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Autumn Anime Preview 2011

September 23, 2011

You know, I may as well copypasta my spiel from the Summer Preview to explain why the blog has suddenly died, but I’m sure most of you had already figured out that I’ve been having health issues again (now awaiting an MRI – fun times).  Anyway, regardless of it being an extremely stupid idea & pretty late in the season, I have written my preview for the Autumn season.  Basically it just feels wrong to not have one done since I’ve been doing the things since the winter of 2008!  So no more ‘oh woe is me’ talk, lets get onto the anime.

Busou Shinki Moon Angel

Animation Studio: Kinema Citrus / TNK
Japanese Airdate: 22nd Sept 2011
Seiyuu: Kana Asumi, Minori Chihara
Director: Masayuki Kojima (Monster, Azuki-chan)

Summary: Original story anime based on Konami‘s Busou Shinki line of mecha musume action figures.
The story will follow the coming of age and Shinki battles of Tsubasa, a boy who dreams of becoming a Shinki Master, and his Shinki partner Arnval Mk. 2.

Immediate thought was Angelic Layer meets Infinite Stratos…….not sure if that’s a good thing.  PV certainly looks shiny, but just can’t find it in myself to be interested – like the mecha musume designs though.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume (S2)

Animation Studio: Diomedea
Japanese Airdate: 26th Sept 2011
Seiyuu: Ayumi Fujimura, Hisako Kanemoto, Rie Tanaka
Director: Tsutomu Mizushima (Ookiku Furikabutte, xxxHOLiC)

Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Masahiro Anbe’s manga series.
The adventures of Ika-Musume (Squid Girl) who has come from the sea to invade humanity. She is tired of humans polluting the ocean and decides that in order to protect the sea she loves, she must conquer humanity first. She starts off with a nearby beach house but is stopped by Aizawa Eiko who works there. Ika-Musume breaks down a wall of the beach house and is forced by Eiko to work there until she can pay off the repairing fees. Will Ika-Musume be able to successfully invade humanity?

I didn’t last the first season; my inability to stick with plotless comedy shows reared its head about ep5.  Ika Musume isn’t a bad wee show though, it was pretty fun & lots of folks seemed to enjoy S1 – basically if you liked the first incarnation you’ll already be looking forward to this.

Bakuman. 2

Animation Studio: JC Staff
Japanese Airdate:  1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Atsushi Abe, Satoshi Hino, Ayako Kawasumi, Kentarou Tone, Nobuhiko Okamoto
Director: Kenichi Kasai ( Honey & Clover, Miracle Train)

Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of sugimi Ohbata & Takeshi Obata’s shounen manga.
Bakuman. follows the story of high school student Moritaka Mashiro, a talented artist who does not know what he wants to do with his future. One day he draws a picture of Azuki Miho, a girl he is secretly fond of, during class and forgets the notebook at school. He comes back to find that his classmate Akito Takagi is waiting for him with his notebook. Takagi tries to convince Mashiro to become a mangaka, a manga artist, with him, only leading to Mashiro’s disagreement. Mashiro goes home and thinks about his mangaka uncle, who had only one successful series before he died in obscurity. Mashiro is interrupted by a phone call from Takagi, who says that he is going to tell Azuki that Mashiro likes her. Mashiro runs down to Azuki’s house to find Takagi waiting for him. Once Azuki comes out to meet them, Takagi tells her that he and Mashiro are aiming to be mangaka. Mashiro then learns that she wants to be a seiyū, a voice actor, and has shown promise in the field. Mashiro, once again thinking about his uncle, accidentally proposes to Azuki. She accepts. However, she will only marry him after they achieve their dreams. In addition, they cannot see each other until then.

I got massively pissed off with the first series of the Bakuman anime – I read the manga, and really wasn’t happy with how JC Staff adapted the story with a much heavier focus on the sucky romance aspect of the series.  As such even though I will definitely be watching this sequel, I am not really looking forward to it.  The upcoming arcs are pretty weak in the grand scheme, so I can only panic about how much worse the anime will make them!  Still I may be surprised, perhaps they’ll have learned from their mistakes??

C³ (C Cube / Cube x Cused X Curious)

Animation Studio: Silver Link
Japanese Airdate: 1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Yukari Tamura, Yuuki Kaji, Chiwa Saito, Eri Kitamura
Director: Shin Oouma (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Natsu no Arashi)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Hazuki Minase’s light novel series.
A school battle action & love comedy with ecchi elements. Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy and naturally resistant to curses. His father, Honatsu, sends him cursed instruments called “Worse” to try to break this. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu. During the night, he encounters a naked silver haired girl stealing rice crackers. She is the human-form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called “Fear in Cube”. Haruaki and the girl ‘Fear’ fight together against other ‘Worse’ instruments and their owners using Fear’s 32 mechanisms of torture.

The only possible upside I can really think of for this show is the fact it’s being handled by Silver Link, so at least the animation will be pretty & filled with SHAFT-esque quirks.  Other than that it just sounds like yet another painfully generic magical girlfriend anime – not holding my breath for this one.


Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures
Japanese Airdate: 1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Kana Asumi, Daisuke Ono, Eri Kitamura, Hiroshi Kamiya
Director: Atsuhi Ootsuki (Kanokon, Ladies Vs Butlers)

Summary: Second season of the anime adaption of Takatsu Karino’s 4-koma manga.
Set in a family restaurant in Hokkaido, the northern prefecture of Japan, 16 year old high school student Takanashi Souta works part-time along with his strange co-workers.

