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Shiki – 22 [End]

January 3, 2011

I apologise for the delay, but Shiki’s finale melted my brain so much that I couldn’t really figure out how to approach this post!  I felt that the closing episode of Shiki was practically prefect, although there are a few niggling details that rubbed me the wrong way, which probably have something to do with the anime adaptation starting to draw on the novel rather than the manga, since the manga is incomplete –  a few details didn’t quite gel right.  However over all, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to Sotoba’s story – Shiki secures a place high in my favourites, I just need to figure out exactly where!

For this final post I’m going to try something a bit different and look at each of the main character’s role in the finale individually, in the hope it organises my thoughts a touch better……god knows if this will work, it will be longer than normal though! XD


Since Seishin Muroi is the character that’s given us the most food for thought over the course of the show thanks to his wishy-washy attitude and self-destructive tendencies, its only fitting that I start with him.  Muroi has spent the vast majority of the series being completely passive.  Events wash over him, he makes no real effort to do anything and when Muroi does make a decision for himself it’s completely self-destructive – be that his suicide attempt before the start of the series, or his going to the Kirishiki’s and letting Sunako & Tatsumi have ready access to his veins – all he does is seek an escape.  And finally in episode 22 Muroi does escape – in becoming a werewolf he escapes death and he escapes Sotoba, the new-found sense of release & freedom doing a complete number on his normally placid personality.

The Muroi we see at the end of Shiki is not the one we’ve been familiar with throughout the series.  Gone are the soft smiles, dull eyes and reserved speech; instead we have a coolly determined Muroi who does not hesitate to kill and act on the selfish impulses that he’s somewhat resisted throughout his life, even his treatment of Sunako changes.  Where once Muroi trod lightly around her, he’s now brutal with his words and actions – dragging the poor tired creature with him out of Sotoba and prolonging her suffering just to offset his own loneliness.  This Muroi with all his worldly ties cut, is a whole new character but this is probably the closest to his true nature that we’ve ever seen him.

I had some mixed feelings to Muroi becoming a werewolf.  It should have been a momentous reveal, but since we’ve already had Natsuno come back as one, Muroi’s rebirth felt cheapened.  Werewolves are meant to be insanely rare, to have Sotoba birth two is a pushing it a bit.  We’re also told that people don’t fully die when they become werewolves, so they’re not proper corpses and don’t have the same 3 days before rising thing to contend with… all felt a touch too convenient in the end.  However giving Muroi a new life as a werewolf seems to be a kinder fate than having him become a true shiki; Muroi can pass as a human, but is now free of all that tied him to Sotoba and of the shadow of death – in a way its the best end he could have really had…although dragging Sunako into his selfishness was really quite mean.

Which leads us on neatly to Sunako Kirishiki.  Poor Sunako, I felt really sorry for her in the end.  She’s struggled with her nature from the very moment she awakened.  Sunako is constantly on the defensive, frightened that people will judge her for caving to her instincts, tortured by the fact she’s killed and haunted by gut wrenching loneliness.  Sunako is a very pitiful creature.  Clearly as a child she was quite religious, and she feels the loss of God strongly in her life now that she’s been stuck in a kind of limbo for 100 years – while an adult can stick around places for quite a while before people start to notice they’re not aging, for a child its different – questions would be asked as to why she never goes to school or plays with other children her age; where an adult could justify a nocturnal existence as working night shifts etc, a child can’t – the fact that she is a different existence is constantly preying on Sunako’s mind.

It’s therefore perfectly understandable why Sunako pursues this pipe-dream of a shiki village no matter how unsustainable the idea is.  Sunako crafted a family around her and sought to expand that into an entire village of people just like her – it’s incredibly selfish, but also rather understandable; she’s just lonely and frightened of being alone.  Despite being a shiki and so much older than most of the cast, Sunako still has the very human desire to be safe and surrounded by warm people – she wants the feeling of belonging to a community rather than always being on the outside looking in.

