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Shiki – 11

September 18, 2010

Ok so this is becoming a habit in Shiki.  Rather than dealing with the major cliffhanger with Natsuno last week, this week’s episode goes off in an entirely different direction and follows the resident town nutcase about – Ikumi the self-styled spiritualist.  Still this wasn’t a bad thing, rather this episode had me engrossed and the thought of three weeks without Shiki is actually killing me!

Since Ikumi’s brief cameo a few episodes back (where she was hailed as the scariest thing in the series so far) she’s been one of the few residents in Sotoba that suspect the people of the Kanemasa castle, and draws a correlation between their arrival in the village, and the sharp increase in deaths in the area.  Of course Ikumi’s mad rantings don’t really do her any favours when it comes to getting the villagers to believe her; Ikumi may be right, but she’s not going to rally support this way.

Of course its interesting to see that the seeds of suspicion have been sown in Sotoba, as some villagers are willing to listen to her and go to the Kanemasa castle to demand answers.  Ikumi’s credibility may be shot, but enough people are wary of the spike in deaths/disappearances that they’re willing to give her mad ranting about The Risen an ear.  However Ikumi’s high-profile vendetta against Kanemasa has now brought the Kirishiki’s attention, and at the end of the episode she is lured out of her home and into the dark.  It’s likely Ikumi has now been silenced, and I can’t imagine her rising since her purpose in the show has pretty much been filled – enough of the villagers have had the legend of The Risen highlighted in their minds, and the coincidental move of the Kirishiki’s into the area at the same time as the death-toll began to rise, has also been brought to the forefront.  It’s only a matter of time before these seeds of suspicion take root in more minds.

In fact a certain portion of the adults (including Natsuno’s dad) have already begun to get suspicious about the deaths in the area and attempt to grill Toshio about the possibility of an epidemic afflicting the area.  Toshio refuses to be bated into discussing anything until he has firm evidence to support his claims, and instead drops obscure hints about burning the dead.  Now Toshio knows that its vampires, he’s seen them and been threatened by them, however, he has absolutely bugger all proof at this moment in time so can’t actually start running about the place shouting warnings to the villagers like Ikumi has been doing.  Everyone is already worried about how run down Toshio is looking, if he started spouting nonsense about vampires/The Risen, his stock with the villagers would plummet and he’d find himself packed off to a padded room!  It’s still very frustrating to see him with-hold information when confronted like this though.

Elsewhere Kyoko seems to be getting closer to Tatsumi (gotta love that giant brandy snifter!) and upsets her mother-in-law by dropping a bombshell about the Kirishiki’s doctor setting up his own clinic!  This could be interesting.  As Toshio’s stock declines with his staff and patients due to his increasingly erratic behaviour and ineffectual treatments, the villagers may turn to the Kirishiki’s doctor as an alternative, especially if the deaths continue to escalate; which in turn could turn the clinic into a feeding ground for the vampires.

Toshio seems fixated on the thought of getting a live sample of The Risen to parade in front of the villagers as proof and for him to perform experiments on in the search of a viable treatment.  He’s even gone as far as attempting to dig up the recently deceased Setsuko to see if she will rise from the dead.  Muroi has also staked out the grave, but he raises the valid point that the vampires seem just like real humans, and it is highly unlikely that their next-of-kin would allow them to be used as live experiments.  This seems to be one point on which Toshio and Muroi will never be able to reconcile over.  Muroi has had too much contact with one of the Risen – Sunako, and its made it difficult for him to see them as creatures that need to be exterminated.

This stance may make Muroi seem like a bit of a bleeding heart, but he’s clearly conflicted about the matter.  His conversation with Sunako that evening was fascinating.  Sunako asks about his new novel and its Cain & Abel type storyline, she’s also delighted by the ‘shiki’ in Muroi’s tale; the living dead who are neither zombies nor ghosts, but actual beings with sentient thought.  Sunako then goes to bite Muroi, only to change her mind when he out-and-out asks if she herself is a ‘shiki’.

I was convinced that Muroi was done for this week.  He knows about the Kirishiki’s, he knows about what the vampires are doing, and he’s had numerous run ins with Sunako – if the Kirishiki’s are out to dispose of all who know their secret, surely Muroi needs to be taken care of.  However Sunako seems to have a soft spot for the monk.  She likes his books and she’s overjoyed when it seems like Muroi understands that the ‘shiki’ are people too.  I’m intensely curious to see what’s going to happen with these two, especially since it seems like Muroi can no longer approve of Toshio’s actions.

The climax of the episode is Ikumi’s curious mob and Toshio arriving at the Kanemasa castle and demanding to meet with the Kirishiki’s – in broad daylight.  Much to my surprise the doors did open and Seishirou came out to meet the mob with Tatsumi in tow (after the quickest outfit change ever).  Seishirou is unaffected by the sunlight (rather he uses it as fabulous spotlight) and is nonplussed by Ikumi’s ofuda and miko accessories, he even has normal human vitals as confirmed by Toshio!  So is Seishirou another ‘special’ vampire like Tatsumi, or is he not a vampire at all!?  (Shinmaru takes this notion and runs with it).  It makes a certain amount of sense that Seishirou may be human after all – only having Tatsumi running around in daylight is suspicious, a member of the main family kind of needs to be able to come out and brush off the suspicions of the villagers.  However it does raise the question of just who Seishirou is and how long he’s been playing his role as Mr Kirishiki.  Is he a human that’s fulfilling a role for the vampires, or is he some other kind of supernatural creature different from the vampires?  Really curious about this man now!

This week completely did away with the ED animation, rather we were given a rather spoilerific sequence to just further infuriate me about the fact the show is taking a three-week break!  Some really interesting shots in the preview; Natsuno showing his bite marks to Kaori & Akira and then confronting Tohru in the woods with a stake & hammer, Kaori being visited by Megumi, and then the kicker – Toshio experimenting on a vamped out Kyoko; really excited to see how that comes about!  Shiki’s previews have proven to be a bit misleading occasionally, so wondering just how things will play out in reality.

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  1. fukki permalink
    September 20, 2010 3:45 am

    why did they spoiled the next episodes in the ED ?? o.O

    • September 20, 2010 12:52 pm

      Spoilery yes, but nothing you couldnt really have guessed at. The story needs to come back to Natsuno & he needs to warn Kaori & Akira and try to ward off Tohru from repeat feedings. The Kirishiki’s won’t leave Kaori & Akira to their own devices – they’ve already targeted Natsuno, those two are next on the hit list.

      Kyoko turning doesn’t surprise me either given her association with Tatsumi and in order to further the plot Toshio needs an undead sample to experiment with.

      I’m guessing the ED images are just teasers and the actual events for the 2nd half will be much more exciting – Shiki seems to know what its doing.

  2. September 20, 2010 7:23 pm

    I just got up to date with it :(, unfortunatly I am very interested to see what happens next but damn this wait 😦

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