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Top 5 Series of Summer 2012

December 8, 2012


So I’m a bit on the horrendously late side given Winter previews are starting to go up, but I haven’t really had much opportunity to really sit and watch stuff or write lately.  Honestly I thought I’d have much more free time to leisurely sit and enjoy some shows and write, but it just hasn’t happened that way.  It’s not like I’ve been massively busy either, but more that whenever I actually manage to get stable internet (which isn’t very often since we got to Australia) it’s a much more pressing issue to get talking to folks at home rather than grab an episode of anime.

Regardless, I did finally manage to finish up stuff that I picked up in the Summer season before I left on this trip, so in the spirit of being a complete slave to my OCD here’s my picks of the season…….not like anyone cares – old news is old!

th_main_moyashireturns-15. Moyashimon Returns

The sequel to Moyashimon ended up being quite a disappointment.  It wasn’t actively bad, but consistently mediocre and completely failed to recapture the charm of the first season.  I will admit to being pretty damn gutted that this ended up being the case, because I loved Moyashimon and was massively hyped about it getting a sequel at long last.  The change in the artwork didn’t really endear me to this season from the start, but the fact that the plot was rather dry and boring, and that there wasn’t really much of the microbe fun & drunkenness of the original, made this season fairly lacklustre in comparison.  I suppose this is the danger of getting too hyped about something!

th_Uta-Koi-14. Utakoi

I was looking forward to Utakoi, and I ended up enjoying it, but for different reasons than I originally thought.  The show was pretty poorly animated, had the most random & ill fitting (but catchy) ED, and the writing was quite choppy in places, yet in spite of all this, Utakoi was a lot of fun and surprisingly touching in places.  Probably won’t stick in my memory for long, but it was a pleasant series with an interesting concept – even if some of the choices of execution were a touch random.

th_kokoro-connect-anime-13. Kokoro Connect

Ah this show had so much potential, but once it decided to just keep adding new gimmicks, rather than properly explore the true scope of the original body-swapping scenario, it just got stupid and annoying.  In a way I’m kind of glad I had to drop blogging it when I headed off on my trip – my posts would have gotten progressively more ranty as the show went on!  It wasn’t a bad series, it did have its good points and I certainly enjoyed it, but the feeling of there being so much wasted potential is an unfortunate sour note.  Kokoro Connect ends up being rather forgettable when it could have been so much more.

th_natsuyuki-12. Natsuyuki Rendezvous

The writing in this show was excellent, and some episodes genuinely gave me ‘feels’.  I can’t profess to have any great love for any of the characters though, but they were very interesting to watch in all their flawed glory.  Flawed characters with all their little quirks are the most enjoyable and interesting to watch going about their lives, but it takes really good writing and acting to properly bring that across on-screen.  Natsuyuki Rendezvous had that little spark that made it a very good show, but it probably won’t stick in people’s memories long.  It was an enjoyable watch while it lasted though.

th_jinrui-splash2-11.  Humanity Has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita)

Undisputed star of the season with no real competition – Jintai was an utter gem.  Containing the blackest of humour, some great social commentary and some of the most disturbing things I’ve seen (fecking fairies!!), this was a show that made me pay attention each week.  Sure it had some off moments, not every episode was genius, indeed some were pretty crap, but overall Jintai was an excellent series that I’d happily recommend to people.


So that’s what I liked from the Summer 2012 season.  Honourable mention goes to Tari Tari for being the first PA Works anime that didn’t piss me off by the end, just by being really ‘nice’ from start to finish.  Dishonourable mention goes to Sword Art Online for giving us Kirito and utterly failing to construct an engaging narrative.

My god it was annoying to write this on my netbook – I seriously miss my PC with its high-speed fibre-optic broadband, big screen and having all my notes & stuff easily accessible.  It’s a serious pain to put up with snail pace internet & teenie tinie netbook that lacks all my usual templates!  Ah well, I guess I should try to be a bit more adaptable about how I write.

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  1. Fadeway permalink
    December 8, 2012 5:14 pm

    I was quite disappointed by Moyashimon as well – artwork failure aside, as with so many comedies before it, it abandoned its core strength, namely comedy, and went off chasing drama. I liked Joshiraku way more, and that was too Japanese for its own good, it least in my Western eyes.

    Even just that one episode of Horizon you watched should have been enough fabulousness to land in top 5.

    • December 14, 2012 5:46 pm

      Yeah going off down the drama path is never a good choice for a comedy. So much disappointment.

      I couldn’t stick Joshiraku precisely because I didn’t get a lot of the Japanese jokes, so quickly dropped it.

      I have mostly wiped Horizon from my memory – thanks for dredging those back up! XD

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