Sunako’s life has been one of constant struggle, but finally with everything burning down around her and all her plans and allies destroyed, Sunako gives up.  Even though she’s terrified, she is willing to accept Ookawa’s stake and escape from everything that’s hounded her over the long years.  However she’s denied that release when Muroi kills Ookawa, and then refuses to let Sunako burn, even when she tells him, “at last I have made the decision to abandon myself.  Those that have been forsaken by God shouldn’t be alive.”  Sunako believes this from her heart, she’s constantly sought answers from God and this is probably one of the reasons why she was so attached to Muroi since he’s a priest and meant to have these answers (poor Sunako, Muroi is a terrible, terrible priest!)  Muroi’s speech at the end was all sorts of mean.  Sunako wants to be reconciled with God, she doesn’t want to be told ‘yes you have been excluded from god’s protection and love’, that’s what Muroi himself wants to believe so that he can cast off the role of Priest of Sotoba!  It’s entirely cruel to drag Sunako down with him, I can’t imagine what kind of life these two are going to have now that they’ve left Sotoba and its carnage behind.

From an old shiki who wanted release, to a young shiki who just wanted to live – lets talk about Megumi Shimizu next.  Megumi’s fate was utterly brutal – pinned down by tractors, even having one crush her skull and still live on until a stake is finally driven into her heart; even though she was a complete bitch who went a bit power-mad when she was turned, no one deserves to be killed like this.  What made Megumi’s death all the more repellant was the attitude of the villager’s responsible for it.  Here’s a teenage girl, who they know quite well since Megumi has always stood out in a crowd thanks to her attitude and clothes, and they still calmly mow her down repeatedly with tractors, while she screams for mercy and then curses them for their cruelty throughout her life.  Its only once they’ve crushed her skull that they think to clarify if she’s really a shiki – the villagers are so far gone that they barely differentiate between those that are human and those that are shiki – the slaughter has become random.

Megumi to the bitter end only wanted out of Sotoba, it’s all that’s driven her throughout the series (well that and her incessant stalking of Natsuno).  The fact is that once the Kirishiki’s were out of the picture Megumi felt absolutely no compulsion to stick around Sotoba – she really would have went off to a city and never looked back, she doesn’t really pose any further threat to Sotoba.  Still while I never actually expected her to survive, but it was still sickening to witness her demise – Megumi was a very entertaining character, the way she relished in her new powers and freedom was fun to watch, and to have her vibrant personality brought so low was jarring.

Onto another character that was entertaining to watch in all his bastardness – Tatsumi, and like Megumi, Tatsumi had a really bad time of it this week as well.  Playing his decoy role with dogged loyalty, Tatsumi was hit repeatedly by speeding cars and sustained multiple gunshot wounds (where the hell did all those guns come from all of a sudden anyway!?).  Just because the shiki can’t die doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pain such horrific injuries inflict.  To watch Tatsumi get mowed down, only to get up time and again was tough – Tatsumi may have been a bastard at times, but he did display a soft side at the end in his treatment of Muroi and absolute loyalty to Sunako; I really did like his character.

When Tatsumi comes face to face with Natsuno, who has been largely responsible for throwing Sotoba into this circle of destruction, Tatsumi shows the same calm, methodical way of dealing with the matter as he has throughout the show.  Tatsumi is very reliable and does whatever he can to get the job done, you can see why Sunako placed so much trust in him…..and its this very personality trait that made him such a great villain.  Tatsumi didn’t care what methods he had to employ to fulfill Sunako’s wishes, he easily slipped into the bad guy role to ensure order among the new shiki – all in order to protect Sunako’s dreams.  It was pretty tragic that he ended up killed by a teenager with some sort of twisted hero complex and death wish rolled into one, but Tatsumi’s expression of resignation at the very end is typical of him. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Tatsumi truly emotional throughout the series, he’s level-headed to a fault and even when he’s about to be blown to bits, Tatsumi is still perfectly composed – its hard to dislike a character that self-assured.

