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Durarara!! – 22-24 [End]

June 27, 2010

I’m hopped up on painkillers and mostly using my left hand, so if this post has typos/stuff that makes no sense, you’ll have to forgive me!   I really wanted to write something about the final episodes of Drrr!! as this is the longest show I’ve blogged and one of the original two series I picked to try out episodic blogging.  I’ve really enjoyed writing about Drrr!! every week and I’m seriously going to miss it now it’s finished.  Hoping for a 2nd series – its definitely needed!

Episode 22

The highlights of ep22 were seeing the Dollars network in full action again, Masaomi being a dick, Mikado being a prat and Shizuo getting shot by Horada. The thing I enjoyed most about this episode was watching how the Dollars came together with minimal prodding from Mikado, to band together and help Anri escape the Yellow Scarves.  The entire scene was just fun to watch, and I enjoyed seeing characters from the 1st arc popping up and doing their bit.  The Dollars shine when doing little things like this, their information network is brilliant – however I did sympathise with Shizuo, having your phone constantly buzzing with messages is irritating beyond belief!

Masaomi slipped down in my estimation again in this episode.  I understand that he has conflicting loyalties between the Yellow Scarves and Anri & Mikado, but that does not excuse his attitude towards Anri.  Anri’s actions were out of concern for Masaomi and he goes and accuses her of plotting against him and using Mikado!  Masaomi deserved that slap.  Now if only Anri had of went straight round to Mikado’s and slapped him too!

I found it difficult to understand Mikado’s actions at the end of this episode.  He’s just seen how the Dollars can be a great force for good, as each members actions helped Anri escape (although it was a great deal of luck that Shizuo was pissed off enough to beat the living shit out of Horada & co of his own freewill!), but when he gets home he decides to pull the plug on the Dollars and go into turtle mode!  What the hell Mikado?  The Dollars members are being picked off by the Yellow Scarves and you’ve just removed their primary communication network?  Way to go ya prat. How did he think simply crashing the Dollars site would stop the conflict?  Once again Mikado shows himself to be a naive idealist and in need of a good wakeup call.  Unfortunately he’s now feeling sorry for himself and ignoring calls – running away from your problems does not solve them Mikado!

My frustration with the three teens in this series reached its peak in this episode; Anri is the only one I can forgive to an extent since her lack of social skills and supernatural condition makes it much harder for her to open up to people – I’m glad she has Celty to talk to though.

Episode 23

Shizuo’s awesomeness knows no bounds.  Seriously the man was shot twice and losing a lot of blood, yet Shizuo thought he had slipped and then managed to drag himself across town to Shinra’s apartment for treatment!  And then once there does not bat an eyelash while Shinra cheerfully digs the bullets out without anesthetic!  Of course the main point of this episode was to force a confrontation between the central trio as things with the Yellow Scarves finally get completely out of control.

It came as no surprise to me that Horada’s group were originally in the Blue Squares.  I’m seriously shocked that Masaomi didn’t catch onto that fact sooner – it makes much more sense for the Blue Squares to have been absorbed into the Yellow Scarves than the Dollars; members would definitely rather be in an obvious Colour Gang rather than the mysterious Dollars.  Speaking of Masaomi I couldn’t help but admire his guts to walk into that blatant trap with his head held high – it made for a cool scene (although it would have been cooler if Horada wasnt such a 2nd rate villain).  Although I did laugh my arse off at the fighting – seriously where did Masaomi suddenly get the strength to batter a whole group of gang members?  Has he secretly been training with Shizuo??  And why didn’t everyone just overpower him with numbers?  Still it was pretty cool (if utterly unrealistic) to watch Masaomi shake off a crowbar to the head as if it were nothing! Horada is so hard to take seriously – why he was ever set up as the villain of this arc I don’t know, he’s more suited to being the bumbling comic relief!  Then again its fairly clear that Izaya is the real power behind Horada.

I really enjoyed Celty in this episode too.  She’s determined to help Anri and Mikado sort out their issues and decides that everything needs to be put out in the open so goes to get Mikado.  I found it deeply amusing that Mikado was being all srsbns explaining his motivations about dissolving the Dollars, only to have Celty basically go ‘that’s nice and all, but not what I’m here for!’ and dragging him off to confront the Yellow Scarves, Masaomi and Anri.

Episode 24

So we reach the end, and its as neat as they could manage with the novels still ongoing.  There were always going to be unanswered questions and a certain amount of  dissatisfaction with the way things are wrapped up; but overall I’m pretty happy with this episode.

The way Kadota clears up the whole Yellow Scarves thing by just grabbing a bunch of Dollars members, infiltrates the group and starts throwing punches was pretty dumb, but at least it got the issue resolved nice and quickly – the Yellow Scarves thing was just going on way too long at this point so I was pleased that it was finally resolved.  The fact that Masaomi, Anri and Mikado took time to have a heartfelt moment while all hell broke loose around them, made me laugh though, as did the fact Celty just stood there in the centre looking cool but ultimately not doing a thing!

So pleased that Shizuo recovered enough from his bullet wounds to extract revenge on Horada – I actually cheered a bit when I saw him swinging that road sign about!  It was also nice to see badass traffic cop again – pity he really didn’t have much to do in the series apart from scare the crap out of Celty; he seems like an interesting character.

