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Infinite Ryvius: 13 – 16

March 9, 2012

Guess what!?  I’m still off work and taking a stupid amount of pain medication – gotta love how well that lovely traumatic injection worked!  So apologies once again for a delayed post – I’ve been taking writing this quite slowly.

This week’s batch of episodes brought us lots of shipping, a fight that shakes the teens confidence slightly, and lots of power plays – business as usual for the Ryvius!

There have been quite a few changes made on the Ryvius between episodes 12 and 13.  Since Gran & Sol were removed from their positions for treachery, Ikumi has stepped up into the leadership position for the Vital Guarder team and Music Chip girl (whose name I’m yet to remember) is filling his role among the pilots (as well as chasing after Yuki).  The leadership role suits Ikumi pretty well, as he’s smart and skilled but also diplomatic and pretty good at keeping the hot-tempered Yuki under control.  The Vital Guarder team works much better under Ikumi’s guidance and Music Chip girl proves herself to be quite talented, so the team is over all much improved and confident.  Blue even backs down when told to keep out of their matters, deferring to their greater knowledge of how the system works in practice.

The other major change on the ship is the implementation of a points based rewards system, which was introduced in order to preserve the Ryvius’ limited stores while they are in exile.  The system appears to be based on how much you contribute to the running of the ship – no work, no food.  Those essential to keeping the Ryvius going like the Bridge crew and the Vital Guarder team (as well as Blue’s supervisors) are given special status & unlimited points, something that garners them yet more resentment from the general population.  The strict application of the new rules by various ‘Supervisors’ causes yet more people to go mad with power, docking points for minor infractions or dissension – tyranny is in effect on the Ryvius.  It was also interesting to note that with this more authoritative stance all the uniforms came back.  Thus far only Zwei and a few others bothered wearing their uniforms, but now that working is necessary in order to eat, the students are mostly all back in uniform.

Blue decides that the Ryvius will head for one of Saturn’s satellites – Hyperion; which just so happens to be his hometown and where his father is a government official, something that sparks Juli’s suspicions about just what Blue’s intentions are for the Ryvius.  Unfortunately further questions can not be asked as the Ryvius comes under attack once again – from its biggest threat yet, another ship with the same capabilities as the Ryvius – the Blue Impulse.

The students on Ryvius have gotten a touch over-confident in their abilities – they’ve been lulled into a false sense of security thanks to sheer brute power the ship & its Vital Guarder are able to put out, and to date no one has really been a match for them.  Their complacency when it comes to dealing with yet another threat is very apparent in everyone’s blasé attitude of “oh well, the Vital Guarder can deal with it” and how wasteful and careless Blue’s subordinates on the Bridge are when firing the main cannons.

The Impulse’s captain is a very passionate about his job to crush the Ryvius – he gets pretty damn excited when it comes to firing off that phallic Vital Guarder of his.  The threat posed by the Impulse soon makes itself felt as the ship threatens to plough into the Ryvius while its Vital Guarder is separated.  The Ryvius is pretty much a sitting duck without the mecha and only avoids destruction by a very small margin – enough to shake the crew up considerably & get serious.

Of course the ship pulls though once more thanks to the skill of Vital Guarder team, and Ikumi’s foresight in particular.  Upon Blue announcing that he wants to abandon the main Ryvius ship with its population of ‘trash’, and take the Vital Guarder straight to Hyperion, Ikumi starts implementing a plan hatched with Heiger on the Bridge.  Ikumi sends a recording of Blue’s treachery to Heiger and continues with his role of defending the Ryvius, which is made easier once Blue is stunned into silence when the Impulse smashes Hyperion into bits.

Once the Impulse is defeated, Heiger starts to act on the next part of the plan to get rid of Blue & his gang to take control of the Ryvius back.  He leaks the recording of Blue to the ship, which is just the spark needed to ignite the entire disgruntled student body into a blaze of fury.  A mob quickly forms, attacking supervisors and once they get to the Bridge, the Zwei members put on an act claiming they were coerced into working just like the rest of the students.  Faina quickly plays along when Kouji shows signs of trying to play the middle ground again, by slapping him and pretending that he got harmed attempting to fight the Supervisors.  This is actually pretty clever since Kouji is increasingly well-known among the students as Mr Nice Guy – he hasn’t really done anything to garner any enmity like the Zwei members, pushing him as the ‘face’ of the revolt is a clever move.