From one calm, methodical werewolf to another, moving on to Natsuno Yuuki.  Where Tatsumi’s way of working is understandable given his age and strong conviction, Natsuno’s role in the later half of the series felt really out-of-place and out of character.  Natsuno went from a stoic teenager with a major chip on his shoulder and trust issues, to a one man band of heroics with a dash of chess master fired in.  It’s very difficult to accept that a 15-year-old who was all but begging his undead best friend to run away with him prior to his turning, became this cool, collected character that pulled strings behind the scenes and ended up blowing himself and Tatsumi up with dynamite!  Such overblown behaviour just didn’t seem to work with the tone of the rest of the episode, and I find it hard to belive that Natsuno went to such drastic lengths to utterly destroy the shiki just because he didn’t like the Kirishiki’s methods.

It seemed like the anime wasn’t quite sure what to do with Natsuno for the most part in the later half of the series.  In the novels he stays dead once Tohru bites him, but he comes back in the manga apparently.  However because the manga is ongoing, and the end of the anime pulled stuff from the novel instead, it seems that Natsuno became a character that was pure plot device.  Ozaki needed to throw off Chizuru’s hypnotism – have Natsuno bite him.  The werewolves & Seishiro need to be dealt with – away you go Natsuno.  Oh crap we’ve forgotten Akira & Kaori! – ah its ok, just have Natsuno rescue them off screen……its kind of frustrating given how big a role Natsuno played in the 1st half that he was reduced to this in the 2nd half.  The only time Natsuno really acted like himself in the final episode is when he’s standing amidst the flames in Yamairi, looking at Tohru’s corpse – he looks really heartbroken there and considering his next move is to go tackle Tatsumi into a pit and blow himself up……..well the BL vibes are still strong there!

Finally we come to Toshio Ozaki, another character with a hero complex.  I had to finish with Ozaki really, he forms such a perfect bookend with Muroi – the two characters contrast each other really nicely.  Where Muroi started off floating though the series with no real sense of purpose, but ended up quite happy in his own skin and embraced a chance to escape and start over; Ozaki by contrast started out self-assured and very determined, but got caught up in the madness of the mob and lost control – ultimately all his struggle came to nothing…….Sotoba burned, the shiki may have been exterminated, but so too did many villagers lose their lives, homes & arguably their humanity in the carnage – Ozaki’s hands will never be clean of the blood he spilled.

Ozaki definitely becomes aware of how futile his actions are during episode 22.  He’s still marginally in charge, as some villagers do still turn to him for instructions, but ultimately Ookawa and others have taken matters into their own hands and Ozaki has had very little real influence over them.  Watching Ozaki take his frustrations out on a tree with a chainsaw harked back to a similar scene at the beginning of the show were he was kicking the wall of the gazebo at the clinic at his feelings of inadequacy.  Truly Ozaki never really changed much – he tried to enforce the status quo back on the situation, rather than adapt to the change.  The result was utter chaos and the loss of everything he ever had ever worked for.  It’s hard to see how Ozaki will ever come back from these events; where Muroi has decisively put Sotoba behind him, Ozaki is still chained to the town – how on earth do the survivors explain what happened in that town and how do they even attempt to forget?

So Sotoba burned and the only shiki to survive were Sunako & Muroi who ran from the flames.  But you can not call this a victory for the humans; many more of them survived, but they’ve lost their town, loved ones and will have to deal with the fallout of their bloody actions.  We’re shown survivors literally getting on a bus out of Sotoba at the very end during the ED credits – Kaori & Akira, Mr Yuuki, the drive-in lady & Nurse Lingerie all survive in addition to the majority of the mob and Ozaki.  Part of me would love a proper epilogue to see how the survivors are coping in a few years time, but think that this rather subdued end to the series fits best.  Ultimately what Shiki tells us, is that people suck – the people of Sotoba were horrible, horrible people……but that’s a very realistic depiction of what humanity is really like – Shiki refused to sugar coat anything and thats what made it such a fantastic series.

