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Infinite Ryvius: 17 – 20

March 21, 2012

Watching this show in chunks is sapping all my energy – it’s getting really tough to watch what’s becoming of the cast at the moment.  What Infinite Ryvius is telling me at the moment is that humanity sucks……..really, really sucks.

The Ryvius has another run-in with a ship with similar capabilities, the Dicastia, which is crewed by a bunch of old women that look like they were recruited from a Bingo parlor.  We also see what became of the Impulse’s captain – he found himself in a padded cell.  Apparently prolonged contact with the core of these ships causes mental instability – is this the real reason why the teens on the Ryvius fell into a self-destructive cycle so quickly?  Also interesting to see another human shaped core similar to Pinky (or Neya as I suppose I should start calling her) – looks like the Ryvius will have a very tough fight on its hands soon.

During the actual fight itself it became abundantly clear that Juli is totally ill-equipped to be Captain – she lacks the required decision-making abilities and really doesn’t want to be in that role (she’s too busy wangsting over Blue).  Kouji also proves to be as useful as a chocolate teapot on the lift ship as Ikumi and Yuki handle everything with practiced ease and make life or death decisions when it’s clear the Bridge isn’t going to.

It was interesting to see Yuki lose his cool completely and broadcast his opinion to the entire ship – after all they’d all be dead if it wasn’t for Yuki and Ikumi’s skills with the Vital Guarder and ability to make decisions; the selfish, ungrateful attitude of the other students is causing those on the Vital Guarder who are risking their lives, to wonder just why they’re fighting so hard to save these people.

It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly the fortunes of characters can change in this series.  Just a few episodes ago Kouji was the golden child, liked by everyone, but now he’s been repeatedly attacked by gangs of discontent students and universally shunned by the Vital Guarder team for disappearing during a combat situation.  Blue has also gone from stoic, slightly scary dictator, to a jittery, paranoid shell who is now reliant on Kouji’s protection.  I do wonder why Blue gave Kouji the only gun on the ship though, I doubt that Kouji would be capable of using it, and Blue’s justification of simply being curious about what Kouji will do with it, seems odd.  I doubt that it’s the last we’ll see of that gun though.

From Blue’s former gang, Criff has also had an epiphany, now accepting Charlie’s affection and wanting to get away from her former gang life.  Michelle on the other hand has really gone to the dark side, and is now hell-bent on extracting revenge on Blue – not surprising since it seems she had been trading sexual favours in order to get preferential treatment and eventually gained an opportunity to escape the brig.  Criff notes that Michelle is very strong, and I’d agree – you have to be to come out of a situation like that with your sanity.

Even though Kouji’s standing among his peers has taken a nosedive, at least his love life isn’t dull!  Faina and Aoi both make their presence known in his life, but Kouji finally seems to have noticed that there is something decidedly off about Faina, and he ends their relationship.  I very much doubt that Faina will let things go just like that, she does indeed seem to be fostering a cult among the girls on the Ryvius and she was very clear to Aoi that she was staking her claim on Kouji.  There was also that whole scene with Faina’s pet ferret savagely ripping apart the bento Aoi made for Kouji – can’t tell me that isn’t symbolic!

Aoi for the most part doesn’t seem to know what she wants.  Kozue accuses her of playing both the Aiba brothers off each other, and it does sometimes seem that way.  At the moment Kouji is in denial that he has feelings for Aoi, but he’s protective of her at the same time.  Aoi herself clearly cares about both brothers but is closer to Kouji, and Yuki either wants his brother to wake up and get together with Aoi or steal her away for himself – it’s hard to tell with Yuki since he always has a girl in tow!  In the end Aoi & Kouji will probably end up together, but not without a lot of faffing about first.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the whole Kozue / Ikumi mess – my god this was tough to watch.  Kozue has always been quite childish and a bit naive, and her clinging to Ikumi was a touch irritating at times, but in no way did she deserve what was done to her – the girl just completely broke.  The domino effect after Kozue’s attack was shocking.  Ikumi flips his lid – the boy has a major hero complex and not being able to protect Kozue (and indeed his special status being the entire reason for her attack) just completely shatters him.  Aoi is also left completely alone as Ikumi scares Whatsername so badly she flees – this one event has left indelible scars on everyone involved.

Kozue’s personality warps.  She was dependent upon Ikumi before, but now she’s obsessed with him – he is her sole mental support, to the extent that Kozue says that she’s almost glad she was attacked as it has bound Ikumi to her completely.  Ikumi also undergoes a rather drastic personality change – the disorder and selfishness on Ryvius had been wearing down his perpetually sunny disposition, but now that someone he swore to personally protect has been hurt so badly, Ikumi has become cold and violent towards all but Kozue.  His siscon also rears its head as he projects his dead sister onto Kozue with her hair loose – this couple has become rather twisted and frightening in a very short space of time.

Ikumi has now slipped into a very dangerous mindset in his quest to enforce order on the ship.   His unlimited access to the Vital Guarder prompts him to take matters into his own hands and threaten the ship with the mecha – there is no way to really retaliate, everyone is literally at Ikumi’s mercy at this stage, so it will be interesting to see what their response is.

These four episodes where probably the hardest to write about thus far – this show completely saps my energy with its unflinching depiction of how twisted humans can be – it’s not even that its graphic, it’s the stuff that’s left up to my imagination that really gets to me!  There are 6 episodes left so I’ll do two posts of three episodes each to wrap up the show.

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