So yet another change in power takes place on Ryvius – Zwei are back in control and elect Juli as their captain, but Heiger is really the one with all the power – Juli is really only a people friendly figurehead.  The day-to-day stuff gets back to normal pretty quickly – the points system stays, but due to the abuse of power previously, finding competent team leaders is proving difficult which will make getting things done in a timely manner difficult.  It will be interesting to see how different the atmosphere on Ryvius will be under this new leadership.

I haven’t really mentioned that Pink avatar girl thing much in my other posts, mainly because I don’t quite know what to make of her yet.  Having seen the Impulse and its conch shell central core thingy, my best guess is that Pinky (as she shall henceforth be known) is a vastly more sophisticated version.  Pinky is clearly corporeal and is able to interact with the students, however she also has strange powers that allow her to teleport about the place and read the minds of those that are feeling particularly emotional.  Pinky also seems to be intimately tied to the Vital Guarder as she is clearly in pain whenever it comes under attack.  I can only hope we get more information on what Pinky’s role really is in the next few episodes.

Last thing of note in these episodes is the amount of shipping going on.  Kouji & Faina are now an established couple, but it seems Kouji is having second thoughts given Faina’s strange moodswings and ability to cut right through Kouji’s carefully crafted masks (yandere senses are tingling).  Kouji seems to be drawn more towards Aoi lately (his panic induced  flashback was all of her and they even have an accidental kiss), which is apparently Yuki’s preferred ship.  Ikumi & pigtails share their first kiss, Yuki & Video Chip girl seem to be a couple and Juli finally acknowledges the simmering sexual tension between her and Blue (just as he goes into hiding).  Shipping  galore!

Next few episodes should be interesting now that Kouji is on the Vital Guarder team rather than the Bridge – maybe we’ll finally get some more information on just why the Aiba brothers are constantly at each others throats!

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  1. March 9, 2012 10:21 pm

    At this current point I’ve decided to just power through the show. While I’ll admit that Infinite Ryvius is technically excellent, the continuous oppressive atmosphere is beginning to weigh on me. This simply isn’t the kind of story I can actually enjoy the experience of watching in bites. The unpleasant possibilities of what might happen next aren’t something I want in the back of my mind week after week, especially with the implications regarding Blue’s subordinate Michelle in ep16 indicating that the series is indeed going to cover some very dark ground before the end.

    At least the characters are improving. I can’t honestly say I like many of them, but at least the ott characters like Charlie and Yuki are beginning to become a little more rounded. Blue is still a problem; his decision to abandon everyone with no regard, just screams generic shallow bad guy. And has anyone thought about just smashing him over the head with a pipe or something, before he takes his gun out? Speaking of cliché moustache-twirlers, what the hell was up with that enemy captain? I’ll admit he was pretty amusing, but did not fit the mood one bit.

    Faina is pretty much the worst human in space, or would be if Minmay and Kaifun Lyn didn’t exist.

    I think you’re pretty much spot on regarding the Pink girl. There have been a number of shots of a similar growth to the core of the Impulse, existing in the Ryvius since early in the show. I wonder if she was once a human that was experimented on, Akira style, or is supposed to be crazy god-tier A.I. Whatever the case, she definitely seems to be the core of the Ryvius’ O.S.

    • March 13, 2012 10:36 pm

      I agree Ryvius is proving to be a difficult show to watch in chunks – I’d also be more inclined to marathon a show like this – like ripping off a plaster in one go; fiercely resisting that urge!

      Also agree with how odd the characterisation of the Impulse’s captain felt in comparison to the rest of the show – I couldn’t help but laugh at him, which took away from the threatening atmosphere a bit.

      Faina is bugging me – something about her rubs me the wrong way (not just as badly as the Lynn’s thankfully); expecting her to do something I really don’t like soon.

  2. Rick permalink
    March 14, 2012 6:46 am

    Well, I’m watching this anime an episode a day and I’m through 14.

    It’s fair to say that there’s something “organic” about some the ships in this anime, and I wonder if there isn’t a similar “conch shell” on the Ryvius. Certainly aspects gravitational control systems and the shell – and possibly Pinky – are somehow all linked.

    As to the “oppressive atmosphere”, I’ve read one review that stated this story is an amalgamum of “Space opera” and “Lord of the Flies”. Since I know how Lord of the Flies turned out, I can only dread where Infinite Ryvius is going.

    • March 14, 2012 7:24 pm

      An episode a day seems like a sensible approach. At the moment I’m trying to work myself up into the correct frame of mind to sit through 4 episodes of what is proving to be rather uncomfortable viewing each week.

      Infinite Ryvius definitely deserves its reputation as Lord of the Flies – in space!

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