I was surprised that Anri took it upon herself to go confront Izaya.  Although Izaya being Izaya was supremely unimpressed and claimed that he knew she would turn up.  For me Izaya has always been the most intriguing character in this series which is filled with interesting characters, yet Izaya at the end still remains an enigma.  His self-proclaimed motivation is a love of humanity – he loves to see their reactions to different situations, but you can’t help but feel that there’s more to it than that.  For one I’m interested in finding out how he came to be so good with a knife – good enough to go toe to toe with Shizuo’s unholy strength and Anri’s supernatural sword skills.

It was also good to see someone finally take Izaya down a peg – I laughed my arse off at Simon punching him into a ‘LOVE’ sign!  Poetic justice or what!  Simon is yet another character I would have loved to have seen more of.  When Simon and Izaya chat in Russian, Simon is like a whole different character – which Izaya makes note of.   Why must you tempt us with interesting characters and then deliver nothing Drrr!!? I hope to god there is a 2nd series in the works!

So at the end of Durarara!! nothing has really changed but our characters outlook on life.  Mikado is the same as ever, Masaomi runs off with Saki and starts posting in the Dollars chatroom, Anri is gradually opening up, Celty and Shinra are still flirting, Izaya continues messing with peoples heads, Shizuo goes back to work and the Otaku Quartet are still buying lifesize anime cutouts.  Life goes on as normal in Ikebukuro and Mikado keeps the Dollars going while the Yellow Scarves have dissolved and the Slashers are held in check by Anri……….so what happened to Izaya’s plan for gang warfare in Ikebukuro to awaken Celty’s head and where did Shingen go?  It’s quite amazing how quickly we went from teetering on the edge of absolute chaos to calm blue seas once again, yet it didn’t feel like an unnatural progression.  Still at the end of this episode it doesn’t feel like an ‘ending’ rather it feels like the end of an arc – I really do hope that there will be another series in a few seasons.

Final Thoughts: I loved Durarara!!  Its been one of the few shows I truly got excited about  (they’ve been few and far between lately).  It’s definately flawed – the final arc really dragged and didn’t have the same sparkle the previous arcs had, but it was still a brilliant series.  The characters are what made it special for me – such a fantastic cast, and the main spine were brilliantly developed for the most part.  I mean they made a headless Irish fairy on a motorbike the most moe character of the season!  However what really made me love Drrr!! was one man – Orihara Izaya.  I constantly went back to him in my posts, Izaya just dominated the series with his demented carefree attitude and charisma.  Even though he was clearly the villain by the end, it’s so difficult for me to see him as the badguy, simply because Izaya was a joy to watch and his laughter was infectious!  So even though Izaya remains a mystery I still have him as my favourite character of the show.

So long Durarara!! I have enjoyed blogging you and will sorely miss you now you’re gone!

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  1. June 27, 2010 6:17 am

    The way Simon handled Izaya was terrific. I’m glad he called him out and told him not to destroy the town. There’s a limit to having fun and Izaya doesn’t seem to understand that he has crossed over that line.

    • July 1, 2010 7:45 pm

      Someone needed to stand up to Izaya – bit random that it was Simon though. Still laughed my arse off at Izaya flying into that ‘LOVE’ sign though!

  2. Sabrina permalink
    June 27, 2010 8:14 pm

    Get better soon and I hope you can you never have to go through this again.

    I still have to watch 2 episodes, so I skipped over your review, I’m sure it’s great as usual. You never fail. 🙂

    • July 1, 2010 7:46 pm

      Kind of stuck with a jippy wrist for life at this point which is a bit depressing. Still it will take more than that to make me give up writing!

  3. July 1, 2010 6:52 am

    Don’t worry, when your right hand gets better, your left hand will be so awesome that you will type faster than ever!

    I agree the last arc dragged so badly, but I would still watch more Durarara since I liked the groundwork that this season laid.

    • July 1, 2010 7:49 pm

      😆 If only – my left hand does not play nicely with my brain, it prefers to do its own thing and knock over various things…….its a dojikko!

      I feel that if there is a 2nd series the end of this one would work a lot better. It feels like a transition arc more than a finale afterall.

  4. July 8, 2010 10:22 am

    I just finished it :3, Only Shizuo could get shot twice and still walk around like its nothing or a minor annoyance at most. O_o His standing in the middle of the road with a road sign out of nowhere was great. XD Horada was such a crap villain XD but just the type thats perfect for Izaya to manipulate. And I loved how at the end Izaya was happily skipping along feeling pretty good about himself before he got punched into that random love sign. 😀

    A sequel would be great since theres still lose ends about and many characters who havnt had much screen time but clearly have a story to tell. For instance celty didnt get her head back. 😐 I thought that would be resolved since they made it out to be important. oh and I thought Celty’s boobs were going to explode when she changed.O_O

    • July 8, 2010 11:05 pm

      Awesome characters being awesome is what made Durarara!! so enjoyable for me (although sometimes it did skirt the line between awesome and pantomine).

      Definitely hoping for a 2nd series – its really needed.

  5. August 10, 2010 8:08 pm

    I highly agree there needs to be a 2nd DRR!! series! A lot of stuff has happened in the light novels as of late. New characters, new developments! And more crazy Izaya goodness.

    I did a look at chat room psychology using DRR!! You can take a look at:

    The series is too popular right now to say “no” to another season. Plus, the latest volume (volume 8) in the light novel series just came out too. Keep the momentum going.

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