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Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – 11 & 12

December 30, 2010

Quite late with this – time seems to be evaporating lately.  Nothing major happens in either of these episodes so I just rolled them into one (will be doing the same Bakuman 12 & 13).  Episode 11 was mostly about the Amazoness, whereas episode 12 was setting up a tournament amongst the Under Bridge residents…….seems we’re going to pretty much forget about the whole Venus thing for the finale then.

Episode 11

So the Bridge residents throw an Obon festival in episode 11, which was really just an excuse to get the characters into kimono……not that that’s a bad thing!  The episode was largely about the Amazoness getting over her Ric obsession when she realises that she doesn’t really have a hope of stealing him from Nino.  Amazoness’ feelings are then transferred onto Hoshi, who wasn’t really a complete prick in this episode surprisingly.  I think Hoshi & the Amazoness would make a great couple (plus it would stop them butting into Nino & Ric’s relationship) and Hoshi is much more likeable when he’s encouraging the Amazoness than he is when he’s swooning over Nino / trying to one-up Ric!

It was also nice to see Nino displaying her uncanny intuition, she’s not fooled by the Amazoness’ act and immediately calls her on it, wanting to know why the Amazoness can’t just tell Hoshi how she feels rather than continue to pretend to pursue Ric.  Of course this is partially Hoshi’s fault since he causally flung out “you’re cute when you’re so passionate about pursuing Ric”……gah! think before you speak stupid star!

The second half of the episode was a beach episode…….well sort of.  It was just an area further up the river set up to look like the beach really.  I half died laughing at the boys when they regressed into their creepy broken girlie modes to prepare for interacting with the girls; but it was when Sister attempted to join in that really killed me.  Its one thing for Ric, Hoshi & Last Samurai to prance about the place with sparkly shoujo eyes, but when Sister does so…….oh god I laughed.

The only other notable thing about this episode (other than Nino in a bikini) was seeing Hoshi act pretty cool, and the revelation that the thing the Amazoness is guarding is a rocket.  I can’t believe there is actually a rocket – is this whole space thing actually for real!?

Episode 12

Of course we don’t find out since episode 12 decided to throw a tournament arc at us out of no where!  Goddamnit Arakawa – much as your comedy amuses me, I’m here for the plot!   Ah well its amusing to see the Bridge residents go against each other.  In the elimination round, P-ko emerges victorious by taking out Jacqueline (and therefore Billy) as well as Ric & Hoshi.  It never fails to amuse me how well Ric & Hoshi get on when they’re not fighting over Nino, here they both decide to work together to get rid of the competition, but ultimately don’t have to do anything.  The Iron brothers knock themselves out, Billy takes Shiro out and P-ko takes care of everything else and thus moves onto to the real fight with the seeded players.

The main fight was pretty funny since it just lets the characters run riot.  Ultimately it all boils down to Sister Vs Maria which will be settled in the finale……..not quite the finale I was hoping for, but I do love watching Maria & Sister interact so not a complete loss.

I don’t really have anything else to say about these two episodes – they were pretty much devoid of plot, but very entertaining.  I hope the finale isn’t completely dedicated to the conclusion of the tournament – I’d really like some more Nino/Ric stuff at the very end of the show…….wonder if there’ll be a third season, if not I’ll have to pick up the manga!


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  1. codecxbox permalink
    December 30, 2010 10:47 pm

    While EPISODE 12 was pretty good (I felt sorry for P-Ko,lol all those emotions up and down), episode 11 probably was the BEST EPISODE I ever seen, and the soundtrack specially when Amazoness and Hoshi are confessing their love to each other, ahhh, it hit perfect. Music from Heaven. The Kamaeai thing was really funny and that Sister moment trying to blend with them,lol.
    It was kind of hard trying to figure out of whom amazoness was refering to as she was saying about how she wants to be with him (Ric or Hoshi) but I figured out that with amazoness everything is transfer of feelings.
    This would be the most repeated episode I have seen just for that Amazoness/Hoshi encounter.
    BTW, is there a OST available? I only have the ED mp3s.

    • January 2, 2011 12:28 pm

      Ep11 was probably the best Arakawa episode that didn’t focus on either Nino or Ric. Hoshi & Amazoness kind of make a sweet couple surprisingly!

      I haven’t seen the OST pop up anywhere, only the OP & ED singles.


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