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Autumn 2010 – First Impressions (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and MM!)

October 2, 2010

So here we are, its October at last and the Autumn season has started.  As usual I try to watch the first episode of nearly everything (bar sequels I didn’t watch S1 of and kiddie shows), so I’ll be writing brief ‘First Impressions’ posts for everything I manage to sit through.  For summaries and my initial thoughts on all the shows airing this season have a look at my autumn preview post.

We’re kicking off with Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and MM! (because my download of Iron Man is still not fecking finished!).

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

This was mental. Pure mental. Its like the unholy potty-mouthed offspring of Dead Leaves and The Powerpuff Girls!   Panty is the blonde – she’s a sex-crazed bitch whose knickers turn into a gun, Stocking is the gothloli – she’s obsessed with sweets and her sock turns into a sword, Garterbelt is the afro-haired priest – he has missions from heaven in his hair……what mind came up with these characters!? The episode is split in two, which is just as well considering how thin the premise is! The 1st half has the girls battling a giant pile of excrement (yes really) and the 2nd half is a three stage chase scene that’s basically an elaborate euphemism for the technique Vs speed during sex debate – to say the humour is crude is a vast understatement! However its really refreshing to have a show deal with sex, adult humour and strong language in such a casual manner – although I can see it getting old fast, the novelty will wear off if the characters remain so one-dimensional and if the writing gets overly reliant on toilet humour.

The animation is every bit as eye-popping and manic as I was expecting. It’s a real riot of colour and non-stop action – the way the sound effects are written all over the screen adds to the ADHD feel of the show; it’s utterly chaotic. The character designs are heavily stylised, but during the pole-dancing transformation sequence (yes you heard me right – the pole dancing transformation sequence!) there was a noticeable short-lived art-shift to a more detailed style. The art really puts me in mind of Powerpuff Girls, but the manic energy and action strongly reminded me of Dead Leaves.

The soundtrack is phenomenal – its varied, exciting and very catchy. I also really liked the OP & ED (although the ED seems like a strange choice considering how madcap the show is). I don’t have much opinion on the voice acting – I was pretty distracted by the visuals and music!

In short this show is ridiculous, but it’s very entertaining. I’ll keep it on for a few weeks at least to see if it plans on going anywhere or if it’s just going to be a one-trick pony.


So as I initially thought the success of this series hinged on whether the quirk could drive the comedy – and it pretty much failed on every level. There’s no originality here, you’ve seen everything before and it doesn’t even have any outrageous fanservice to save it (its pretty tame in the grand scheme of things) – the only thing that’s slightly out of the norm is the huge emphasis on sadomasochism; a lot of harem shows have a touch of that, but this take it too a whole new level by making it the focal point of the entire series. The cast is a parade of archetypes – perverted loser male lead, aggressive violent girl, overpowered big boobed man-hater, Trap, sadistic school nurse; all present and accounted for and its only the 1st episode!

The animation is average, I really don’t like the character designs or the garish colour palate employed though. The faces that Tarou pulls in the height of his masochistic bliss are fecking creepy as hell and really off-putting (although I suppose that’s the point). The voice acting is reasonable, but doesn’t really sound like the seiyuu give a damn about this series. The music just sucks – both the OP & ED are horrendous and the BGM is pretty woeful too.

Definitely can’t be arsed with any more of this series, I didn’t think I’d like MM! from the synopsis but I wanted to give it a fair chance since I’ve been surprised before. However this time my gut reaction was correct – MM! is pretty rubbish.

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  1. October 2, 2010 4:28 pm

    Panty and Stocking lol awesome show I have a feeling it will be the hit of the fall season! amazing artwork if anything they win on just that alone for me. Haven’t seen MM yet but I will end up watching probably end up watching 80% of the fall shows at least the first episode to “try it”

    • October 2, 2010 4:53 pm

      I’m not tripping over myself to praise PantyStocking – think it will get old fast, but there’s no denying that its a breath of fresh air and has a really striking style.

      You’ve already watched MM! its exactly the same as all the other shows in the same vein! 😆

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