Working! turned out to be something of a surprise for me.  I originally dropped the show after the rather woeful first episode, but picked it up again a few episodes later after hearing good things.  It’s a fun show & I enjoyed the characters a lot so I was pretty pleased to hear of a sequel.  However the new director is very, very worrying – the man behind such ‘illustrious’ titles as Kanokon, Ladies Vs Butlers and Motto To-Love-Ru does not inspire confidence……quite worried now.


Animation Studio: ufotable
Japanese Airdate: 1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi, Rikiya Koyama, Akira Ishida, Tomokazu Seki, Sayaka Ohara
Director: Ei Aoki (Ga-Rei: Zero, Wandering Son)

Summary: New anime adaptation based on the Type Moon game franchise.
Taking place 10 years before the events of Fate/Stay Night, this series chronicles the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War.

Even though Fate/Stay Night was pretty shambolic, I still enjoyed the series on a purely shallow level – the characters designs are fantastic and whole idea of the Holy Grail War is pretty interesting.  As such I’m really looking forward to this prequel, mainly because the Fate/Zero story is basically professionally produced fanfiction and seems a bit more coherent than the plot of Fate/Stay Night!  There’s a top-notch cast, a very capable director on board for this & ufotable’s animation is looking amazing so I’m pretty excited about Fate/Zero – it will be pretty if nothing else & I can live with that!

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

Animation Studio: Lerche
Japanese Airdate: 1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Shizuka Itou, Yuu Asakawa, Akane Tomonaga, Daisuke Ono
Director: Keitaro Motonaga (Katanagatari, School Days)

Summary: Anime adaptation of MinatoSoft’s eroge.
Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A healthy fighting spirit is always valued and it’s even an important factor for success at school.
Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami Highchool is always with his close friends (4 boys and 3 girls). They have all known each other since they were young and have done many things together. While they have many other friends, this group of seven is a close-knit, inseparable group. They even have a secret base where they meet.
With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things begin to change…

Urgh…..where to start?  First off the animation is hella derpy looking in the PV (which I presume is the OP?) – what’s with the eyes & boobs!?  Also the whole plot summary sounds like its picked bits from a load of other similar shows and just rammed it all together.  The only positive thing I have to say is that it’s got an impressive voice cast…….that’s it.

Horizon on the middle of Nowhere (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon)

Animation Studio: Sunrise
Japanese Airdate: 1st Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Minori Chihara, Ami Koshimizu, Aoi Yuuki, Daisuke Ono
Director: Manabu Ono (A Channel, Dragonaut)

Summary: In the far future, humans abandon the devastated Earth and move to the upper world “Tenjo”. But Tenjo and the law of causation collapse by a war and humans return to the Earth, which has turns into an inhabitable planet except for Shinshu area.
Shinshu is too small to accommodate all the humans, so they duplicate the area and create “Juso Sekai” in a parallel world. In order to rebuild Tenjo and the law of causation, the returned humans start reproduction of the history from B.C. 10,000. When the reproduction proceeds to A.D. 1413, a war breaks out in Shinshu and Juso Sekai falls onto the original world.
The humans living in Juso Sekai lose their land and invade the original world. People in Shinshu surrender and the land is divided by the invaders from Juso Sekai. They try to resume the history reproduction from A.D.1457, but the update of the history terminates in A.D.1648. A rumour of apocalypse begins to spread the world.

Looks like this is the spiritual successor to Sacred Seven for ‘crappy Sunrise show of the season’ – the whole B-team must have been shoved onto this project; just seeing Manabu Ono’s name popping up as director made me facepalm – I don’t think he’s ever helmed a decent project.  However I don’t know who I’m kidding, I know I’m going to end up watching this if only for the trainwreck potential and the fact it’s got both FukuJun & OnoDai in it!  I do love being a shallow fangirl sometimes.

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Animation Studio: Madhouse
Japanese Airdate: 2nd Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Keiji Fujiwara, Mariya Ise, Megumi Han, Miyuki Sawashiro, Daisuke Namikawa
Director: Hiroshi Koujina (Rainbow, Grenadier)

Summary: New anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s shounen manga.
Many people in the world aspire to be hunters, either for the fame, wealth or special privileges. However, it is said that only one in hundreds of thousands can pass the test to be a qualified hunter. Gon’s journey to become such a hunter, and to find his father, who is acknowledged as the greatest hunter in the world, begins. Along the way, he befriends Killua, a member of a renowned assassin family, Kurapica, who is determined to become a Blacklist Hunter to capture the criminals responsible for his tribe’s deaths, and Leorio, who aspires to be a doctor.

Now I loved the Hunter x Hunter anime & I’m still reading the manga, so I’m fairly mystified about why Madhouse have decided to remake the thing with an entirely new cast.  It’s not like with Fullmetal Alchemist where the original anime heavily deviated from the plot of the manga; the HxH anime stayed pretty faithful for the majority of its run, the manga is also still ongoing with no real end in sight, so it’s not like this reboot will have firm closure (unless it goes anime original?).  So it makes me wonder just why they’ve decided to do this.  Not that I’m not looking forward to the show, I am, but I really hope this remake is as good as the original – HxH is a series that needs more love, its surprisingly dark at times and sometimes feels like a deconstruction of the shounen genre.  If this remake creates more fans of the series, that can only be a good thing.

