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Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – 07

November 18, 2010

Well we’re kind of continuing with the plot this week as everyone gets all health conscious for their impending trip to Venus, but this week was firmly in gag territory – I really enjoyed it!

I wonder what all that high-tech medical equipment is running on, and if Ric’s secretaries are qualified to use it…..hmmmm.  Anyway, this whole medical segment amused me – especially the Mayor’s new youkai secret technique for shell-removal and unique fan-shaped bone structure!  P-ko’s obsession with her weight just further moves her character into the ‘normal’ ground – although being a Bridge resident, she does take it a touch too far!

It was interesting to see that Ric’s health has dramatically improved since he moved Under the Bridge – his asthma has almost completely cleared up.  Appears that his severe asthma attacks really were psychosomatic and a product of his twisted upbringing.  Still the fact that Ric still has a mild attack caused Nino to fuss over him – so cute, even it was mainly out of concern for his space-worthiness.

There sure are a lot of hopeless romantics Under the Bridge.  I mean P-ko is a law onto herself with that crazy shoujo-filter of her’s, but this week Sister, Hoshi and Shimazaki were nearly as bad!  Shimazaki is utterly smitten with Shiro – the poor woman only wanted to spend more time with the man, but unfortunately causing him to think he’s got some serious illness isn’t really the way to foster a romantic atmosphere!

I enjoyed seeing Sister and Hoshi’s reaction to Nino fussing over Ric when he had a minor asthma attack.  Sister immediately heads home to sit in the fridge, but unfortunately for him Maria is more likely to rub salt in his wounds than fawn over any cold he may catch – Sister can be so cute XD  Hoshi on the other hand is just a jealous prat – can’t blame the fella for trying though.  It’s always amusing to see Ric immediately fall to his level though – the two of them can be so similar sometimes, it’s no wonder they don’t get on.

Of course the fact that Hoshi & Ric can’t seem to get along, raises further concerns in Nino’s mind about them co-operating when going into space…..which then leads onto a week-long co-operation test for both the girls and boys.  Despite the minor hiccup at the start of Jacqueline bailing because she can’t bear to be separated from Billy, the girls take this isolation in their stride.  However cracks start to appear towards the end of the week, when Maria can no longer bear to be nice and Stella is struck by the urge to try out her new finishing move immediately.  Poor P-ko becomes the unfortunate target for both Maria’s poisoned tongue and Stella’s excitable pleas to be her test dummy……and Nino strikes the finishing blow when she spots that P-ko’s head appears to be sprouting a shoot!

It was amazing how fast the girls fell apart – they were treating the experience like an extended girly night in for the most part, but I suppose a week of P-ko’s motor-mouthed girly chit-chat would strain anyone’s sanity; I’m surprised Maria’s rule of being nice to girls held her back for so long!

The boys also suffer loses early on – the Mayor doesn’t bother showing up, and Billy leaves when Jacqueline’s Mayor disguise is easily seen through.  Sister and Shiro seem to forget the point of this exercise is ‘co-operation’ and they disappear off into their own little worlds of image training and chalker maintenance for the entire week.  This leaves Last Samurai, Hoshi and Ric to try to survive together – Ric’s idea of taking conversation cue’s from P-ko’s log-book ultimately backfires when it forces the boys into the hell that is girly conversation about pop idols.  I’m surprised that the three of them attacked the conversation with such gusto – they really got into character (Ric’s girly mode is contagious!).  Unfortunately it also destroys any vestige of sanity the three may of had – the results are not pretty.

I enjoyed this 2nd half of the episode much more than the first – Maria snapping and laying into P-ko was priceless, but it was the boy’s descent into utter insanity at the end that had me in stitches – wonder how long it took them to recover!?  I’m glad we’re still following the ‘lets go to Venus’ plotline while still getting our regular dose of Arakawa comedy, but I’m still eager to get back to the ‘serious’ stuff.

Loved this weeks eyecatch!


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  1. November 19, 2010 3:59 am

    It was great seeing Maria turn on P-Ko like that. Though she certainly enjoys being an S, it’s clear that it’s something she’s addicted to and depends on.

    And the post-credits sequence with the guys was pretty awesome. I’m not a fan of that kind of comedy, but this was just executed perfectly, from the editing to the art style to the choreography.

    • November 21, 2010 12:22 am

      Maria cracking up was priceless, but I do wonder how being an S became such a crutch for her.

      The post-credits bit had me properly LOLing – as you say, it was just so perfectly done; great comedy moment.

  2. codecxbox permalink
    November 19, 2010 4:59 am

    Having seen anime #7, I can say it was a brilliant piece about the insight of human group relations. Very good!
    And now it seems that every man has a female ,lol. Will a extramarital relation flourish? Also, it seems that everybody but Ric knows that he is a man, but they prefer to play along with the Mayor’s leg pulling at Ric,lol

    I loved the Mayor’s youkai magic act,lol

    bactracking a bit, didn’t you noticed on P’ko’s movie episode that the animation between the last samurai and the Mayor was a identical copy of Avatar’the last airbender animation?

    • November 21, 2010 12:25 am

      Group psychology at its finest. Utter chaos was to be expected given the personalities involved though!

      Didn’t notice anything Avatar-y about those scenes – shall have to have another look at them.

  3. November 19, 2010 7:51 pm

    “hopeless romantics Under the Bridge”

    That’s probably how they all ended up there in the first place. I’m sure Sister is there because Maria is (they knew each other from some other place, but I can’t imagine Maria moving under the bridge to be with Sister). P-ko (’nuff said). Hoshi even had a little back-story reveal that he moved to the bridge community so he could be near Nino. Billy & Jacqueline.

    Of course Whitey would be the oddball, since he ended up there to avoid a marriage to a chicken.

    • November 21, 2010 12:26 am

      I like the notion that all these people ended up together because of love – that appeals to me romantic side XD

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