto to be so serious all the time.  Had to laugh at the look on Killerbee’s face though – clearly playing for the other team; tentacle rape is looking more and more likely!

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  1. April 23, 2010 11:05 am

    Bee is a rapper he cant be gay :p

  2. FrozenPain permalink
    April 30, 2010 8:06 am

    Okay, I’m a really disapointed in naruto now…
    Herez a list of the wrong doings of kishi:
    1.)Haku being a boy… Did anyone ever think this yaoi thing might be an ongoing story plot for kishi in the future?

    2.)making Sas-gay run away to orochi-chan…can anyone spell pedofile?

    3.)naruto being so flip’n attached to sas-gay that naruto is acting gay without knowing it…would have been better if naru-chan was just a girl from the begining

    4.)killing itachi uchiha…without me knowing it, Itachi was my fav character=.(

    5.) finally, making naruto into the main character in this ark… I would have liked a break from the blond dork to take a look at how the village was going and have a chance to catch up with the other sub charaters like karin(I think that’s how you spell it), ino, neji, shika-bow-wow-maru(shikamaru),and kiba ,or even hinata.

    Guess we’re in for some more hiperactive ninja training with one of the most anoying characters ever!…but,I guess I’ll eather just pick through it, or skip it compleatly now that it’s coming to a evil clone naruto…*sigh*

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