Phi Φ Brain: God’s Puzzle

Animation Studio: Sunrise
Japanese Airdate: 2nd Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama, Shintaro Asanuma, Akira Ishida, Keiji Fujiwara, Kaori Shimizu, Mamaru Miyano
Director: Junichi Sato (Kaledo Star, Princess Tutu)

Summary: Original production airing on NHK-Educational. The school adventure story revolves around Kaito, a puzzle-loving freshman at the private high school named “Root Academy.” He is selected as a candidate for “Phi Brain” for his extraordinary mental skills. One day, he and his childhood friend Nonoha tackle the “unsolvable puzzle” hidden in the underground ruins near the school. They are guided by the mobile device given to Kaito by the student council president. The puzzle is the “philosopher’s puzzle,” a life-threatening creation of a mysterious intelligence group known as “POG.” When he defeats the puzzle, he is designated as a “Solver.” Together with Nonoha and other Solvers, Kaito battles POG at “philosopher’s puzzles” all over the world.

For a Sunrise show I’m pretty unimpressed by the character designs & animation, but aside from the dodgy aesthetics, I’m really quite looking forward to Phi Brain.  It sounds quite generic on paper, but with Junichi Sato in the director’s chair and the NHK-Educational timeslot, there is real potential for something interesting here (plus look at that voice cast!).  Everything will depend on the quality of the writing, but this is a show to keep an eye on – I have a good feeling about it.

Tamayura ~Hitotose~

Animation Studio: Hal Film Maker
Japanese Airdate: 3rd Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Ayana Taketatsu, Kana Asumi, Yuka Iguchi, Yuko Gibu
Director: Junichi Sato (Aria the Animation, Pretear)

Summary: For her first year of high school, Fu Sawatari moves to Takehara, a scenic old town near Hiroshima, on the Inland Sea. Her father, who has passed away, grew up in Takehara. She loves taking photographs with her father’s old film camera, a Rollei 35S. The story follows her and the friends who gather around her as she comes to love her new home.

Watching OVA for this was like some sort of hell for me – thank god I was in a group who prevented me from getting too suicidal.  I really hate this kind of insufferably nice show where nothing of real importance ever happens – they just bore me to death, Cara wants some excitement, or at least some emotion!  The sheer blandness of Tamayura was borderline offensive to me so I shall definitely be avoiding this TV series like the plague – just how the hell are they going to stretch this out for a whole season? Two OVA episodes were too much already! Urgh!

Kimi to Boku

Animation Studio: JC Staff
Japanese Airdate: 3rd Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Ryohei Kimura, Kouki Uchiyama, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Miyu Irino
Director: Mamoru Kanbe (Sora no Woto, Elfen Lied)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Kiichi Hotta’s adolescent comedy manga.
The story revolves around four teens — the good-looking twins Yuuta and Yuuki Asaba, the effeminate Shun Matsuoka, and the class head Kaname Tsukahara — who have known each other since early childhood. While they are not necessarily good or bad friends, they continue to hang out well into high school. The half-Japanese transfer student Chizuru Tachibana joins the circle of friends in this comedy about the everyday life of adolescence.

So having bored us all to death with innumerable shows of cute girls doing cute things, it seems that in the name of equal opportunities, it’s the boy’s turn.  This series basically seems to be a genderbent version of the standard K-ON! type show – I expect it to come complete with tea parties & cake.  Saying that it all really depends on the source material and writing – I’m not optimistic given JC Staff’s recent laziness, but willing to give Kimi to Boku a chance.

Sengoku Paradise Kiwami

Animation Studio:
Japanese Airdate: 3rd Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Asami Imai, Daichi Kanbara, Daisuke Namikawa, Rei Mochizuki, Tetsuya Kakihara

Summary: Anime adaptation of a mobile otomoe game community based on historical Sengoku heroes.
The service is aimed at female players and has ikemen (handsome male) versions of sengoku heroes fighting for the players. After registering for free, players can create and expand their own domain. Players can interact with each other with the built-in community features and swap text stories, diary entries, and illustrations.

Very little information seems to be available about this anime adaptation, and the whole premise just seems extremely shallow……not that that’s a bad thing; I enjoy shallow crap every now and then!  However this show entirely depends on what tone they decide to go for – if it’s camp as hell with pretty sparkly bishies, then it may be my replacement for UtaPri; but if it decides to attempt a plot things it may be an entirely different story.  Will just have to wait and see.


Animation Studio: Madhouse
Japanese Airdate: 4th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Asami Seto, Ai Kayano, Mamour Miyano, Tooru Nara
Director: Morio Asaka (Aoi Bungaku: No Longer Human, Cardcaptor Sakura)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Yuki Suetsugu’s jousei manga.
Chihaya is a lighthearted tomboy, who’s not especially good at anything in particular. Her dream has always been for her sister (an aspiring model) to become number one beauty in Japan, or perhaps in the world. But then one day she meets someone who tells her that a dream is something that should concern only herself – and something she has to work hard for as well.
At the same time Chihaya discovers a passion for the old Japanese game – hyakunin ishhu, also called “karuta”.

While this series looks quite shoujo, it’s actually jousei so my fears of drowning in bubbles & suffering though another crap shoujo ‘heroine’ are somewhat abated.  The fact that the sports element is a card game involving matching poetry, seems like it could be interesting and the director is pretty adept so I’m not really panicking about the handling.  I’m actually quite looking forward to this – hoping that this signals a return to good Madhouse after all that MARVEL rubbish.


