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Shiki – 06

August 14, 2010

The death toll keeps on rising and the characters finally start jumping on the supernatural bandwagon!  About bloody time too, it was pretty annoying watching them flapping about and thinking logically about things when we’ve known from the start that the issue is vampires 😆  Maybe the pace will pick up now that we’re on the right track?

I wonder if there are a few classes of people turned vampires in this series.  Mr Librarian who pounced on Masao last week seemed almost feral, while Megumi retains quite a lot of her original personality (her more extreme emotions are intensified though).  Megumi is shown to be very upset upon finding her shredded postcard outside Natsuno’s window, taking fragments with her.  The fact that pieces have gone missing seems to confirm for Natsuno the fact that Megumi has risen from the grave…..yeah.  Of course its the undead stealing your litter, couldn’t have been wildlife or say, the wind! 😆  Still despite this massive jump in logic, I’m glad that Natsuno is now actively researching the undead even if his terrible social skills are hampering his progress somewhat.

Watching vampire/zombie films at the house of a family in mourning isn’t the most sensitive thing in the world, but at least he got to hear about the local legend of ‘The Risen’ from Tohru’s little brother by doing so.  As previously noted, Sotoba has the practise of burying their dead rather than cremating them as is typical in Japan.  Most cultures that practise burial also have tales of the dead rising from the grave, so the fact that Sotoba also has such a legend isn’t all that surprising.  However it does give Natsuno a nudge in the correct direction as he goes to research The Risen and vampires at the library, only to find that Muroi has check all the associated literature out already.  It’s a pity Natsuno & Muroi didn’t meet at this point, it could have been an interesting conversation as both of these characters are investigating from an angle that isn’t strictly scientific.

Meanwhile Dr Ozaki, who has been completely blinkered by his medical training, has reached breaking point in his frustration at his inability to save his patients and is now lashing out at patient’s relatives, his staff and his friends.  Ozaki also seems to have father issues, as his da appears to have been one of those doctors with a god-complex who put himself on a pedestal and felt like he had the right to manage the affairs of the people under his care; and expected Toshio to have the same sort of outlook.

Ozaki’s laid back attitude is probably a reaction to his upbringing, but when under stress some of his father’s mentality bleeds through and he hates himself for that.  When talking with Muroi who is trying to look at alternate causes for the deaths plaguing the village, Muroi tries to discuss the strange behaviour of the people quitting their jobs before dying, or the 22 families who have suddenly upped sticks and moved; Ozaki’s temper gets the better of him as because he’s so convinced this is an epidemic he can’t open his mind to think of other less scientific causes.

After his unproductive conversation with Ozaki, Muroi retreats to his little hideaway looking like a kicked puppy.  Sunako pops in to get his autograph, and the two end up talking about Muroi’s issues and the village’s problems.  It’s strange how Muroi opens up to Sunako so much, although fairly understandable.  Since one of his childhood friends is dead and the other is drowning in his own frustration, Muroi doesn’t really have anyone to offload onto at the moment – Sunako is a handy outlet since she’s so much more mature than her appearance suggests.  Still you have to wonder what Sunako is planning for Muroi, she can’t be content with just an autograph!

Elsewhere Masao’s family is hit with tragedy when little Hiromi dies, however Masao’s own lethargic symptoms and ultimate demise goes unnoticed – wonder when his family will think to check on him, or will Masao rise from the dead before he’s even buried?

At the end of the episode we see Natsuno and Dr Ozaki come face to face – the teenager looking to the occult for answers, and the doctor relying on his scientific background.  Natsuno is clearly uncomfortable asking strange questions about if Megumi was properly dead when she was buried, and shies away when Ozaki starts to question why he wants to know these things.  However the conversation sparks new possibilities in Ozaki’s mind – he’s now thinking about alternate causes of death than just an epidemic!  Alleluia!  I’m really interested in seeing how he goes about researching these new possibilities.

Finally we see how Akira and Kaori are getting on.  Akira was the first to voice suspicion about the Kirishiki family, and he hasn’t been idle while off-screen.  Akira and his sister are staking out the Kanemasa castle as Akira swears that he saw the dead Mikiyasu going in there.  Unfortunately for these two however, all of their conversation has been overheard by the mysterious cat-eared Tatsumi – that can’t bode well for their life expectancy!

It’s nice to see that while we’re following Natsuno, Muroi or Ozaki about, the other characters aren’t standing still waiting to be involved again.  While it would be nice to see how Akira’s investigation came to this point, it’s not really needed.  Everyone in Sotoba is starting to think outside the logic box and as such the series has gotten much more interesting.  I hope the pace continues to pick up!

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  1. August 14, 2010 7:25 pm

    The scariest part of the episode: That old lady. Yikes!

    • August 15, 2010 1:50 am

      Completely agree – so scary I couldnt bring myself to screencap her!

  2. August 14, 2010 8:07 pm

    ‘Still you have to wonder what Sunako is planning for Muroi, she can’t be content with just an autograph!’

    That’s interesting, as in I’m wondering if she’s just toying with him before she has her horrid way with him, or if she might take pity on him (as the petting, as well as the groupyism, suggests…).

    I’m loving the openings and endings of most of the epis so far, really good at hiking up the suspense… let’s just hope that the main parts of the anime soon deliver and live up to the expectations…

    • August 15, 2010 1:51 am

      I get the feeling that she’s toying with him, like a cat with a mouse.

      If there’s one thing this show excels at, its creating atmosphere – but its nice to see a bit of movement on the plot at last.


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