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Shiki – 05

August 8, 2010

Shiki is such a tease.  It’s so slow, but impossible to truly get annoyed with because it has some genuinely interesting moments in every episode.  We are getting somewhere though; this week sees the death toll continue to rise, more pieces of the puzzle are revealed and both the nicest and most irritating characters exit stage right (for now).

So Tohru died and this really brings home the fact that anyone can die in Shiki.  As predicted the nice ones are either first to die, or too good to be true.  It’s still up for debate if Megumi is the one that drained him dry like in Natsuno’s nightmare(?), because when Natsuno inspected Tohru’s neck there was no bites to be seen (although the fella did look a bit pale).  While Tohru seemed to be lacking the characteristic bite marks, he did have the other symptom of lethargy for a few days before he finally died (although his family attributed that to being absorbed in a new game! 😆 ).

I was most amused by the fact Dr Ozaki spins about town on a bicycle – after all his male posturing last episode I at least expected a scooter (instead Mr Monk was spinning about on one of those!).  I would have thought that medical personnel would have some kind of motorised transportation in order to get to emergency callouts a bit quicker, but apparently things in Sotoba are bit different.

Natsuno’s character is getting a bit more interesting now – he’s still a prick, but at least he’s now showing some emotions.  His Shimizu Senses are no longer tingling though, perhaps Megumi is satisfied now that she has gotten Natsuno’s boyfriend out of the picture!  The way Megumi’s postcard suddenly showed up in Natsuno’s house on the day of Tohru’s wake is a bit suspect.  We know that Kaori had that postcard (and know its the same one since it still has Kaori’s tear stains on it), but I doubt very much that Kaori would have posted it to Natsuno after he was such a git about rejecting it at Megumi’s funeral.  So was that card sent by Megumi herself, as a kind of dig that she was behind Tohru’s death?  Or am I reading way too much into things, as if that was the case, how did Megumi get the card from Kaori? (I’m kind of expecting someone in Kaori’s household to croak next!).

Natsuno hasn’t really given things too much thought yet, but as the protagonist he’s bound to start asking questions soon – especially now that he has some motivation given the death of his only friend.

The focus switched mid-episode to the creepy/irritating Masao.  Seriously what were they thinking when they created this character??  He’s like an overgrown spider with the way he moves, all overlong limbs and jerky movements *shudder*. On no level can I feel sorry for him or relate to him – he’s just entirely unlikable.  I actually cheered when Masao’s Da finally gave him the slap he’s been asking for since his introduction.  It was most annoying that Masao didn’t receive any wake-up call from this slap; rather he can’t see what he’s done wrong and goes into self-pity mode.

Masao’s actions at Tohru’s wake were pretty low too.  Harping on and on about how sad you are, to the deceased family no less, is not acceptable behaviour.  Aoi got it bang on when she asked if he was there to give or receive comfort.  Masao is so self-centred he can’t even understand that at a wake, everyone is upset and looking for comfort not just him.  Natsuno may be pretty detached from his emotions and unsure what to do with his feelings, but at least he conducted himself in a better manner than Masao by refusing to rise to Masao’s bait.

As a result of Masao’s childish actions I was supremely pleased to see him get pounced on by a vampire outside his house! 😆  It’s so satisfying to see an annoying character get their comeuppance!  Although this being Shiki the possibility of Masao raising from his grave as a deranged vampire is very high.  Looks like Natsuno could have three vampires after him soon –  Megumi continuing her stalking, Tohru trying to be friendly, and Masao trying to kill him out of spite!

The only other thing of note this episode was monk Muroi’s independent investigation of the deaths plaguing Sotoba.  As a member of the clergy he’s in a great position to interview people without seeming intrusive like the police or medical professionals would.  Muroi simply spins about town on his groovy scooter, and drops in on the bereaved offering a prayer for the dead and casually asking pertinent questions.  As such Muroi notes another similarity between a number of the victims – a lot of the deceased quit their jobs a few days before they died.  How exactly this ties in with the whole lethargy, anaemia, bites, death thing I don’t know; but it’s another piece to add to the puzzle.

Also hotblooded off-license man is fecking awesome.

So the Kirishiki’s continue to stay out of the limelight and there’s very little suspicion cast on them yet.  I still like Shiki, but really feeling the need for something big to happen that will demand my attention.  At the moment it’s just got a great atmosphere going on, but very little movement on the plot and character development – I expected to be further on than this after 5 episodes.

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