Animation Studio: AIC
Japanese Airdate: 4th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Tomoaki Maeno, Noriko Shitaya, Hitomi Harada, Iori Nomizu
Director: Koichi Ohata (Burst Angel, Ikkitousen)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Hiromitsu Takeda’s martial arts harem manga.
Takeru Ohyama, a young normal yet perverted minded guy, got accepted and now goes to a school that, unknown to him, was where combat and magic is used. On the first day, he meets again after three years: Haruko Amaya, his childhood friend, Inaho Kushiya, a girl who says she’s his fiance, and Kodama Himegami, a blonde who wants to kill him. Finding out that there are many girls there that just don’t like him, he is told that everyone there uses a special magic ability while using an item or weapon called a Maken. Later, he finds that no Maken is acceptable for him and doesn’t know what to do, since in this school the students get into duels that showcase their magic and combat power, to which he seemingly has none.

I wonder if I actually have to write anything here……surely you know where I stand on these shows by now!? I keep getting this mixed up with Maji de Watashi no Koi Shinasai!! as they’re basically identical with a few tweaks…… that Maken-ki! has magic involved so it’s clearly completely different & unique…….or you know, exactly like every other magical martial arts ecchi series ever made. Slightly amused that the PV has an R18 cert on YouTube – can’t have young-un’s exposed to those obnoxious panty-shots & poorly censored breasts! Clearly I won’t be watching this.

Mashiro-Iro Symphony

Animation Studio: Manglobe
Japanese Airdate: 4th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Takahiro Mizushima, Mai Goto, Mayumi Yoshida, Noriko Rikamaru
Director: Eiji Suganuma (Kodomo no Jikan, Sasameki Koto)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Palette’s eroge.
The story of the game centers around a boy named Shingo Uryū who goes to an academy — that is merging with a prestigious girl’s school in the same town. Shingo is among the boys selected to attend the girl’s school in a temporary integration period before the schools’ actual merger.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I thought that The Sacred Blacksmith & The World God Only Knows were minor blips before Manglobe got it’s act back together and started producing quality like Samuari Champloo & Michiko to Hatchin again………but no.  Here they are with a fecking eroge adaptation and not even a particularly interesting looking one either.  Mashiro-Iro Symphony looks like the kind of barrel-scraping series that Dogakobo or Nomad normally come out with, what with those horrendous flouncy character designs and snore-inducing synopsis…….Manglobe, I am disappoint.

Persona 4: The Animation

Animation Studio: AIC ASTA
Japanese Airdate: 6th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu, Daisuke Namikawa, Showtaro Morikube, Yui Horie, Tomokazu Seki
Director: Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Seto no Hanayome)

Summary: Anime adaptation of the popular Atlus RPG.
Persona 4 takes place in the same universe as Persona 3 in a rural town named Inaba. There have been mysterious murders occurring whenever there was fog after heavy rain. There were also rumors about a channel on television airing only at midnight called Mayonaka TV, during which it is said that one can see his/her “other half” when staring at the TV screen.
After hearing about a recent unsolved murder which occurred during the fog, the characters—the main character, Chie, and Yōsuke—discuss how each of them had attempted to watch the mysterious TV channel and witnessed the murder victim. The protagonist later realizes that during midnight when the channel is on, his body can phase into his television set as a gateway to enter another world infested with shadows.
After discovering this, they all decide to explore. When first completely entering the world, dazed and confused, the main character meets Teddie. Mayonaka TV and the town murders seem to have a connection. The murder victims may be merely victims of Mayonaka TV. Everyone decides that they will together try to solve the mysterious murders by exploring the hidden world of Mayonaka TV.

The PV’s for this show look amazing – they just ooze style!  I’m aware that the Persona games are extremely popular and have heard that Persona 4 has a great storyline, but I’m still slightly concerned about how well that will translate into an anime format – its notoriously difficult to adapt games into anime simply because there is no way to include everything & the two media are extremely different.  The first Persona anime (Trinity Soul, which has no relation to this series) was a big disappointment – it had lots of interesting things & potential, but just failed to deliver something satisfying.  I’m hoping that Persona 4 is handled better, but have a slight concern about the director – Seji Kishi doesn’t seem to know what tone is and his shows are filled with jarring clashes of comedy, drama & everything in between!  I don’t know how his style will work with Persona since I’m unfamiliar with the games, but I’m still very much looking forward to this series – the cast is amazing & it looks really cool if nothing else.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (I don’t have many friends)

Animation Studio: AIC Build
Japanese Airdate: 6th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Marina Inoue, Kanae Itou, Ryohei Kimura, Kana Hanazawa
Director: Hisashi Saito (Bamboo Blade, Sora no Otoshimono)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Yomi Hirasaka’s light novel series.
Hasegawa Kodaka has transferred schools, and he’s having a hard time making friends. It doesn’t help that his blond hair tends to make people think he’s a delinquent. One day, he runs into his bad-tempered solitary classmate Yozora while she’s talking animatedly to her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing that neither of them have any actual friends, they decide that the best way to alter this situation is to form a club and start recruiting.
That is how “Rinjinbu”, The Neighbours’ Club, was formed, a club specifically designed for people who don’t have very many friends. As other lonely classmates slowly join their little club, they’ll try to learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities. But will this group of relationship-challenged misfits really be able to get along?

