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Darker than BLACK: The Black Contractor Gaiden – 03

June 2, 2010

Pretty slow episode mostly dealing with Yin and Hei’s developing relationship.

So Hei wakes up in a bio-dome thingy in the middle of a rainforest, which is the base of the remaining members of EPR (Evening Primrose – Amber’s organisation from S1) who are now under the leadership of Amagiri.  These contractors are trying to scratch out some kind of life for themselves, settling down and one couple even have a child!  It was nice to see contractors attempting to get back in touch with their human emotions.

However this episode is mainly about Yin’s continuing evolution and Hei’s reaction to it.  When Hei asks Yin whats going on with her, Yin replies that whenever she’s near Hei something tries to talk to her.  Hei suggests that since his being near her is causing Yin problems they should go their separate ways, but Yin gets teary at the idea and rejects it.  Seeing Yin get a bit weepy is yet another instance of weirdness, all the more so since this is her normal self rather than the alternate Izanami personality that’s surfaced occasionally.  I half expected a Hei x Yin comfort scene there, but Hei and Yin are still too detached from their emotions for that.  Hei for the most part doesn’t seem to know what he feels for Yin, he’s completely unable to answer Amagiri’s question about that.

unsurprisingly Claude and the dog contractor have also wormed their way into this EPR base.  I was intrigued by Claude’s ascertation that Madam Orielle believes contractors to be failed Dolls; I have to admit that that makes a certain amount of sense and goes some way to explaining why contractors retain some emotions and have to perform renumeration – both things are limitations to the effectiveness of a contractor.

Claude makes an attempt to influence Amagiri to get his hands on Yin, however Amagiri seems quite resistant to Claude’s suggestions, especially when the git uses his ability to cast an illusion of Amber.  Amagiri seems to respect Hei on some level despite the grudge he holds due to Hei’s part in Amber’s death in S1, Amagiri also doesn’t want to risk upsetting the tenuous life he and the other reminants of EPR have managed to build.

Since Amagiri is resistent to the idea of forcefully taking Yin from Hei, Claude takes matters into his own hands and manipulates the other EPR members to attempting to kill Hei.  It was pretty interesting to see these contractors acting on their own feelings – they are actively seeking revenge on Hei for Amber’s death.  It was great to see Hei fighting with his contractor powers intact – if there was one thing I really missed in Ryuusei no Gemini it was the lack of Hei fighting with his electrical abilities.

Of course the fight is only a diversion while Claude attempts to forcefully awaken Yin and wipes out the rest of the EPR in the process – including the mother of the baby.  It was pretty shocking to see all those contractors wiped out, but the child crying in the rain and no one moving to help it bar the chinese bloke who was Hei’s contact in Hong Kong, really brought home how divorced contractors can be from basic human emotions.  Although Hei did come round slightly to offer his coat to protect the baby from the elements.

The major revelation came at the very end when the dog contractor limped onto the scene and info-dumped the story to Hei and asked him to kill Yin before she awakened and destroyed all the contractors in the world.

So now Yin and Hei have been separated I can’t see them being reunited again, which will nicely set up for Hei’s desperate struggle to get to Yin throughout Ryuusei no Gemini.  The next episode preview doesn’t give a whole lot away, other than showing a bound Yin, a scruffy Hei and a brief shot of an awakened Izanami.  OVA 4 won’t be out until 21st July though.

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  1. June 3, 2010 2:31 am

    I found this ep boring 😐

  2. June 5, 2010 3:20 pm

    Yep, was waiting so long for it.. Just so it turned out to be unexpectedly slow and boring..

  3. anna permalink
    April 21, 2012 1:20 am

    can someone give me a link to this?

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