Its been an absolute joy to write about this series.  I was frustrated by the incredibly slow pace to start with, but once Shiki got going……  I got completely sucked into the show, it burned up all my energy when watching/thinking/talking/writing about it and I’m both relieved and saddened that it’s over.  I’m definitely going to pick up the manga, and if the novels ever get a translation I will be all over them!  So all that remains to be said is, thank you so much for sticking with me through all these posts (and I apologise for the length of this post!) –  Shiki gets 5/5 and a high place in my all time favourites – I can’t praise it enough.


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  1. January 3, 2011 8:35 pm

    Three cheers for Cara, I do wonder where natsuno got the Dynamite, and whether being bitten by a jinrou makes you more likely to become one

    • January 3, 2011 8:42 pm

      Guns & dyanmite out of no where!

      There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to becoming a werewolf that I can see. Tatsumi clearly bit more people throughout the series than just Muroi, as did Yoshie; and yet the only werewolves were Muroi & Natsuno.

      • June 23, 2013 6:49 pm

        o_o uhh wtf are you talking about!? there were no werewolfs in this show! lol geez no offense but that’s the dumbest thing i’v heard so far. A jinrou was just an advanced form of a Shiki! a day walker like Blade. I mean Natsuno got bit by his best friend who was a vampire so how does that make him a Werewolf? =__= anyway instead of becoming like him natsuno got to walk in the sun. This shows selection process was Genetic meaning only those who had the genes could become a certain type of vampire. A regular one or a day walker. I only wonder what happened to Natsuno’s mom exactly? cause she got bit too and supposedly left town.

        P.S. I Freaking Hate THAT Monk! such a traitor to mankind! Sunako is just going to do this again after she gets over her sadness because in the end she must survive. As sad as she looked don’t forget that she had a long life to act against her murderess path just like the nurse Ritsuko did.
        Also Sunako was the mastermind behind this master purge of the villagers and at some points she looked to really enjoy the slaughter. So even though it was super sad to see her cry the death by Spike would have been a fitting end..

        • June 23, 2013 8:07 pm

          When watching this show back when it was airing, the term Jinrou was translated. Jinrou literally means werewolf in Japanese. In Shiki the label was used to differentiate special vampires like Tatsumi & Natsuno, probably an ironic nod towards the fact most vampire stories have werewolves in them. So that’s why I’ve used the term werewolf in my posts.

          I really enjoyed Muroi’s character – he was utterly fascinating (and extremely frustrating) to watch. Not really all that likeable, but not many characters were in Shiki.

          Sunako has indeed had a long life, but it was an extremely sheltered one. Turned at such a young age she was extremely susceptible to the shiki instincts – she lived much longer as a vampire than she ever did as a human. It is therefore understandable and somewhat tragic to see her struggle so much with her nature at the end. Sunako craves acceptance, she embraced the bloodshed initially because she thought it would bring about a world that she could live in without fear. A selfish and childish wish – but that’s pretty human at the end of the day. I also think being forced to live on was a much crueller fate for Sunako than being staked.

  2. January 3, 2011 8:56 pm

    Hope your wrist is well 🙂

    I mentioned the weapons and explosives appearing out of nowhere in a certain thread…

    Your section on Muroi was amusing “poor Sunako, Muroi is a terrible, terrible priest!” A few times when people have been quite visibly distressed and he does nothing :/ but then he didnt choose this occupation himself. :S

    “Ozaki’s hands will never be clean of the blood he spilled.” None of them actually cleaned themselves even once in the days of shiki slaughter.

    You know it would be hilarious if the DVD specials are cliched things like where they all go to the beach for some bizzare reason during an epidemic XD

    oh before I forget”considering his next move is to go tackle Tatsumi into a pit and blow himself up……..well the BL vibes are still strong there!” not entirely sure how a suicide bomb attack should bring that up 😐

    • January 3, 2011 9:01 pm

      Wrist is killing me, but I shall perserve! Have more posts to write this week.

      Oh god, if the specials are one of those onsen/beach things I think I would cry.