If I had just read the summary I’d have thought that this had the potential to be an interesting show about loneliness and how social outcasts try to make friends………but then I looked at the promo materials, studio and director and all notions of this being a worthwhile series went out the window.  Don’t have any misconceptions, this series is going to be about a bunch of cute girls getting into situations what require them to wear as little clothing as possible and the gormless male lead will accidentally end up molesting them on a regular basis.  There will be bath scenes, probably a beach episode and/or a trip to the hotsprings.  I will not be fooled into watching this!!

Shakugan no Shana III Final

Animation Studio: JC Staff
Japanese Airdate: 7th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya, Satoshi Hino, Ayako Kawasumi, Hitomi Nabatame, Masahi Ebara
Director: Takashi Watanabe (Freezing, Slayers)

Summary: Third TV anime adaptation of Noizi Itou & Yashichiro’s popular light novel series.
Sakai Yuuji, a high school student who expected his normal life to last forever, is dead. When he was on his way home he witnessed a shocking view as the world suddenly froze: people were engulfed by blue flames and a monster resembling a large doll swallowed them. Just as the monster prepared to consume Yuuji, a sword-wielding girl in black attire with flaming red eyes and hair that burns like embers saved him from the monster. The girl called herself a “Flame Haze” who hunts the “Guze no Tomogara”, creatures from another world. As Yuuji noticed a blue flame in his chest, she called him a “Torch”, a temporary replacement, saying that the “real” Yuuji’s existence had already ended. Unfazed, Yuuji befriended the strange girl, named her “Shana”, and joined her fight against Tomogara and other Flame Hazes.

Because if there’s one thing we really need it’s yet another JC Staff Shana clone……..oh wait, this is the original Shana? Statement still stands!  At this point I really couldn’t care less about Shakugan no Shana.  I enjoyed the first season, mainly for the aesthetics (Shana’s got a pretty cool design with that burning hair – pity about the personality) but the other seasons have all blurred together and I really couldn’t give a monkey’s about what’s going on in the show any more.  Apparently this is the last TV series so I’ll watch it regardless (not that this won’t mean there won’t be further OVAs or movies) but I shall be watching out of obligation rather than any desire to actually find out what happens to these bland characters. Those who’ve watched previous seasons know what they’re in for.

Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing

Animation Studio: GONZO
Japanese Airdate: 7th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Ai Kayano, Aki Toyosaki, Aoi Yuuki, Eri Kitamura,Jun Fukuyama
Director: Koichi Chigira (Full Metal Panic!, Tower of Druaga)

Summary: New original anime set in the Last Exile universe.
The series will revolve around “the young ace vanship pilot, Fam, and her trusted navigator, Giselle, as they pilot their vanship, Vespa, through the free and peaceful skies.”

I’m caught somewhere between being excited and dreading this new Last Exile series.  Last Exile is in my Top 50 favourite anime, I really didn’t feel any desire or need for a sequel…..yet here we are.  GONZO have chosen one of their very best shows to make their return from the dead (Nyanpire doesn’t count) and it will be interesting to see if they are up to the task of producing a show worthy of that Last Exile title.  I’m relieved that this is more a series set in the same universe rather than a direct sequel, but still find it hard to believe that this will come anywhere near capturing the fantastic atmosphere and brilliant storytelling of the original.  Another thing causing me worry is that Maaya Sakamoto J-Pop OP that could not be more different from the original’s Cloud Age Symphony, which coupled with the increase in cute little girls in the promo art makes me think that they’re aiming for a completely different type of show here.  Still I am going to check this out – the character & world designs are still amazing.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2

Animation Studio: Studio DEEN
Japanese Airdate: 7th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Takashi Kondo, Katsuyuki Konishi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yuuichi Nakamura
Director: Chiaki Kon (Junjou Romantica, Nodame Cantabile Finale)

Summary: Second season of the anime adaptation of Shungiku Nakamura’s BL manga.
Onodera Ritsu has just transferred from his father’s publishing company to Marukawa Shoten. Assigned to the shoujo manga division, he crosses path with the person he’d least expected to meet. Takano Masamune is the editor-in-chief of the division Ritsu’s been assigned to, and the two seem get off on the wrong foot right from the very start when Takano unexpectedly kisses him. However, there is more to than what meets the eye: Takano is actually Saga, Ritsu’s senpai and high school love, whom Ritsu had thought to have played him for a fool by taking his affections for granted when he confessed and summarily dumped him.

Well the first season wasn’t great (understatement of the year there) but as predicted here’s another season anyway, and I will watch it regardless because BL fangirls really don’t have much choice – gotta watch the slim pickings we’re occasionally offered!  Expecting more boring crap & attempted rape in the A & B couples and maybe a few decent episodes when the C couple get some screentime…….yay?


Animation Studio: David Production
Japanese Airdate: 8th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Emiri Katou, Hiro Shimono, Mariya Ise, Ai Kayano, Mamoru Miyano
Director: Shin Itagaki (Basquash, Black Cat)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Asaura’s “school serious/gag action” light novel series.
Sato Yo is a high school boy who likes SEGA games. One day, he enters a grocery store to buy some food for dinner. When he tries to take a bento box, he loses consciousness. He comes around to find all the bento sold out. He notices there is a war game going on at grocery stores and players called “Wolves” compete for the half-priced bento. Yarizui Sen, the leader of the Half-Pricer Club, forces Yo to join the club and he enters the bento war.

