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Space Brothers Live Action Review

November 4, 2012

Okay so this is massively overdue, but I didn’t really have the energy or motivation to sit and write a review until now.

I was lucky enough to catch the live action Space Brothers movie on my flight to Japan back in September, and I really enjoyed it. It is a much abbreviated version of the story, but the quick pacing didn’t really badly impact the enjoyment. Indeed the snappier pacing made it a more exciting viewing experience, if less involved.

I probably got more out the movie because I a greater understanding of the characters thanks to watching the anime adaptation (although I am now woefully behind now since I haven’t seen an episode since leaving Ireland!), but to fresh eyes I’m sure they got the broad strokes of the characters quite easily.

Since I’m behind I have no clue where the anime is now up to, but the movie does cover a lot of ground quite quickly. I also liked the fact that it spent a bit more time on Hibito, the latter half of the film being more about his eventful mission to the moon than Mutta’s tests & training; which made for more exciting viewing. I’ll not risk running into spoilers so I’ll just leave the plot there.

The acting was excellent on the whole, and clearly pains had been taken to make the actors look as much like their character designs as possible. The film clearly had a decent, but not massive budget, most of which probably went into the Moon set and the astronaut suits, which were pretty good if a bit shaky in places.

Pacing was good, and the changes made to abridge the show weren’t overly evasive, although it was a shame to lose some of the minor characters. Most changes were made to the capsule test – entire teams lost & the tasks were completely different to hike up the tension & make thing a bit more visually interesting.

On the whole an enjoyable movie, but the anime and/or manga would be required to fully appreciate the characters and the fully develop the world setting.


So hello my lovelies, i am not dead, just suffering from the rather abysmal Australian internet! I have been trying to finish off last seasons show, but there is absolutely no hope of me being able to touch anything new. I haven’t really had the time to watch much anime at all really despite the amount i have taken with me! I’m currently looking for a job in Sydney, so I’m still fairly unsettled since I haven’t a notion how long I’m going to be here. Will try to fire up a post every now and then though! Hope you’re all well~!

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  1. November 4, 2012 5:27 am

    hope it gets better!

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