      I mean that it was amusing that Natsuno’s reaction to seeing his precious Tohru-chan dead (and lying next to a woman!) is go commit suicide in the flashiest way possible……….dragging Tatsumi along for the ride.

      • Samuel Ciraulo permalink
        July 8, 2015 11:39 am

        This show captivated my heart and broke it into pieces.
        Ill state clearly that both sides did vicious and terrible acts that while forgivable can only be repaid in blood…

        The humans thought they were defending themselves, But the way they handled the Shiki shows that they were every ounce as monstrous and demonic as the worst of all the Shiki.

        Almost every Shiki death in this show was an act of absolute vengeance, the true Irony of this vengeance is that the vengeful were destroying those who were they were avenging…

        Kind of like killing your family for someone killing your family in so doing you think your avenging your family, Though I do realize that many humans did not rise.

        The main reason the Shiki killed instead of just feeding or finding a blood bank (yes they could survive like the Vampires in Underworld) was because they wanted to spend eternity with their loved ones.

        Their intentions were noble and benign but the ultimate truth was that the Shiki were victims of a terrible curse, And by killing their families and having them rise again was doing nothing but cursing their family with a hellish eternal existence.

        Living forever in this world of sin in the end would be a curse.

        The Humans at first had the right to defend themselves. But what they did was nothing short of murder. Neither side looked for ways to co exist even though co existing was highly possible.
        If the Shiki had owned a blood bank or merely fed once on a single person then left them alone for at least a month then there probably wouldn’t have been any problems or rivalries between the Shiki and Humans. I don’t see why Sunako and the other elder Shiki/Jinyou’s had to force the Shiki taint on people, They could have asked the people who might have wanted it first.

        The Shiki by having their numbers grow so large allowed themselves to love the advantage of blending in…
        Even if a few humans had wanted to murder them they could have hid themselves well, Plus the main reason the Village murdered the Shiki was because they felt absolutely threatened by the Shiki like they had to kill them all for any of them to survive.

        So it’s Ultimately Sunako’s, Tastumi’s and Chizzuru’s fault this happened.

        On an extremely personal note, Tohru was one person who never should have been a Shiki. He was good, kind, righteous (from a worldly point of view) and loving. That treacherous bitch Megumi was the cause of all of Tohru’s and Nastunos suffering.

        If the Shiki truly wanted a village of Shiki, Then they should have made their own village instead of infesting someone elses village.

        They should have searched far and wide for people who actually wanted to be Shiki and then have them all come to the village from around the world, That wouldn’t have been quite as idiotic as turning an entire village who didn’t want to be Shiki into Shiki.

        And some of the Humans were really good people, Like Tohrus father and Hasegawa (the man who killed Nao out of mercy).
        Dr Ozakai was a monstrous prick. I was horrified at what he did to his wife, That was unacceptable and unforgivable, He deserved death as much as anyone in this show. The fact that he didn’t die is just as unjust as Sunako not dying while Tohru and Nastuno dying for her sins.

        • jkbjkbjhbb permalink
          August 15, 2015 10:50 am

          The Shiki didn’t want to Co-exist so there was no helping the conflict. Natsuno tried his best to convince Tohro but Tohro insisted he couldn’t simply have ‘some’ even though they can’t actually take all a person’s blood in one meal anyway. The other werewolf guy seemed to manage fine on the priest’s arm though which seems a bit suspicious. No one ever considered a blood bank either for some reason. They could even do it secretly. Just pretend to have a condition where they need frequent blood transfusions and they’d be all good!

  3. January 3, 2011 8:59 pm

    Not everyone bitten by a jinrou may become a jinrou, I was just thinking that it may contribute to there being 2 jinrou born of Sotoba. Just a thought really. Really did not want Megumi to die, or Tatsumi.
    Still much :love: for Shiki

    • January 3, 2011 10:18 pm

      Won’t deny that it may be a contributing factor – but it still feels cheap given what a song and dance was made about the rarity fo the jinrou.