Now here’s one of those shows that’s either going to be brilliant or crap.  The concept is pretty out there, but if it’s well written it does have the potential to be a great comedy.  The busty character designs aren’t filling me with confidence, but David Production are usually pretty solid in terms of writing if not animation quality.  Going to have to wait and see on this one.

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

Animation Studio: Sunrise
Japanese Airdate: 9th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Aya Endo, Daisuke Ono, Hiroki Touchi, Kouki Miyata
Director: Susumu Yamaguchi (Sgt. Frog movies 2-4)

Summary: New instalment in the Gundam franchise – AU.
The story will span a century and three generations of Gundam pilots. In the year A.G. (Advanced Generation) 101 — several hundred years after humans migrated to space colonies — an Unknown Enemy (UE) suddenly attacks the space colony Angel and destroys it. The calamity and the huge loss of life became known afterward as “The Day the Angel Fell From the Skies.”
Seven years later, the war with the UE comes to the once peaceful colony where seven-year-old Flit Asuno lives. When Flit loses his mother to the war, he is entrusted with the “AGE Device,” a memory unit which has been handed down from generation to generation in his family. On the device are the designs for “Gundam,” an ancient mobile suit known as a savior. Flit resolves to build the Gundam.
In the year A.G. 115, 14-year-old Flit is at the Earth Federation base Arinsuton on the space colony Nora. For seven years, Flit has continued developing with the base’s engineers, and at last the “Gundam” is complete. The Gundam is equipped with the AGE System, which allows the unit automatically evolve. However, the UE has arrived at Nora, and Flit must fight in the very Gundam he built himself.

So a new Gundam show then, and this one is quite obviously pitching to a younger demographic.  That may not be a bad thing, but I can’t help but feel a bit indifferent towards this new entry in the franchise.  A major reason for that are the character designs – I’m really not a fan of the simplified artwork having become used to the more detailed designs Sunrise typically employ.  The use of three generations in the series could be interesting though, and I am curious about how this new incarnation of Gundam measures up to the rest of the AU series.  I’ll give it a whirl since mecha pickings are pretty slim, but not entirely convinced as of yet.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Animation Studio: asread
Japanese Airdate: 9th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Mai Aizawa, Misuzu Togashi, Tomosa Murata, Norio Wakamoto, Akira Ishida
Director: Naoto Hosoda (Shuffle!, Minami-ke: Okawari)

Summary: Anime adaptation of Sakae Esuno’s shounen manga.
Middle school 2nd year, Amano Yukiteru, is a boy who has problem making friends. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary.
Tormented by solitude, Yukiteru began to imagine things like a friend called Deus Ex Machina who is apparently the Lord of Time & Space. Seeing Yukiteru’s miserable state, Deus gives him a new ability. His diary will now record events that will happen in the near future. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a game which the winner will become Deus’s successor.

Mirai Nikki is a strange series.  I really enjoyed the insanity of the manga – it’s not the best written series in the world, but it does have a lot of energy and memorable characters, so I was really pleased to hear it was getting a TV anime……..and then I heard it was asread with Naoto Hosoda directing, which promptly killed any enthusiasm I had for the series.  I am now braced for the worst, but will of course be watching this potential trainwreck with bated breath.  In more capable hands Mirai Nikki would still have a high trainwreck potential, as it is the carnage is practically guaranteed…….which actually makes start looking forward to the show again!


Animation Studio: BONES
Japanese Airdate: 13th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Aki Toyosaki, Ryo Katsuji, Miyu Irino, Shinichiro Miki, Nozomi Yamamoto
Director: Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam 00)

Summary: Airing in the Noitamina timeslot, the story is based on the works of Ango Sakaguchi (Aoi Bungaku Series‘ “In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom”), a post-World War II Japanese novel and essayist.
Story is about a detective named Yuki Shinjuro, who solves various incidents that happen in his circle of friends. The adaptation will utilize an original story set in the near future, revolving around the detective and a boy named Inga, who continually encounter mysterious cases.

I’ve become slightly more cautious about noitaminA shows lately – I used to be “is noitaminA, will watch” but after the Fractale debacle & the less than stellar end to No.6, I’m slightly less confident.  That being said, I’m still very interested in Un-Go since Bones have a really good staff on board and the mystery tag always sparks my curiousity, so the only real negative I’m coming up with is the fact it will only be 11 episodes and that the character designs aren’t appealing to me right now…..which aren’t really major negatives!  Looking forward to this.

Guilty Crown

Animation Studio: Production I.G.
Japanese Airdate: 13th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Yuuki Kaji, Yuuichi Nakamura, Ai Kayano, Aya Endo, Takehito Koyasu
Director: Tetsuro Araki (Death Note, High School of the Dead)

Summary: Original production airing in the Noitamina timeslot.
After the outbreak of the unidentified virus “Lost Christmas” in 2029, Japan has been under the control of a multi-nation organization called GHQ. Ohma Shu is a 17 year old boy who has a psychic power in his right hand. He can use the power “Ability of King” to extract tools or weapons from his friends. He has been avoiding making trouble for others but his life changes when he meets a girl Yuzuriha Inori, a member of a resistance guerrilla group called “Undertaker”, whose members pilot mecha weapons to fight against the government.

