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Summer 2012: First Impressions (Binbou-gama ga!, Chitose Get You! & Natsuyuki Rendezvous)

July 6, 2012

Feel like I’m being drip-fed shiny new things – expecting to be utterly inundated at the weekend!  Anyway, today we have flat-chested gods of misfortune, strange little lolis and haunted florists………..Binbou-gami ga!, Chitose Get You! and Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

Binbou-gami ga!

This is pretty much typical high energy comedy shounen – and I enjoyed it unsurprisingly.  While not the best opening episode in the world, it still managed to introduce its premise and characters in a fun and energetic way – it kept the gags coming and didn’t really repeat itself much.  You can tell that this is the same Sunrise team that brought us Gintama, Binbou-gama ga has a similar energy.

The voice acting was great – I prefer to hear Kana Hanazawa in these kinds of roles, her yelling and oujo laugh were both brilliant and vastly preferable to her moe-moe sugary roles.  The production was great, the character designs aren’t the prettiest things in the world, but they’re drawn consistently well & are quite expressive.  I can imagine the OP getting very addictive, the ED didn’t leave much of an impression though.

So I enjoyed this opening episode, the OP suggests lots of weird characters yet to be introduced, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this series keeps things fresh and fun.

Chitose Get You!

Each episode is only three minutes long, but even that was too long!  I did not like Chitose Get You! one bit.  The premise in itself kind of squicks me a bit, but the first episode wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be.  Rather the show is about the mad delusions and rampant imagination of a little girl with a crush – it could have been amusing, but the writing, acting and animation are all pretty awful so it just ends up annoying and dull.

Not impressed, not watching any more.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

The romantic misadventures of a haunted florist.  I can’t profess to be overly excited about this first episode – none of the characters really clicked with me and I found myself more interested in the relationship between the dead husband and the main character, than anything to do with the dull florist lady!  The characters just feel a bit flat, and even though there is a brilliant cast here, their excellent acting skills just can’t cover up the fact the characters are boring.  It’s all just passable with nothing that elevates it about similar shows – the only real bonus is that these are actual adults rather than lovesick teenagers.

Production is serviceable, there isn’t really anything eye-catching or interesting about direction or animation – all the plants and flowers are drawn with loving care though.  The OP was pretty dull overall, the ED was much better with nice artwork and music.

There is potential here, but florist woman seriously needs work – I’ll be watching more.

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