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Bakuman – 12 & 13

December 30, 2010

Yeah, its more a lack of motivation than a lack of time that’s led to these posts being delayed.  I just don’t really have much to say about Bakuman at the moment, since it is still flogging the dead horse that is the romance in this show!  Episode 12 sees the boys graduate middle-school & episode 13 has their Money & Intelligence one-shot published in NEXT………very little else happens.

Episode 12

GAH!!! I fecking hate all this slowness!  What are you doing to my Bakuman JC Staff!?  This show isn’t meant to be about fecking Mashiro & Miho’s wangsty boring romance – it’s about Takagi & Mashiro getting all fired up about manga and meeting other people who feel the same way!  Why on earth have we spent half the series being subjected to Mashiro & Miho’s stupid idealised romantic notions?

This episode irritated me.  I so know where Kaya is coming from when she tries to get Miho & Mashiro to see sense (even if her very confrontational methods probably weren’t the best way to go about things).  Thank god Kaya & Takagi have a normal relationship or I’d be crying from boredom.  Ultimately what this episode boiled down to was, Miho tells Mashiro that she’ll wait as long as it takes for their dreams to come true –  which takes the pressure of Mashiro somewhat (a good thing since he gets really grumpy when under pressure).  This should now put an end to any Miho shittiness for a while – she’s no longer at the same school & only present through text messages now (hallelujah!).

Episode 13

Episode 13 (aside from the ridiculous amount of time dedicated to Mashiro & Miho exchanging text messages) got back to the business of manga.  Although they had to ind of kill the tension by dragging things out so much.  The boys see their manga in print at long last (had to laugh at Takagi calculating what he’d get paid), and choose a pen name (Ashirogi Muto) so they don’t have to deal with classmates finding out they’re budding mangaka again.  The pen name itself is pure cheese being a mash-up of Mashiro & Takagi’s names with the characters for “dreams come true”…..truly only a teenaged girl could have come up with that, and now the boys are pretty much stuck with it (although Mashiro doesn’t seem to mind much).

Excitement runs high and the pair become obsessed with getting serialised – preparing names for the first three chapters for Money & Intelligence.  Of course this is jumping the gun and the two are bitterly disappointed when their one-shot comes in third and therefore not good enough to be considered for serialisation.  But they soon bounce back with more determination than ever, scrapping ideas for targeting the niche market, and deciding to try something with more mainstream appeal next.

Not really the most exciting episodes by any stretch of the imagination, but we seem to be moving in a better more manga orientated direction at last.  Next weeks preview looks like we’ll be getting a better look at Eiji at least.

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  1. December 30, 2010 10:29 pm

    The guess subs guy used a very distracting font. 😐

    This series needs less of the stupid teenagers being …stupid teenagers, there has been too much of it in these recent eps. 😦

    Him tearing up their name actually made me gasp in terror. :O

    • January 2, 2011 12:30 pm

      That blue font was hideous – still better than nothing I suppose.

      The tearing up of the name was really a ‘Gah!’ moment – all those weeks of hard work shredded! Although that just goes to show you how determined they are.

  2. January 1, 2011 3:09 am

    I couldn’t agree more about the misplaced emphasis on a boring relationship. I also am getting rather annoyed by Saiko and Shuujin’s inability to accept anything less than 1st place right from the start. Frankly I find it rather insulting to the vast majority of mangaka who also submit stories, and have, perhaps, been submitting stories as long as those two have been alive.

    • January 2, 2011 12:35 pm

      Saiko & Shuujin are really young and filled with unrealistic expectations – but they’re right to aim for the #1 spot right off the bat; anything below that won’t allow them to get serialised at such a young age – their own editor doesn’t want to push them into serialisation before they’re 18 afterall!

      Still, while Bakuman takes a more realistic approach, its still very much a Shounen Jump manga and not a documentary on manga making. If the protagonists weren’t somewhat gifted with talent and hotblooded it wouldnt be an interesting series.

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