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Bakuman – 09

November 29, 2010

Half an episode of Mashiro moping was made up for in the 2nd half when the focus landed on Takagi’s love life………girls love a bad boy!

Ah the woes of Takagi, suspended for a week for punching the blubber-lipped moe-lover, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of an entirely unwanted tug-o-love between ice princess Iwase and violent Kaya…..hilarity ensures!  Loved the reaction faces this episode, Mashiro’s blank-faced “I feel so awkward, get me out of here” faces and Takagi’s “why am I suddenly so popular? I just want to write manga!” over reactions were priceless.  Kind of have to feel sorry for Takagi to an extent, these two girls are pretty terrifying in their own ways and even if he’s quite adamant that he doesn’t want to date anyone at the moment, Iwase and Kaya are pretty determined to have him pick one of them.

Ah Iwase, this girl amuses me.  Just because she once declared a rivalry with Takagi and shook his hand, Iwase believes the two of them are suddenly dating……can’t really date someone who has absolutely no memory of this event and is frightened of you petal!  Iwase also completely takes herself out of the running when she demands that Takagi give up on manga, and is pretty disgusted to hear that he has lowered his standards and intends to attend North High upon graduation.  Still Iwase seems to have legitimate feelings for Takagi beyond rivalry, as she’s visibly upset that he is unwilling to bend to her wishes.  Takagi has had a narrow escape here – Iwase would have been the ultimate controlling girlfriend!

In the other corner we have Kaya Miyoshi, who is much more straightforward and honest about her feelings (and has no problem communicating with her fists).  Kaya is a much simpler character, Takagi did kind of confess to her (even if he didn’t mean it that way) and she does legitimately like him.  Kaya is also completely in favour of Takagi pursuing his dreams of manga stardom and more than willing to sit back and cheer for the boys from the sidelines – the only real drawback of having Kaya as a girlfriend would be the physical abuse if you pissed her off…..the girl is bloody strong!  I felt sorry for Kaya when Takagi explained to her that he only spoke to her to get info on Miho for Mashiro, she looks really gutted.  However true to form Kaya quickly rallies herself and dishes out swift punishment…..and once satisfied returned to her usual cheery self.  Kaya isn’t out of the running yet!

It’s a pity the majority of this episode focused on Mashiro angsting about his artwork again.  Without Takagi about, Mashiro instantly descends into a slump and it takes a few choice words from his granda to perk him back up again.  It nice how Granda Mashiro has committed the majority of his late son’s manga to memory; wonder how many times he’s read Nobuhiro’s manga to be able to rhyme off quotes like that.  Mashiro is truly blessed to have a family so completely behind him – the question of who’s paying the bills for the manga studio is also answered this week, Mashiro’s dad is paying for it all.

I enjoyed the Takagi parts of this episode a lot, but there was way too much time spent on following a sour-faced Mashiro about at school before that.  Next week looks to be getting back to manga aspect again as the boys pay a visit to the Shounen Jack editorial office – can you say kids in a sweet-shop!?

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  1. Roghek permalink
    November 30, 2010 2:48 pm

    Seems like we get a lot of punches this week but yet not enough Takagi/kaya relationship neves ceases to amaze me, both in the manga and in the anime though I still want the always loved bakuman of only manga, manga and manga in all its animated glory.

    BTW is not the bad guys who attract the girls, the megane boys are the one who get the girls, that’s why he is so popular.

    • November 30, 2010 6:24 pm

      Ah but Takagi has always had the megane charm, yet its only after he pumelled moe-tard that the girls started flocking to him.

  2. December 1, 2010 3:46 am

    Still chuckling over the fact that Takagi hit the moefag even though he knows deep down it’s that kind of art that will sell. Mashiro has no place in the manga industry with his LOLREALISIC artsyle.

    • December 1, 2010 9:44 pm

      Moefag stuff won’t really sell in a shounen mag though, and the boys are fairly adamant that they want to write manga for Shounen Jump. However Mashiro really does have to loosen up his artstyle a bit and make it more stylised rather than realistic.

  3. December 6, 2010 4:45 am

    Most guys would love having 2 girls fight over them but no..not Shujin! He’s dedicated to his manga life! Also, both girls are kind of weird, I don’t blame him for trying to ditch both of them <_<

    • December 6, 2010 7:30 pm

      Both girls are definitely weird, but I do like how up front they both are……poor Takagi.

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