  4. adaywithoutme permalink
    January 3, 2011 10:08 pm

    I feel like everything I could say in response I’ve already said to you directly =P

    Dammit, fucking Natsuno! And that dynamite! Seriously?!?!?!

    Hmm… not sure I’d call Muroi ‘happy’, exactly. I think he’s just basically past being either sad or happy. But I’ve got that whole second piece of my retrospective to touch on that, so I shall resist gas-bagging about it here.

    • January 3, 2011 10:20 pm

      Haha, I felt the same when I went to go comment on your posts! This is what we get for spending 5+hrs talking about the series!

      Happy is probably a much too strong a word to associate with Muroi…..looking forward to you’re 2nd piece on him!

  5. Clinton permalink
    January 4, 2011 4:06 pm

    Kanami (the drive in lady) is probbley the best person in shiki trying to protect her shiki mother (and somehow not getting staked for that)

    Mr Yuuki seems to have gotten his sanity back maybe he can remarry and make another Natsuno and put it in that cute baby outfit

    • January 5, 2011 12:46 am

      Wonder how she escaped the stake mad mob & what became of the shiki mother for that matter…..

      I’d imagine once Mr Yuuki was free of the presence of his undead son, he mangaged to claw some sanity back together. Having Natsuno hanging about the house wouldn’t be good for anyone’s mental health……..or maybe Natsuno hynotised him back to sane land? That seemed to be Natsuno’s ultimate plot-no-jutsu afterall! XD

  6. Clinton permalink
    January 9, 2011 8:46 am

    okay it still bugs me how Tatsumi can get shot through the head and live yet Yoshie can’t

    tell when you caught up to speed in the manga

    • January 9, 2011 7:57 pm

      I don’t think Tatsumi got nailed right through the head, or the bullet wasn’t a high enough calibre to destroy his brain completely so he could regenerate the damaged tissue.

      I’ll be starting the manga next week – looking forward to it!

  7. January 12, 2011 5:10 pm

    Thanks for this excellent overview. An antidote to the doubters I’ve been reading. Your reactions to the various characters are very close to mine.

    • January 12, 2011 9:51 pm

      There does seem to be an odd split on the ending of the series, however on the whole I was very pleased with the series. Its not often that I get completely sucked into a series like this, and a large part of that was because of how utterly flawed the characters were – glad that someone else felt similarly to me!

  8. Zazn permalink
    January 17, 2011 9:51 pm

    I personally liked the series as well, but felt the ending (at least the whole last episode) happened a bit too sudden and fast. It felt a bit rushed. Many of the main characters – shiki and human – were killed off along with the town in the final episode. I guess I wanted it to be spanned out in another one or two episode and build on the story a bit more, but that is just my opinion.

    • January 17, 2011 10:01 pm

      I liked the fact everything happened so aburptly, it added to the sense that the situation in Sotoba had become a rolling stone that no one could possibily hope to stop. The series started really slowly, carefully building the characters & the setting – it was painstaking in its preparation, so when it reached the peak of the tension and all hell broke loose, I found it really fitting that the end of the show became a free-wheeling rollercoaster, ending is a spectacular crash that very few named characters walked away from. The fact that everything went up in flames is oddly fitting – fires smoulder slowly, but once they take hold everything is reduced to ashes scarily fast.

  9. January 19, 2011 8:37 pm

    nice review~ Actually I read the manga first. And I dropped it, though I’m a fan of Fujisaki Ryu, the one who did the illustrations (okay, maybe his style is different, but, well I like him for his Hoshin Engi). Maybe because I read it when it was out early and the translation aren’t fast enough orz.
    Well, the anime sure is easier to understand but sadly I didn’t really fond of the ending. I wasn’t expecting that they will rush the ending though the same thing happened to me, got sucked into this series after watched the anime. Glad they made Shiki into anime. After got this one forgotten for a while, when saw it’s listed in the season, I immediately got it into my watching list. Why must they end this so fast T_T. Sorry for my long comment orz. Maybe I’d write about Shiki’s ending too 🙂

    • January 19, 2011 10:24 pm

      The artstyle really took some getting used to at the start, plus the pacing is pretty damn slow to start with – combined with slow release/scanlation schedules, I can see why you dropped the manga.