I’m probably more interested in this noitaminA show – it seems to have quite a lot of things I quite like fired into it!  The character designs are being done by redjuice, who are best known for working with supercell, and Ryo from supercell is handling the music composition; all good things.  The director of Death Note working with Production I.G. can only be a positive thing & the voice cast is pretty damn good too.  The only negative thing I can really say is that there does seem to be a lot of famililar elements & tropes involved, so it will depend on the quality of the writing and direction to ensure it doesn’t start feeling generic.  Still on the whole I’m optimistic about this one!

Zero no Tsukaima Kessakusen

Animation Studio: JC Staff
Japanese Airdate: Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Rie Kugimiya, Satoshi Hino, Yui Horie, Ayako Kawasumi

Summary: Fourth & final anime adaptation of Noboru Yamaguchi’s light novel series.
Louise is a magician at the Tristein Academy, dubbed with the nickname “Zero Louise” due to her inability to effectively use her magic properly, resulting in zero successes. An upcoming test at her academy requires her to summon a familiar, a servant and partner to support her as a magician. Despite desiring a familiar that would be superior to her constantly mocking classmates, Louise ends up summoning Hiraga Saito, your average Japanese boy. Even with Louise and Saito both unwilling to accept each other, they have no choice. Louise cannot attempt another summoning and Saito cannot return to Japan, and so their life together begins.

Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any better, JC Staff trots out another of their KugiRie staples.  Yeap, not only do we get more Shana this season, we also get more Louise……..such vastly different characters will surely stretch Rie Kugimiya’s acting skills to the limit!  Can’t be bothered writing more – have watched all the other series so will watch this too…..for my sins.


Animation Studio:
Japanese Airdate: Oct 2011?

Summary: Anime adaptation of Tomonori Inoue’s science-fiction military action manga.
The story is set in 2036, after radioactive contamination from a nuclear accident has put Tokyo under a blockade. Three high school girls have been sent to this dead city. Thanks to genetic engineering, the three girls have been impervious to radioactivity since birth. They form a Special Forces unit, codenamed “Coppelion,” in the 3rd Division of Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force.

Woo loads of info!  Not even sure if this this coming out this season or not – can’t really find much information on it, but I am very interested in it based on the synopsis.  I like these sci-fi post-apocalyptic series and Coppelion seems to promise some interesting mystery as well as action.  Keeping my eyes open for some more on this.


Hidamari Sketch x SP

Animation Studio: SHAFT
Japanese Airdate: 29th Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Kana Asumi, Kaori Mizuhashi, Ryoko Shintani, Yuko Goto
Director: Akiyuki Shinbo (Bakemonogatari, Maria+Holic)

Summary: Latest anime special based on Ume Aoki’s manga series.
Yuno enters a special high school for the fine arts and moves into a special boarding house, the Hidamari apartments. There, she makes friends with a group of eccentric girls, and they simply live together and go to school. There, Yuno meets her extremely eccentric teacher, Yoshinoya-sensei and start to walk towards her dream of being an artist.

I have three seasons of Hidamari Sketch sitting on my HDD……….and I’m petrified of trying to watch it.  I really don’t really seem to get on well with this kind of ‘cute girls do cute things’ show as I inevitably find them equal parts boring and irritating.  Still if this is your kind of show – here ya go, more for ya!


Lupin the Third

Animation Studio: TMS Entertainment
Japanese Airdate: Oct 2011
Seiyuu: Kanichi Kurita

Summary: Latest anime adaptation of the popular Monkey Punch manga about the comic adventures of the thief and his police inspector nemesis.

Shoved this in here since I have no clue if it’s going to be a special or a TV show (guessing special since they usually are).  The only thing of Lupin the Third I’ve watched is Castle of Cagliostro which I enjoyed – if this surfaces I’ll watch it too.


And that’s just about everything!  As usual all information is taken from a mixture of ANN, The Fansub Wiki, Wikipedia, Neregate’s Chart, the official sites, and various other places I didn’t write down.  Regarding First Impressions once October rolls in, it would probably be more sensible if I refrained – however this is me so I’ll probably write them regardless (getting pretty damn good at typing with one hand…….although capitals and punctuation is hard!).  However unless I miraculously wake up one morning pain free, episodic blogging is still out of the question simply because I completely lack the ability to keep things short & generally go through a few drafts before I post something, which is understandably difficult to do when I can only type for about 10mins at a time right now.  Anyway gotta take things as they come!

14 Comments leave one →
  1. September 23, 2011 11:59 pm

    Nice preview here Cara! So many interesting shows coming out, and a few WTF Why does the show even exist?!

    I am looking forward to Guilty Crown the most, well everyone seems to be looking for that series! I really hope it turns out to be great after summer’s lack of anything to action packed.

    Squid girl s2? Sure why not! I know it became a favorite of mine really fast, I know some people really hated it so much! But once you get used to all the de geso speak it turns out to be great! Then again my idea of comedy isn’t the same as another person xD

    Gundam Age! I was excited to learn there would be more gundam coming out, until I saw the character designs…but if I can survive gundam 00 movie and Seed/Destiny I can sit through the first three episodes of Age but we shall see.

    And last Working!! I was the same like you Cara I didn’t really enjoy the first few episodes of season one, but gave it another shot after hearing people liked it. I can’t wait to see a full episode, we did get that short preview a while back xD

  2. processr permalink
    September 24, 2011 12:15 am

    As far as I know, Coppelion is delayed indefinitely, presumably due to the earthquake and Fukushima I. Sucks ’cause I was kinda looking forward to that one. 😦

  3. September 24, 2011 1:15 am

    Seen enough preview guides to put together my tentative watch list: Squid Girl, Chihayafuru, Fate/Zero, Last Exile, Un-Go, and Guilty Crown. I’m interested in Gundam, but I’ll probably wait until near its end because that’s how I prefer to watch Gundam. Then I’ll keep my ear to the ground for any other surprises.