      The anime was excellent, it really piqued my curiousity about the manga, and I’ve started reading it this week to see what the differences are……just not ready to say goodbye to Shiki yet!

  10. May 17, 2013 3:42 pm

    I think jinrou are born when shiki bit the twice and didn’t let them die like tohru did ,
    natsuno- he was bitten twice or three time and news of his death reach to tohru who stop preying on him
    muroi- he was bitten twice by tatsumi and he did lie down as if he was dead which he did evolve as tatsumi says/explaning to muroi earlier in the basement
    ozaki- he was bitten twice by chizuru but i think the transformation didn’t complete because he was bit by natsuno and i like his smile when chizuru found out that a bitten mark exist on his arm. His smile reminds me of yagami light which frequently smile, motoko also said ‘watashi wa kachi da’ right just like light says when he think that he win against near

    • June 23, 2013 8:57 pm

      ok here are the facts. (Sorry in advanced for the length but it can answer some questions)

      Fact 1) It doesn’t matter how many times you’re bitten because if you get a blood transfusion you’ll recover Like when the Doctor did it to that lady and how he did to himself. The doctor explained that you only turn into a Shiki when you are drained of all your blood and die as a result. This depends on how long a shiki is willing to keep his pray alive varying from 2 to 4 days tops (Cause the doctor says Shiki get full after Draining) and when they want to they can take a life on the spot without drinking all the blood.

      Fact 2) Who ever didn’t rot and turned into a Shiki was because there genetics allowed it. This is why some shiki prefered going after there families because there families would most likely rise from the dead (except for that chick Nao who wasn’t blood related to her family)

      Fact 3) Muroi did not pretend to die He did die. I see no reason for him to pretend to pass out when he was trying so hard to protect Sunako. Remember he got Punctured through the stomach and bleed out as a result. Since he was bitten before he died he was able to return as a Shiki not a Jinrou.

      Fact 4) jinrou’s Don’t die to turn, they just transform as mentioned by Tatsumi. Natsuno’s dad just thought his son was dead so he sent him away in a hearse. (for those of you who say think this.. no! Jinrous are not werewolf’s Lmao smh how can Vampires make Werewolfs?) anyway.

      Theorys: So putting all this info together I say that Jinrou’s are possibly born by.

      Theory 1) Since a Shiki’s blood is alive and active when Human blood touches it, Its possible that a Jinrou is born when their blood aren’t fully drained from there bodies but enough blood is left to be able to temporarily flat line the victims pulse and have them go into a comatose state. The fact that your body is in a coma could go hand in hand with the fact that those who become Jinrous don’t die but instead transform some what like a caterpillar would.
      Natsuno might have had some blood left over in his body because I can’t Imagine his Best friend being able to fully Suck him dry as if he were just another meal. Because of theThe Shiki’s Bite could have started working cause it thought Natsuno’s body was dead. Then The bite would have mixed with the little bit of human blood that was still inside Natsuno thus making him a Jinrou (More Human like than Shiki Like)

      Theory 2) It could’v just been in his jeans to be a Jinrou. Since most of the candidacy of becoming a Shiki’s had to do with Genetics maybe Jinrou’s worked the same way.

      anyway in order to really understand the series in every aspect then its important to watch it twice cause its just plain awesome!

  11. schlonghammer permalink
    July 8, 2014 11:57 am

    I hated everything about Sunako. Wanted her to die in the end. The only Shiki that didn’t deserve death was Ritsuko.

  12. Epic Beard Guy permalink
    October 25, 2014 2:40 pm

    If Sunako looked like that old temple hag, then EVERYONE would be ECSTATIC to see her dead regardless of whatever nonsense she spouts about her only wanting to survive so she needs to kill and all that crap.


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