  4. September 24, 2011 1:52 am

    I guess anime fans go through a kind of lifecycle; first voraciously devouring everything, then the jaded disappointment stemming from the realization that most new shows are actually rehashes of one of a handful of bad ideas, and finally detached amusement. I definitely no longer get offended that shows as stupid as Maken-ki are more numerous than shows that at least try to be serious, if not original.

    This season my most anticipated show is Chihayafuru, which looks like it is trying to deliver something unusual. Guilty Crown, while looking like a rehash of tropes, looks like it is being executed seriously, so I’ll be watching that as well. I hope Un-go turns out to be a good show; I rather like Bones, and it seems like an interesting idea.

    Regarding Boku wa Tomodachi, you have already been proven correct: they released a short “episode 00” that already included a beach scene. Honestly this is the kind of show that makes me most likely to regress to the jaded disappointment stage. I hate these shows where the characters are all blatant types. You have the maid, and the meganeko scientist, and the goth-loli, and the nun, … Aaargh!

  5. September 24, 2011 6:26 am

    My picks:
    Chihayafuru – like the art for this, and it’s the director of Cardcaptor Sakura! And it sounds fun…?
    Un-Go – sounds and looks very unique. And I like mysteries.
    Persona 4 – everyone says this game is amazing, and I really want to play it. And it looks cool. Hope it’s a good adaptation for newbies.
    Kimi to Boku – looks like fun, and I’ve been wanting to see a “four high schoolers doing random stuff” series with boys for a change. Boys can be cute, too…
    Last Exile 2 – enjoyed the first series, and hope the new one will be good. I’m mainly concerned by the fact Dio is somehow reappearing… (which should NOT be possible)
    Tamayura – this looks nice and peaceful. I usually enjoy those kinds of shows.
    Mirai Nikki – I’m itching for a good thriller, and I really really hope this fits the bill. It sounds intriguing.

  6. Sabrina permalink
    September 24, 2011 2:44 pm

    Fate/Zero is topping my list. I cannot wait! I hope Persona can be at least adequate. I’m addicted to the game series, and Innocent Sin was just released for the PSP and is dominating my time right now.

    Sorry to hear you’re still suffering. I hope the MRI brings a quick and painless solution to your problem. Take care of yourself.

  7. September 25, 2011 12:18 am

    Great to see you back. 🙂 I hope you get better soon, I love reading your take on anime 😀

  8. codecxbox permalink
    September 25, 2011 5:49 am

    Where is Arakawa x3? And Oreimo? how about a little the World God only knows?

  9. September 25, 2011 4:13 pm

    I am legitimately planning to watch 90% of what’s on. The only exceptions are things I haven’t seen previous seasons of yet and there are in fact a few that I just looked at and said no to.

    Persona 4 is what I’m looking forward to the most. Hopefully it’s not a trainwreck like Trinity Soul. They need to do the best game ever some justice.

  10. September 25, 2011 8:55 pm


    That being said, here’s my views on a few other shows:

    One of the main reasons why Fate will be awesome is because of ufotable and it’s awesomeness.

    I took one look at Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and said to myself, “Jun Fukuyama better be playing the main character in the picture.” Glad to see he is….still not gonna watch it though.

    I thought the art style for Phi Φ Brain: God’s Puzzle looked pretty cool….I’m still not watching it.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is an awesome manga so I have to watch the anime.

    Ben-to looks kinda interesting. I’ll wait for the reviews to see if I want to watch it.

    Nikki Mirai looks pretty awesome I’m gonna have to watch that. Same with Guilty Crown and Un-Go (Bones is great). Haven’t heard of Coppelion but it looks awesome.

    REMEMBER WHEN I SAID ALL THAT SHIT ABOUT SHAKUGAN NO SHANA!? WELL GUESS WHAT!!?? APPLY THAT SAME BRILLIANT KNOWLEDGE TO ZERO NO TSUKAIMA BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO KICK A WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF FUCKING ASS!!!!! (of course, the new season isn’t till next year, this season is just going to be a rehashing of all of the previous seasons with all of the bullshit trimmed out).

    Rie Kugimiya is the best and this season looks like one of the best ones in years in terms of new shows.

  11. A Day Without Me permalink
    September 30, 2011 6:11 pm

    I will watch Kimi to Boku solely because I am shallow… however, I have zero expectations for it, as having checked out the manga I found it to be soul-crushingly boring. I couldn’t even get any BL out of it! But I only read a few chapters, and maybe on-screen the “action” will be more compelling, somehow.

    I’m concerned that Mirai Nikki as an anime will suffer from the same problems Deadman Wonderland did as an anime – which is to say that its flaws will become blindingly obvious.

  12. You would want to know permalink
    October 27, 2011 6:17 am

    I have to say Caraniel is a bit bias…I can see a trend that Caraniel doesn’t like Ecchi animes and its no way to judge it just because it has a bit of nudity. SHAKUGAN NO SHANA is an awesome anime, it has a good idea and the final season isn’t going to be trash.

    • October 27, 2011 7:52 am

      Cara is very biased – it’s my blog so it’s understandably full of my personal opinions. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me – that would dull!!


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